Ascension Is a Fine-Tuned Affair

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on August 19, 2013
first published in English on August 20, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


I am driving the car on the way back to Vienna. Due to an accident, there is a traffic jam for a short period of time before it goes on smoothly again. When I pass by at the accident site, there is nothing more to see, it is cleared, as if nothing has happened. (End of Report)

Loved ones,

I am Jesus Sananda. This at first glance trifle observation illustrates the current rapid progress of change in the separations of the last levels. Building on the message of “Captain and Navigator” it is shown that there may be still some brief delays (traffic jams), but overall they will not have a decisive role any more. That the accident site is cleared and clean, shows that the upheavals that have occurred in the course of ascension are happening far away from you, who have chosen the light. It shows you again that you shall remain intact and that you shall arrive sound, whole and perfect at the fifth dimension.

This is a recurrent confirmation of the current dynamics of ascension, which has to be adjusted every moment to new circumstances, and will be  – and that, even if the overarching scenario is fixed and unalterable. So much to this topic.

In these days you can see that some people – there are more of those than anticipated – who prepare for their journey into the light, while putting their hands in leisure in their lap and staying away from their final transformation work. Like students who stay away from the exam because they fear the uncertainty that comes from this moment. Some people now say, “I have learned enough, discerned enough, clarified enough.” They put their hands in the lap and wait till they will be picked up by the Galactic Federation and “ascended”, while others are awaiting their ascension in a light dress that they consider appropriate, which they however reject, as soon as they must take off their old clothes.

What does it mean? It means that until the very end one should proceed in an alert and decisive manner with his own transformation work. Because, as Jahn’s report shows, there can and will be “accidents” for those who stop short of the target due to false assumptions, so that they can awaken. Who is as close to the final goal as these Light Warriors, will now be brought by all means to the end.

Nothing can be excluded, everything should be expected, now, that the inertia has crept back again into the hearts of the children of men, who are called to higher dimensions. Ascension is not just a fine-tuned affair for the heavenly realms and the “experts” on the ground, but means first and foremost for each and every adept of ascension an incessant work, while moving forward with his still rigid life issues – and this until the very LAST MOMENT! Be aware that any delay in the process of ascension has been a gift to you, that you should have used wisely and possibly should still do.

Do not miss these opportunities, even though you have been told that it is all done. “All done,” means that the ascension process is irreversible, but you “should do everything” until ascension is fulfilled for you, for each one of you. The goal in mind, many people reckon to have already arrived at the final destination. This deception must now be overcome. Integrate the thin air of the spiritual heights and wake up because fantasy and reality have never been so close to each other as currently when you return to the bliss of God.

On the upper 4D earth the Dark has only power over you, as long as you accept this yourself. That is, as long as you are open to be hurt and energetically accessible in certain areas, the “deceiver of Darkness” will disseminate his rotten seed. Beyond this nothing and no one can do you any harm. How can the darkness reach you, when you stay fully in the light?

You are fully protected, you should be certain about this. However, where you open the door yourself to an uninvited guest, this protection will be ineffective. This is due to the free will of man, by which all decisions are still driven.

Remain clear, be brave, be the gardener in the garden of the Lord to the very end, for verily: the time of the great harvest is now.

I am the one who loves you infinitely, forever

Jesus Sananda

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