Urgent Announcement

by Georgi Stankov, July 25, 2013

Since yesterday there is a pronounced effort of the dark ones from the astral planes to attack us – me and the PAT. I noticed this pattern, but wanted to be sure as it was rather weak, although it must have been a very strong and well-calculated attack on the part of the dark ones. Only that I am not perceptive anymore to such attempts. I have been attacked many times like this in the past and I know very well how these dark archons operate.

Let me explain it to you, so that you can discern such attacks immediately and protect yourselves successfully. These archons – I thought they were completely eliminated, but they must have surged one last time on our upper 4D earth before they disappear for ever in their abyss of darkness  – take a common human fear-based pattern, in this case either from your personality structure or from that of your beloved ones. Then they map it, amplified many times the intensity of this particular fear frequency spectrum and then project it onto the target person as to stir anxiety, unrest, discontent, etc.

I personally can very well discern these projected negative thought patterns and know where they come from. They always come from behind and brutally intrude into your emotional field. They cannot be resolved with logical arguments, as they do not belong to you any more. They feel like foreign bodies in your emotional field, but can be nonetheless very overwhelming, if one is not prepared for them and lets his guard down. These negative thought patterns are also very impertinent and persistent like spoiled children.

My guess is that the dark ones are now planning their final capital crime on humanity and we are definitely their greatest adversary. You must be very careful and vigilant these last days as to immediately discern such attacks and act correspondingly. You must not make the failure to take such negative moods personally, even when they come from your beloved ones, as they are now also attacked by these dark astral forces in a reciprocal manner by insinuating similar negative thoughts in their minds against you. This is how this scum operates from the astral plane. They are allowed by the forces of light one last time to do this on this upper 4D earth as to instigate their human stooges on power to begin with their long-planned crimes on humanity in the final act of the ascension drama.

Hence you must from now on daily protect you in meditations with christed light and ask your HS and all angels and ascended masters, and the forces of light for full protection and it will be given to you. The dark ones are so weak now that they have no longer any power on us. But they will make one last ditch effort to create havoc, as April’s HS has warned us in her last message:

“There are many thought-forms yet to be realized/released. While much has been mitigated in recent weeks due to the additional parallel timelines and the uplifting energy waves/ showers, there are still core/foundational thought forms that need to be seen/ confronted and then released, mostly at a collective level. How these thought forms manifest and are cleared remains to be seen on the upper timelines. These could and probably will include elements of witnessing and releasing the collapse of the system, a dark cabal induced catastrophe, war, record breaking storms, etc…but again, in a lessened fashion.

I mention this because the dark ones have been using these alignments/ gateways and the power of 13 in general (through their dark unification) to influence energetics and subsequently world events and humanity in general toward their own twisted agendas. They will attempt one last time to do the same. Do you remember Lion’s Gate this time last year (At that time we experienced  a massive attack from the dark ones that hampered our ascension test run, comment George)? Now to be clear, they do not have the power that they did at this time last year, not at all, however, the actual underlying energies and thought forms that have allowed this dark cabal to rule humanity behind the scenes must be confronted by humanity, at all levels/timelines, before they can be truly conquered/ transcended and Oneness embraced/ actualized as it is to be on the upper timelines. For these same core energies/ beliefs that sustained the dark ones also sustained the illusion of separation. And this why many things still “appear” as they do.

Let us not forget that we now serve as a shield for the whole ascending humanity and we have to experience all these negative collective patterns as substitutes for the masses one last time as their wayshowers. We are much more experienced than the masses in this kind of cleansing activity and can better cope with such dark attacks. These attacks are necessary, so that the dark cabal can finally start with their crimes on humanity before we and the forces of light can enter the stage and make a short trial with them and expel them on the 3D hell earth, by triggering the MPR and the ID split through detonating the PAT Supernova, as I see it now.

Please observe that April’s HS gave this message before the worst catastrophic scenario and the MPR took place on the upper 4D earths. Now the magnitude of the catastrophic events must be logically more pronounced on our upper 4D earth than initially expected, even though these catastrophes will not lead to so much death and devastation as on the lower six 4D timelines because we shall ascend to the higher dimensions as April’s HS also confirms in the above quotation.

These new, somewhat unexpected attacks on us, who now actually dwell on the 9th to 12th levels/4D timelines and some of you are in your vibrations already in the 5th dimension, are the most clear sign that these events are imminent and can explode any moment from now on.

Technical Announcement

Some readers of our website have recently made the experience that they have no access to the latest posts. This problem is connected to the browser which you use. Chris, my webmaster, made recently some upgradings of our website program to protect it better from Internet trolls’ attacks. The opposite side of this upgrading is that if your browser is not the latest version you may no longer have access to the latest articles on our website as it cannot cope with the new programs on it. Some browsers no longer function properly as their providers have given up upgrading them as they know that this is the end and so they no longer invest in their products.

I recommend you in such a case to take the latest version of Google Chrome browser and also define it as your primary browser and then you will solve this problem and have again access to the latest publications. Other readers had this same problem recently and this is how we solved it each time.

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