Proton Versus Photon

by Georgi Stankov, July 5, 2013

Carla’s response:

“Dear Georgi,

I am happy that the latest Elohim message makes sense as I was a bit confused by some of the comments, especially hearing “proton-photon” as a combined and stand-alone statement…. 

prompted me to elaborate on the different energies contained in protons and photons.

First of all one should keep in mind that there is only energy and that the nature of energy is to be in a constant energy exchange. As there is no linear time but everything occurs in the Now, Energy = All-That-Is can appear at the same time as proton and photon energy or in any other conceivable form. There are infinite projections of energy from the source that is the basic mechanism for the creation of infinite realities at the different dimensions.

That being said, we have however some basic scientific evidence that photon energy, which can also be described as electromagnetic energy, is emanated  from matter (and vice versa), which is basically built of protons and neutrons. These particles constitute the nuclei of all elements and are surrounded by electrons that build electronic clouds /fields around them. When electrons change their stable stationary orbits, they emit or absorb photons with a precise frequency and energy. This phenomenon was first observed in the so called photoelectric effect at the end of the 19th century. The explanation of this effect by Einstein brought him the Nobel Prize, and not the development of his theory of relativity, which is one of the greatest blunder in science, as I have proved in the new physical theory of the Universal Law.

Before that, energy was considered to be continuous and homogeneous. This assumption was presented in the so called “Rayleigh Jeans-Law“, which is only of historical relevance as this law was proven to be wrong and eliminated. When applied to the black body radiation in thermodynamics this law led namely to the so called “ultraviolet catastrophe“. In simple words, this law predicted the increase of radiated photon energy infinitely when the frequency of the photons increases.

As you may know, this problem was first solved by Planck who introduced his famous Planck’s constant h and assumed that energy is quantized and discrete – it occurs in energy packages. To this day, Planck or any other physicists have failed to present an explanation how Planck came to the idea of introducing his famous constant, so that one can very well assume that it was channeled to him by his HS, but that this fact was then hidden as otherwise his discovery would have been rejected by his dogmatic, empirically orientated agnostic peers. This was the birth of modern quantum physics.

Now, the concept of quantization and discreteness of energy at the quantum level is much more simple that it alludes at first glance. First of all, it is important to stress at this place that although energy si quantized, it is still an energetic continuum, so that there are no empty places or void between the observed quanta or particles. This fundamental aspect of energy is currently completely misapprehended  in modern physics and herein lies its total failure to explain nature = All-That -Is.

It has led to the fundamental crisis of the standard model, the goal of which is to unify the four fundamental forces, but fails to integrate gravitation with the other three forces, nuclear, weak and electromagnetic. This is the intellectual bankruptcy declaration of modern physics and when I wrote to the 12 most famous US universities early this year and informed more than 200 renowned physicists about my new theory of the Universal Law, I found out that more than 50% of them have dedicated their theoretical research to solving the obvious deficiencies of the standard model, which is the last say and an established dogma in theoretical physics, notwithstanding its total failure. Simply, the physicists have so far nothing else to offer and hence they stubbornly stick to this weird concept.

I have no idea why they were so fully indoctrinated by the old Orion system and have switched off their minds and intellectuality for ever. In fact, this irrational behaviour of the physicists with respect to the standard model has nothing to do with human intelligence but with their deep-seated fears to step outside the box and search for alternative explanations.

This explanation is already there and was presented by myself in 1997 when volume I on physics and mathematics was first published in German language. Volume II in English and Bulgarian language followed in 1998 and the discovery of the Universal Law was officially presented in April 1998 at the annual conference of the German Physical Society in Regensburg. So much about the recent history regarding the solution of the central problem of physics – the failed standard model, which I simply eliminated as a bogus concept.

This introduction helps you understand the nature of energy and explains why modern physics has failed to grasp the nature of energy and thus of All-That-Is.

Now let me explain how you can reconcile the two basic quantum concepts – discreteness and continuity of energy. If you take a medium, say a fluid, in which a wave is propagated, you have a continuous string of waves which build a steady continuum. Nonetheless, each wave can be regarded separately as a wave package or quant as it carries a specific energy that depends only on the height /amplitude of the crest and the specific weight of the fluid.

Now extrapolate this concept to the electromagnetic spectrum or photon space-time, as I use to call this energetic level, and you have the solution as to why photons occur as quanta and are also described as particles, but are in fact waves within a continuous medium – the photon space-time. It is this simple truth about the nature of energy that modern physics has failed to grasp and has invented the most idiotic concept a human mind could bear – the wave-particle dualism.

I do not want to bore you with theoretical disquisitions at this place, but I must address the most idiotic idea in modern science that currently prevents it from understanding the true nature of Energy and why ascension is a cosmic process that transforms Gaia and humanity in a profound manner. It is needless to say that the time of deliberate blindness of all scientists is over now and the awakening can happen any moment. To this the current discussion is an important contribution as ascension will begin with the PAT, that will embody the “Return of the Gods” on the earth, as Sananda has announced in his latest message. This symbolic event will in the first place offset all past false ideas in science and will substitute them with the new theory of the Universal Law. This has been also announced by the Elohim in their latest message channelled by Carla:

“The projection of this assertion, the proton as a conscious element, an aware element, shall be the foundation of revolutionary growth within the scientific community upon your Earth. Not only will this re-define science, it shall refine the path to the Truth and by paving this road to the Truth of what IS, there shall be no more confusion. All will be clear and natural in its order and beauty and resistance shall fall away forever.”

This beauty is in the first place a beauty of the human mind and the only beauty the scientific mind can achieve is to incorporate the logical, axiomatic method of consistent thinking of the Universal Law without building any semantic and logical inconsistencies and introducing infinite mental bugs into science, which now compartmentalize and vitiate all human thinking.

This mental pandemia is also the only source for the total failure of the New Age movement to change this Orion society as admonished by myself for years and confirmed one last time by Sananda and Asama Mahatari in Jahn’s messages published on this website. This total failure of human thinking ultimately led to the introduction of the seven 4D earth scenario of incremental ascension in late May as this has been documented with the occurrence of the MPR on the lowest catastrophic 4D earths on June 8th, and the subsequent establishment of the One-World dictatorship by the ruling cabal on the lower 4dD earths in late June. This event is now trickling down on the upper 4D earth and will not lead to huge catastrophes or global enslavement, but simply to the demise of the ruling dark cabal from power and the triggering of the final separation and ascension of this timeline as heralded by Sananda:

“This means that on all “lower” 4D levels the takeover of the world by a “coup from above” happens these days. This means that the powerful dark circles bring the people and the world completely under their control. These now occurring events of abysmal depths will also interfere in the current timelines of the higher vibrating 4D-earths until – through a collective awakening on these higher 4D levels – this upper 4D world will detach from the lower levels. This happens with “a jerk” and goes as you have already promulgated, along with the reversal of the magnetic poles. Furthermore, this means that there is a “critical mass of Evil“ to be built up and in a moment of God’s grace – a day no one knows – all the people that have chosen the 5th dimensional plane of existence shall arrive there.”

Now if you have believed that all these events go without science and knowledge of science, then you are bluntly wrong. This is pure science as the Elohim told us. And it begins with an understanding of the nature of Energy as the primary term of human consciousness and ends up with the knowledge as to how the energy of protons can be transformed into photon energy and vice versa. Let us consider the fact that this website is the only source worldwide that now reports about the coming of protons waves from the central Arcturus sun (GaiaPartal did not mention this fact) which will ultimately and very rapidly transform humanity and Gaia. The PAT is the only group worldwide that is informed about this  physical process in scientific and gnostic terms. This is not a trifle, this is a big deal, do not underestimate this fact and your privileged position in this world drama.

Conventional physics has so far failed to integrate gravitation, which is also photon energy, though different from electromagnetism, with the other three forces, nuclear, weak and electromagnetic forces. As protons have a mass, they belong with their mass to gravitation and at the same time they are part of the nuclear forces, which are liberated when protons and neutrons are split in the nucleus e.g. in a nuclear fission reaction. The actual nuclear forces in the quarks cannot be observed currently and are only of theoretical character because scientists are unable to separate them and measure them.

So this is another murky field, where physics has totally failed, although it tries to masquerade this failure by lying that they had managed to detect  the hypothetical Higgs- Boson. And what happened after this bogus announcement  – Nothing! This alleged discovery, that never took place in the first place as the Higgs-Boson does not exist, simply disappeared in total oblivion. I have published on the scientific fraud with the Higgs Boson on this website and I have been absolutely right so far.

And now we come to the greatest idiocy which modern physics has generated. While protons have a mass, which is constant for all protons in All-That-Is, photons, which are also considered electromagnetic particles as the protons, are believed to have no mass?!. At the same time, gravitation is obviously propagated by photons as it moves with the speed of light, just as all photons. This is the biggest conundrum or a paradox the pathological scienists’ minds were able to produce in the last somewhat 100 years since modern physics emerged.

One of my greatest breakthrough I achieved in physics was to prove that photon space- time has mass. Thus I also solved in a second step the problem with the existence of dark matter in the universe, which is called so because it must be there according to all calculations, but cosmologists cannot find it, so that this fact alone discredits this new discipline (cosmology) as an even more irrational categorical system than all religions. First of all, I showed that the definition of mass in physics is completely wrong, it is another huge idiocy (and here my scale to commensurate the scientists’ idiocy is beginning to run out of gradations)

I proved that mass, the way it is currently defined in physics, is nothing else but a relationship /measurement of two energies. As All-That-Is = Energy, is the primary term that is constant, all subsets of it as particles and systems are also constant, that is to say, their energies are constant. As energy is energy exchange, this is also the ultimate explanation for the first law of thermodynamics of conservation of energy. This is a crash course in physics, my dear ones!

For instance, the mass of all particles is constant for any particular category, such as protons, neutrons, electrons in the whole universe. The proton has a constant mass that is a natural physical constant, the same holds true for all other quantum particles in the whole universe. When such two constant masses are compared, then you have a constant relationship which currently is defined in physics as “mass”, but is in reality an energy relationship.

However this definition of mass is so obscured currently that there is not a single physicist worldwide who has realized thus fundamental blunder. Hence mass is considered to be an intrinsic property of matter and thus of the whole physical world. This is another great idiocy of the scientists that has prohibited the understanding and explanation of gravitation. Of course until I discerned this idiocy -this faulty definition based on total semantic confusion – and eliminated it for ever from physics and science. Physics is full of such semantic blunders – it as a real jungle.

Now, there is another fundamental methodological knowledge that has remained obscured in natural science  – the only thing a scientist can do experimentally, is to compare the energy of one system with that of another. There is nothing else one can do as there is only energy in Al-That-Is. The whole experimental research, which now consumes billions of dollars or euros, is based on the unconscious reiteration of this simple measurement, which scientists tend to organize in an extremely complicated manner – the more complicated the method of measurement, the better the scientists are considered. This is the ultimate insanity of present-day useless scientific research.

If you have not yet grasped the profound imbecility of the current  reality, I hope you have now gained an intimate glimpse into a field that is pretending to be the citadel of human rationality and predictability.

If you go now to Table 1 on my homepage

you will find all the masses of proton, neutron and electron there, given as fundamental physical constants as they have been measured in experimental physics (left column on the table). Then you go to the centre of the table, where you can find the new fundamental mass constant of the basic photon = Planck’s constant h, which I discovered as the first scientist and then calculated and explained theoretically:

the Planck’s mass m(p) = 0.737 X 10 (-50) kg.

This is the smallest package of mass = energy we can measure at present with material instruments. It is the utmost limit of current materialistic empirical science to explore the physical world. Beyond this boundary begins the unlimited realms of the soul and the higher dimensions, to which we shall soon ascend.

As the energy of all photons is measured by the Planck’s equation E = hf and the mass of the Planck’s constant is m(p), this would say that Planck’s mass, which is basic to mass = energy of all photons, must be also basic to the masses of all particles, such as protons and neutrons that build physical matter and its mass /energy.

And indeed, I could prove that the masses of the proton, neutron and electron is a multiple of the mass of the basic photon  = Planck’s constant when multiplied by their specific Compton frequencies, e g. f(c,n) for protons, etc. (see table 1 left column); the latter is another well-known fundamental physical constant that can be experimentally measured. For the neutron we have the following simple equation, which is nothing else but a concrete application of the Universal Law for this particle:

m(neutron) = m(photon) X f (c,n)

With this simple equation, I showed how one can calculate the mass of any object from the mass of the basic photon and thus have proved in a very fundamental manner that

 matter as physical mass is simply condensed photon energy.

In this sense a proton can also be regarded as condensed photon energy or vice versa, photon space-time can be regarded as diluted expanded proton energy. Here we have the explanation how the material 3d-worlds are created, as space-time is equivalent to photon space-time. It is this level that creates in the first place the illusion of cosmological space, in which all material solar systems and galaxies are embedded. This has to do with the fact that all our information from this universe is optical and based on photons as a medium of propagation of all information.

In cosmic proportions, the protons are the primary, intelligent particles that create the 3d-worlds as holographic space-time realities. From the protons the photon space.time emerges in a secondary manner and builds the illusion of extent and also of linear time as the speed of light, which is the only real measurement of time (the clocks are a surrogate of it) is limited by c, and this makes everything happens in a sequential manner.

But protons are also the driving energy behind ascension, as they can eliminate space-time and transcend this reality into the simultaneity of the Now, where there are no limitations of the speed of information. Expanded human awareness can then overcome any “distance”, which is in reality a frequency gap/leap, immediately and shall participate simultaneously in many parallel realities.

Therefore the current proton waves from the central Arcturus sun that have started to flow on June 30 and reached a preliminary peak on July 3 will continue to engulf the earth with a growing intensity because they are the ultimate energetic process that will transform the texture of the upper 4D earth and will heave it to the 5th dimension. This is such a fundamental energetic process that it must inevitably escape the full comprehension of our limited human minds, which will also experience a tremendous expansion due to these same proton waves. The proton is also the basis of our crystalline light bodies as confirmed by the Elohim in their latest message.

This should suffice for the moment being – we have established a huge and stable bridge between science and ascension, as it has never been achieved by this humanity since the fall of Atlantis.

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