Urgent Energy Update – July 9, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

According to my assessment and personal experience, the final act has just commenced. The last four days I had four subsequent cc-waves with a headache the whole day and also with pains in the left eye and today also toothache. Other PAT members report identical symptoms. The wave today was the peak of this series that have brought another huge descent of source energies through my field and that of the PAT (through the web of light) into Gaia and this time in particular into all humans at the cellular level. The energetic transformation has been immense – the most intensive one since the opening of the portal 12. 21.12.  

Today, the cc-wave mutated into a massive cleansing / purging wave when the whole dross of humanity surge high one last time and was processed in my portal with an intensity I have seldom experienced before.

This whole episode was closely associated and coordinated with the information I have published today and in particular in Jophiel’s message and in my article on the significant increase in violence in Chicago and the USA. The latter article was inspired by my HS ad hoc when this cleansing wave hit me this afternoon.

The energies are such that to my perception they will induce very soon an “act of desperation” on the part of the dark elite, which will be their last ditch effort to cope with the thin “high altitude air” of these new high frequency energies that these dark, low vibrating entities can no longer bear and hence must inevitably perish, as also Jophiel announces in his latest message published today. This is the current ongoing scenario.

After this extremely nasty wave subsided a little bit and I could think clearly again, I  received the following message from the HR:

There has been a decision made in the higher realms, a commitment made to de-stabilize Humanity at the societal level and trigger the final act of desperation of the dark ruling cabal .”

As Jophiel heralds in his message of today, this will be the point in time when the final separation of this upper 4D earth and its shift to the highest 4th and lower 5th levels will occur. Hence all signs are now set green and we must expect some very dramatic events in the next few days according to my and Jophiel’s predictions:

” So it happens now that in a final “act of desperation” which the dark forces will commit, the dice will fall in favor of the ascending humans – because as soon as the new devastations shall take place, the worlds will be separated. The critical mass will be reached then, because evil is energy that produces light, and the people can perceive the light only because of the darkness.

Before the time comes when the light shall no longer cast any shadow, it will become deeply dark and out of this darkness the light point at the end of the horizon shall emerge, the light at the end of the tunnel shall be shown to you. And there we shall expect all those light warriors, who were ready and willing to fall through the cosmic fire of transformation into the arms of the Creator (this is a metaphoric presentation of our ascension, George). Call me into your presence – life is eternal, even though the transience shall take possession of many people again. ”

I hope to get more information on this new dramatic development very soon.

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