The Domino Effect: The Sudden Death (Collapse) of the Orion Matrix “Is Just Around the Corner”

by Georgi Stankov, August 10, 2013

Exactly one month ago the Elohim channelled by Carla announced the final decision of the Source to begin with the collapse of the Orion Matrix and the triggering of the MPR:

“There has been a Unification of the Whole….New decisions today (July 9th) create the underpinnings of world change. They shall trigger events that will be likened to a cascading domino set.”

Now we have reached this threshold. I have analysed the free fall of the financial system in the USA and worldwide in several pivotal articles in the last days and have shown the cracks in the current rotten Orion monetary system that has fully eroded the political power in Washington and in all Western capitals and have presented the most likely scenario of the impending global financial crash:

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Now our Swiss friend Marc Gamma has published a new channeling from AA Raphael today that also confirms the beginning of this “domino-effect“.

There are serious indications that the catastrophic events have begun to unfold on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth and that these natural events are closely associated with what will occur at the financial, political, economic, and societal level, including the collapse of all organized religions when the PAT supernova will be detonated and the PAT will show up in front of humanity as the new Earth Keepers and Creator Gods of the New Earth. This coming End Time scenario of change is the topic of Marc’s latest message.


The whole System is about to tilt
Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 10.08.2013

Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary

This is I, Archangel Raphael, speaking. Again another week has passed by and here I am again to submit my message to you. And today we shall jump into the topic right away and it is a very interesting subject which I have prepared for you. I am sure it will rouse much interest from your part.

My channel beforehand has warned me not to communicate anything about him nor his given tasks and his wish shall of course be granted (chuckles) by me.

As you know we are just now on the last straight finish line. Many times before we were given the chance for ascension which, however, finally could not yet be turned over. There were manifold reasons why not and I don’t want now to dwell upon these. Still my message of today relates in a way to these past events.

As described above and as you know we are on the finishing line of all our ascension – our last lap – and its target is to be seen and noticed already. You became aware that it is to be achieved by solely you alone and that it is a real “Must Do It” for YOU. Since there is no other one else than YOU having to transgress this Portal of Ascension by YOURSELVES alone.

And now I’d like to add something here and this will be the core of our today’s message:

As with all matters in Life there are certain levels of thresholds or turning points which first have to be attained so that some system or construction may or must collapse or implode. And this time is soon to come.

And this so called level of threshold will be reached quite soon and then the so-much-talked-about “Domino Effect” will be released – thus evoking some chain of reactions in various fields. The latter ones again will affect detrimentally others and that is why exactly this turning point or level of threshold is immensely important since thus every change will be introduced by it. This comprises also subsequent changes of society, of economy and last not least changes in religious spheres.

Since all these matters are closely connected to each other the initial change will be provoked by some event like a sort of a “strong earthquake” –which will lead to the collapse of the entire system and which we have waited for such a long – long time.

And once this will start – everybody having waited with us – would then receive some confirmation and assurance that finally The Great Change has arrived here on Earth and is about to be manifested too.

Only once everything has come down totally we then shall be able to make a fresh start with building up a new kind of society, a new order with new rules, and eventually a new era too.

And if you mean this collapse will still be far off – in such case I am able to assure you that it is waiting and all set now – just around the corner! There is needed only the proverbial slight tipping of the scales and off we go! And it is that very moment when we call out : “Hold tight ! Leap as it is our final one – we are off NOW!”

Let’s conclude our message of today now. My channel lately has worked overtime in order to prepare a most wonderful present for all human beings here on earth. It still will take some time but I allow myself to advertise it a bit already now.

We have named it already “ToolBox”, and being such a toolbox it has been established with all essential tools and auxiliary means in order to simplify your daily battle with life on earth.

You will be surprised that there are among other known gadgets also some matters completely new which were never published before. We are all eager to know how you will accordingly apply these tools so that you may be purged and healed as well as your Mother Gaia.

With great love for you I am
Archangel Raphael

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