What Will Come Next ?

by Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2013

The events must now stipulate to a final drama of cosmic proportions on this upper 4D earth after they have already commenced on all lower 4D earths. This graveyard stillness cannot last for ever. Even the sparrows on the chimneys are twittering the coming Unimaginable.

There are now two key questions that I assume anyone of you is asking in these final days:

1. When will all these long heralded events commence?


2) With which event will the last human drama begin?

The first question is at best answered by making a survey of the past dramatic energetic events behind the veil and on parallel earth timelines that also determine the pace and scope of the events that will materialize on this upper 4D earth.

Let us recapitulate the major energetic events that occurred during the last two months:

1) On May 18-23, after a series of huge ascension test runs with a massive descent of source energy through the web of light of the PAT, it was decided that humanity has not reached the necessary threshold to trigger the PAT supernova, perform the ID split and the MPR in this month as originally planned. This triad of events would have only triggered the collective human fears so high that it would have achieved the opposite effect, throwing the vast majority of humanity into the hands of the PTW and helping them install the NWO. Ultimately, this led to the decision to drop the three-earth-scenario that was favoured until this moment and to introduce the seven-earth scenario.

2) In order to do this, the catastrophic 3D-earth was fully separated from the already existing initial version of the 4D earth, which the PAT has been diligently building since the opening of the portal 12.21.12 last year. This happened on May 24/25.

3) Then on May 27th, the upper 4D earth and the other six parallel lower 4D earths were created. They exist as distinct holographic models / timelines with huge overlays in their spectra.

4) On May 28th, the MPR and the expected huge deluge took place on the separated catastrophic 3D earth, which caused the death of many human beings and much distress to all soul segments that were still displaced in the seven parallel 4D earths.

5) Between May 28th and June 8th, the seven 4D timelines were stabilized and the souls were reallocated one more time according to their actual personal vibrational level. This selection process actually continued through the whole month of June.

6) On June 8th, the MPR took place on the lowest catastrophic 4D earth that had the most devastating effect also on all the three lower 4D timelines and also on the higher 4D timelines below our upper 4D earth. I personally experienced this event as the end of the world – it was the most distressing experience I have ever had throughout my very long LBP since the 90s. The MPR on the lowest 4D earth took place only 10 days after the MPR on the catastrophic 3D earth. This time period is very important for you to gauge the pace of rapid energetic developments behind the veil and to predict when the MPR will also happen on our timeline.

7) Between June 8th and end of June, the lower three 4D earths experienced the full take over by the dark forces and the establishment of a total dictatorship. In this sense the term “New World Order” is a misleading euphemism. Since then these poor soul fragments are experiencing hell on earth and life has become very dreadful for most of them. This development has been commented ongoing in the messages channelled by Jahn.

8) These distressful experiences have sent ripple effects to the three higher 4D earths, where the dark cabal has not yet managed to install the One-World Order and the masses now fight fiercely for their liberation. But the calamities they have to undergo are still huge and very sobering. After these timelines have recovered from the shock and have fully ousted the dark human minions of the Orion/Reptilian empire, they will find their way to social stabilisation and prosperity. It is important to understand that these three 4d earths get impulses from all sides:

a) negative impulses from the lower catastrophic 4D timelines and

b) positive impulses from our upper 4D timeline.

Thus, they have the potential to become a balanced 4D earth very soon when they have get rid of the dark cabal, who will drop to the lower three catastrophic 4D earths or to 3D earth after the final shift.

9) On June 30th, the central sun began to send huge proton waves on the earth that profoundly changed the electromagnetic nature of the upper 4D earth. These proton waves reached a peak on July 3rd and are continuing with growing intensity up to this day. These waves pave the way for the coming changes at the societal level as they also profoundly transform the DNA structure of all human entities with a soul segment on the upper 4D (800 million), while all the other soulless, empty holographic images of human beings are not affected by this transformation. Hence the air is becoming very thin for this dark ones and they will have to perish very soon. Actually their projections will be retrieved from this timeline as soon as the final shift and the MPR will take place. The latter will be initiated after the dark cabal make their last futile ditch effort to take over this world.

10) Between July 6th and 9th, there was another series of ascension test runs with a massive descent of source (proton) energy similar to that in May 18-23. Yesterday this series was crowned by a massive cleansing wave that purged the rest human dross from the new matrix and crystalline grid of the upper 4D. What remains are the overlays of the lower 4D earths that still carry the old dark patterns of the ruling cabal. They are only kept alive in this timeline as to unleash the last act of this cosmic drama and to release in a visible manner all the hidden nastiness and atrocities, which the ruling elite has cherished and employed in order to enslave humanity.The Snowden case is a catalyst in this sense that accelerated the final dissolution of the old matrix. To this I shall say more below.

11) On July 9th, a decision was made in the HR to begin with the rapid destabilisation of the human Orion-tainted society on the upper 4D earth as announced by myself yesterday and confirmed by the Elohim through Carla today.

Analysing this timetable, it becomes pretty clear that the events are now unfolding with a great velocity and that the process can no longer be halted. What remains to be fulfilled in the ascension scenario for the End Times is the explosion of evil on the upper 4D earth and the full demise of the dark portion of humanity and their expulsion from this earth to the lower 4D timelines or even 3d earth, where their soul fragments already dwell. This explosion of evil will be the actual fuel that will propel the upper 4D earth to the highest levels of the 4th dimension and the lower levels of the 5th dimension. We have built all these levels to the 12th level in the course of the last month as confirmed by the Elohim and Jahn’s sources.

Let me say it crystal clear at this place: The final drama leading to the ousting of the ruling cabal and our ascension are already a resounding success in the astral probability worlds in the higher dimensions and they are now only beginning to manifest in our reality which is hampered by the inertia of the lower frequency spectra of the other 4D earths, which also exists as overlays in this upper holographic model. When they are finally removed, the speed of progress will multiply.

The chronology of the last two months, actually less than two months – since May 18th – shows that this time period was packed with dramatic, pivotal events and that this pace will now even accelerate. On must bear in mind that we are now entering the Lion’s Gate – the most powerful portal throughout the year, which encompasses the period from July 25th to August 12th with an absolute peak on August 8th. For further information see this latest channeling.

I hope you all remember the huge efforts we performed last year at this time when we were urged by our HS to do our utmost in the hope to ascend. It was obvious that it was too early for our ascension at that time, as we were needed to the very last minute on the earth. But the memory of this intensive time will give you a fair picture of what we should expect this year during the Lion’s gate. According to my personal estimation, this time will be the most turbulent and chaotic time in the whole summer, when all social and economic structures will crumble in a domino like effect, before they can be replaced by new enlightened forms of life and technology of the balanced 4D earth.

Let us not forget that mass ascension is still scheduled to take place in autumn, so that before that the society on the ascended and fully separated upper 4D earth must be stabilized and begin to function under the new energetic conditions. We shall be the new ascended masters, who will exemplify the “return of the gods” and who will guide humanity to the 5th and higher dimensions.

Therefore, it is most likely that the events will begin to unfold in the second half of this month, most probably even this week, if one carefully observes the political developments.

According to my political analysis, it is unlikely that there will be a new WW3. The only country that is adamant to start such a devastating war is the USA as the citadel of the dark human minions of the former Orion /Reptilian empire. However they are now in such a terrible state that they have no chance to even consider such a war. The USA are financially bankrupt and their army is in a disarray.

They now even plan a full retreat from Afghanistan after Karzai has had a fierce controversial discussion with Obama in a televised conference several days ago. The Snowden case and the scandal with Morales’ plane, who was refused to fly over France, Spain and Portugal and had to make instead emergency landing in Vienna has infuriated and alienated all Latin American states from the USA and Europe.

At the same time, the European allies of the USA were exposed for what they have always been – petty stooges of Washington. First they were indignant about Snowden’s revelations, being spied by the NSA, then it was revealed that they also spy on their citizens in cahoot with the NSA and are, so to say, in the same bed under the some cover with the USA, as the German popular journal “Spiegel” recently wrote with respect to Snowden’s revelations.

Thus the dark political elite of professional liars in Europe was fully unmasked and has lost any credibility whatsoever. They are completely paralyzed also by the ongoing and deeping Euro crisis and will be of no help to the USA to start a new war. They may even decide to act against the USA as to appease their voters who are completely disillusioned  by their failed politicians.

Russia and China have already shown that they are the real strategic enemies of the USA and will no longer tolerate any military adventure of this crumbling empire whatsoever. The Syrian conflict is now lost for the Pentagon  as causa bella leading to a new WW3  as the Russians are now flexing very impressively their muscles in the Middle East.

There are clear signs now in the USA that the various fractions in the army are fighting against each other to gain supremacy prior to their fall to a lower catastrophic timeline, while their military boss, the once commander-in-chief –  president Obama – is a lame duck. I personally do not expect any coup d’etat of the US army and the ousting of this most criminal puppet-president from the Oval office, as there is no time left, the chances for success are slim, and there is absolutely nothing to gain from such a military coup. But who knows – the dark cabal is so desperate now that they may attempt anything

There is no other world power or nation that is willing and able to trigger a new global, devastating war. Even Iran has elected a very moderate new president, while the Egypt and the Middle East (Turkey, etc.) are already in the turmoil of another hot Arab summer of Awakening that is so explosive for the world balance that the USA have practically no trumps left in their hands to do anything despicable on a global scale, notwithstanding all their dark plans.

They have lost within the last several weeks the whole Asia, with China and Russia in the lead, as demonstrated by the Snowden case, namely that they can no longer effectively  blackmail anybody as the menaces of this paper tiger from Washington have lost any credibility and the USA foreign policy has entered the realm of political ridicule. The whole Latin America is in rage about the criminal behaviour of the USA and Europe  trespassing in a heinous manner all established international standards of civilized behaviour. Africa is in turmoil and a big problem for the USA. When Obama visited South Africa, the association of the lawyers there issued an official warrant to arrest Obama as a war criminal. His black skin bonus has been consumed long time ago on this very dark continent.

The Europeans, the only remaining allies of the USA, are in a state of financial knockdown and rather insecure watching with terrified eyes the crumbling of Pax Americana. The European population is now flocking to the barricades as in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy and elsewhere and the political caste of notorious liars are in a total limbo. None of these countries plans another war. It is not even feasible for the USA to start any. And it will also not be allowed by the forces of light to unleash another nuclear nightmare as this option has been eliminated a priori by the Source from the End Time scenario for this planet.

Hence, there is virtually not a single possibility to trigger another war, which will be the final act of the dark cabal before they disappear for ever from this reality as empty soulless images, while their soul fragments will continue with their endless incarnation cycle of death and rebirth on the 3D dog’s planet.

What is then the most likely event that will trigger the collapse of the system? The answer is almost inevitable – it will begin with a financial meltdown, with a total crash of all financial institutions within a few days. All the banks will close they doors overnight and the world population will remain without cash and the ability to buy food and other stuff to survive. The economy will come to a grinding halt. This is the most efficient way to eliminate the old system in a bloodless manner. It is quite possible that the dark cabal, such as politicians and banksters, may trigger themselves this financial crash by declaring mass bankruptcy or simply by stopping issuing money to the public. It is already very difficult to take a big sum from your bank account as was the case in the past. The banks simply do not have any cash anymore.

Without money not only the economy, but also the whole national state will cease to function and exist. This will immediately end the power of the ruling cabal in a most effective manner as they currently exert their power over the people entirely through the numerous national institutions and laws. The health care system will also cease to function and the people will realize for the first time the fragility of this dysfunctional Orion system, in which they have believed and supported for so long with a blind mentality.

Please observe that it is not necessary for the world population to stay in this chaotic situation for more than a couple of days or weeks. I personally expect that during this most vulnerable time the dark cabal will make its last ditch effort to break through the siege of light by announcing the NWO in a desperate attempt to regain control. But as they will no longer have the means to install it, this attempt will badly fail and the masses will realize for the first time the insidious nature of the dark Orion minions they have elected and whom they have blindly entrusted with their lives and destiny in the past.

According to my estimation, this can happen this month and definitely during the Lion’s Gate until August 12th. After that there will be a short period of chaos before the ID split and the MPR will take place. All these events will happen in a rapid sequence with a mind-boggling force that will sweep away the old order and will leave the people in a state of total shock.

This will also be the time when the LW were supposed to come forward and help the masses, but I now doubt if they will play any role whatsoever as they are not prepared for this event and do not possess the moral virtues and ethical standards to be teachers of the new humanity. The only hope that remains is the PAT – as ascended masters, then the turmoil will be so huge that All-That-Is and humanity will need real gods walking on earth to cope with the situation.

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