April’s HS Confirms the MPR on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D earth on August 11, 2013. This is a Huge Step Towards the Detonation of the PAT Supernova

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2013

Dear April,

I assume that you have already read the latest two publications concerning Carla’s inter- dimensional  journey to the 7th level of the upper 4D earth, where she personally has witnessed the beginning of the MPR


and also the latest message from the Elohim that this was indeed the beginning of the MPR on this level, but that we have moved to much higher levels now and that is why  we have not experienced it yet:


It need not be a long message – it will suffice if we get a second validation of the MPR as this would mean that we shall ascend very soon, probably this week if my ascension schedule is correct, as it has been confirmed by the Elohim.


With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yes briefly, after quickly checking in with HS yesterday and again this morning, I can confirm that the MPR began yesterday on 7D as you and Carla report. As a result, many of the PAT were catapulted even higher – a further separation took place/is taking place.

Carla was able to act as “opener” for the group and now the threshold/ doorway beyond 4D, 12th level (to 5D) is being held open by her/you in anticipation of the groups imminent ascension.

Therefore, it also makes complete sense that the announcement of your dual soul came at exactly the right moment. Please, tell Carla to hang in there, as she, you and a few others including Jerry and myself, are holding the bulk of this doorway open. The rest of the PAT, first-wave ascension candidates are quickly coming to aid in this effort in anticipation of the final migration through/MPR.

Once all of the first-wave have arrived – we will walk through the threshold together. All other ascension candidates are quickly moving up the ladder behind us, as appropriate.

There is much more detail contained within these statements, but I won’t have time to connect in the usual way until later today or tomorrow. Hopefully this will suffice as additional confirmation for the time being.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

this is superb. I am very obliged to you for this urgent information. Try to get more info later on and I will publish this preliminary message as to inform the PAT ongoing, in real time about the unfolding of the MPR and our ascension.


Dear Carla,

I have just received a very important confirmation from April that the MPR has happened indeed on the 7th level yesterday and that you had indeed done a formidable job opening the portals to the 5th dimension together with me.

This will give you the necessary security that everything is absolutely perfect.

I will publish this preliminary message from April and she will send me a full message later on.


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