Breaking News: Urgent Announcement on Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, August 6, 2013

I got the biggest “orgiastic” shock today when I looked at the visits chart of our website. It has climbed all of a sudden from 4000 daily visitations in the average in the last days, which was already very high compared to previous visitation numbers, to over 10 000 in one day, on August 5th. This must be a sure sign that we are short of ascension and that the inner impulse has begun to work inside the people. 

I have always expected this moment to come as the most valid sign of our imminent ascension. Now it is there – we are on the cusp of our ascension and the ID split.

Please, have an understanding that I cannot publish a link to our website statistics, as this will be misused by the still many Internet trolls, who are now running amok in their existential fears, being compelled to read regularly our website for their Judas’ loan and at the same time are supposed not to believe all the facts and thorough information that has been extensively published on the PAT website.

But I am ready to take this overload on myself and if a member of the PAT wants to have an access to this statistics for verification, I will send him confidentially and personally a link to the chart.

Here are some of the links that have contributed to this peak:


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