Personal Opinions – July 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I had an important dream this morning.

I was ill and I went to a doctor to get a diagnosis. Both myself and another person (dual soul?) each had a suitcase. The suitcases were full of souls.

We could not open these suitcases because it would unleash the souls. And that would release once again their destructive actions and illness. Our job was picking them up or collecting them. They were the souls of bad or dark people. When the doctor, I and my dual soul got to the door of the ” free” clinic we were turned away. The woman doctor who turned us away was my friend (in 1979 she was a “hostage” during the Iran hostage crisis) from my home town. She told the doctor you can’t bring them in and that the suitcases were the cause of the trouble. She told us we were soul collectors. She also said do not open the suitcases.

I feel this means we were rounding up the final remaining pockets of dark entities. And that the souls of light will no longer be held “hostage” by the dark ones. We have reached the end point and it is time for the souls of light to be  “free”. The last of the dark ones are being collected and swept from the earth. What is your take on this?

Love and light,

Dear Sheryl,

this is a remarkable dream indeed and I fully concur with your interpretation. Last night (July 11)  I had another ascension test run and my dual soul also a little bit later in the night. Even today ( July 11th) I am blasted off by another wave and barely present in this reality.

With love and light


where can I learn more about my dual soul? Is he my other half and aren’t they usually on the other side? When we ascend will we be reunited and become one again? I’m not sure how this works.


Dear Sheryl,

each soul from a soul family of about 1000 souls has an identical dual soul from another soul family belonging to the soul group of seven soul families, It cannot be from the same soul family as it is impossible to have identical soul within one soul family the way they are disseminated, Dual souls are always together in excarnated state in Celestria as not to feel too lonely after dissemination from the Source when they start, each soul alone, with their incarnation cycle. Such dual souls almost never meet in incarnated state and most of the time never incarnate at the same time or in the same timeline.

When one soul is incarnated, the other dual soul stays in the HR and helps her from there. The reason for this is that the energetic relationship between dual souls is absolutely open and does not allow for any secrets. When they meet in incarnated state, however, their earthly human personalities must have a lot of secrets and be subjugated to a lot of deceptions, mostly about themselves, that build the veil of forgetfulness and determine their personal incarnation plan. Thus when such souls meet in incarnated state, this will jeopardize their incarnation plan as determined by their souls.

In our case we met at the end of our incarnation cycle because we have finished with all illusions and are fully opened for our HS, so that this connection was made possible. It has been planned before our current incarnation as part of the ascension process, as we must ascend both at the same time and before that had to merge our energetic fields still in physical bodies. This is what our higher selves told us.

Now to your personal information, which I have kept secret so far as the time was not ripe yet. We have been told by our HS that there are further 14 dual soul pairs in the PAT, but none of them have met so far in physical. This will happen in the very near future. However we were not told which ones. They will then find themselves physically in case this is part of their soul plan and will merge their fields also before their ascension. They will be guided by their HS to meet as we did.

This is all I can tell you about dual souls and I can assure you that you will not find much more anywhere else and most of what has been written so far about dual souls is misunderstanding or outright wrong.

Finally – When we ascend, we shall merge with our dual soul energetically in the sense that we shall all merge with our soul family and soul group of seven families before ascending to the causal worlds, respectively if we come from there, which is the case with most of the PAT members, we shall merge again with the energy field of our monad in the causal world and hence also with our dual soul. It is such a big concept that we cannot comprehend it with our limited human minds.

With love and light

Hello Georgi~~~

I, along with many others, do not have a scientific background. I “know” all your scientific discoveries are correct. Everything you write resonates “Truth”. However, as I read and read, I would really LOVE to understand. Little snippets are getting through, a bit at a time.

Your “Rediscovering Multidimensionality” article of 7/8/13 was excellent! Forgive me for just now “getting it”, but your statement of All~That~Is is energy was mind expanding for me. I felt part of my mind/brain open up when I read that sentence.

You once wrote that you explained the concept of time to children.

Have you ever written up a 6th grade explanation of Universal Law? Like the StonyBrook University challenge for scientists to make their knowledge accessible & understandable for all. If so, could you post it? If not, would you consider this a request?

I feel this would be a great “leave behind” on your website for many, many people who will continue to be drawn to your website, looking for understanding.

I know your time is extremely precious right now. I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and to consider this request.

In Deepest Appreciation For Everything You Continue To Do!


Dear Christine,

I am responding to your request: The lectures I wrote were for Bulgarian children and they were written for overhead projector in Bulgarian language in the 90s and I do not have them anymore.

But I would recommend you to start reading, in case you have not done it yet, my first gnostic book in German “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, which I have translated in English and published on this website as serials:

There I make a very simple popular introduction to the new theory of the Universal Law with respect to human gnosis /esotericism, which then goes on to explain most of the topics we discuss on this website, such as LBP, chakras, soul age model, religion, etc.

You can also find some very easy explanations to the new theory in my English book:

The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction

There is also an essay I wrote for Wikipedia on what is Universal Law, which is, to my opinion, an excellent propaedeutics as to why there must be only one law of nature and which major unresolved cognitive problems of current science have prohibited its discovery much earlier.

All these texts do not need any deep knowledge in physics and mathematics, but common sense and intuition – i.e. help from your HS, which you will receive while reading them.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I have just read “What will come next?”. Thank you so much. Excellent and uplifting. Since other scientists have been able to perceive 4d since 2011

The Secret of Secrets

and have acknowledged that we are rapidly approaching 5d, and nuclear war has been ruled out, financial collapse is really the only “mass” card they have left.

The dark cabal know very well the powers that we will begin to exhibit once we are fully into 5D, and given the acceleration of the dimensional collapses since 2011 it is very reasonable to state that some must already be in lower 5D.

What puzzles me most is why they don’t see the futility in their position and just transform.  In my mind we should expect to witness their disappearance very soon.


Dear Charlotte,

this “scientific” presentation is based on a profound semantic confusion. Now you have read my past articles on science, where I have discussed this issue. My question to you is: What is the semantic confusion that discredits fully this presentation? Analyse it and give me an answer. This is the best way to check your discernment.


I’m not a scientist but I will try.  I’ll have to find the info on your site first, then read it and compare. In the meantime, the MPR is picking up.


Dear Charlotte,

very simple – the author uses the key word “dimension” in the wrong connotation. He uses it as a geometric term and then as frequency levels = 4th, 5th dimension etc. and thus nullifies his whole presentation. This is by the way a very common mistake in such presentations. Now geometry operates with empty space and the dimensions there have nothing to do with the dimensions as frequency spectra we are talking about in terms of ascension.

This is also the main reason why the relativity theory of Einstein fully failed -he operates with empty space – e.g. with the four-dimensional Minkovski space, where to the three geometric dimensions a fourth space dimension is added, but as I said, artificially within empty geometric space. Real space-time is however not empty. Cardinal failure of physics, as I have discussed it in my last article on “proton versus photon”.

There are other failures of course, but this one is sufficient to discredit this video.


Dearest  George,

I confirm the massive energy waves last night around 1AM my time. I think I know what you mean when you described the energies in your urgent update, because I recall recognizing a special, distinct cleansing and  clearing  quality to these waves and intuitively I knew that through focused intent, I could help to magnify the energies’ intended impact. Simultaneous with the onset of these waves, I heard/felt distinct rumbling sounds that I initially thought came from our rickety AC unit but when I listened more intently the sounds seemed to come from below, above, and around me. As the energies and sounds abated I felt a foreboding, a sense – stronger and more defined than usual – of something that is imminent although I could not identify what it was. I was not much surprised thus to read this morning from your urgent energy update that you sense the coming of the “final act of desperation” by the dark, for the rumbling sounds last night did feel ominous/very dense (if that is possible),  unlike  the gentle rumblings of Gaia that I was more familiar with.

Yes. The stage (for the event or events) is set, it seems. The thoroughness of the coordinated preparation to bring Gaia and humankind to and beyond “this” point still amazes, as it also includes what must be massive preparation as well  of the individuated expressions of Soul, of the Allness, for assumption of their designated/chosen roles..  Gauging from my own recent and more distant experiences in regard to the mission that Self has for this incarnation, I suppose that it is part of our preparation  to be bombarded especially of late by reminders and reiterations from OUR Selves of what We have specifically set out to accomplish and contribute  in this new age.

I momentarily hesitated from going into the next part of this email which mentions specific linear dates, because for me and for many of us I know, the vestiges/symbols of 3Dness are even more mundane and irrelevant now.  On second thought I recognize it is still useful that we pool together pieces that we glean from our diverse and unique  points of awareness – no  matter that these pieces have or use 3D-related referents. I suppose we would need and should maximise the use of all tools possible for our fuller discernment of what is playing out within the ever changing and evolving Is and Now.

Self has brought to my conscious awareness that I (or the physical or human aspect?) will go through transition on July 16 or 17, that is, within a month from when Self announced such transition on the 17th of June. Do you or PAT members also sense anything significant that may be occurring around those dates?

I confess at the same time that I share this information that I have a nagging thought that this transition has already occurred in the higher frequency planes and that what is to take place presumably next week will be only the physical or visible manifestation of this higher frequency (astral) occurrence.

Does this make sense, or does it sound like wild imaginings of a wild, unbounded One?

I have a vivid conscious remembrance of very recent experiences when I felt the physical body’s particles (atoms?) dissolved and  I saw what appeared like brilliant white crystals strewn on the ground as if to show that these crystals were all that was left of the crystalline-turned physical/human vessel after the Self’s transfiguration, and  I felt afterwards this wondrous bliss from an  indescribable sense of freedom and release (“so this is how it is to Be Free!” as I would write later in my journal).

These two experiences did not happen in a linear sequential way –  the former happened on June 17 while the latter was on July 2/3. I caught myself smiling as I wrote this last sentence because I see that Self has begun wielding its encompassing Presence over the conscious mind, and as the last insight I shared evinces, the conscious mind is coming out of its outmoded linear tendencies and taking on a multidimensional, cosmic mold as it should. I remember that you wrote recently an article about multidimensionality which I thought then was most perfectly timed, so direly needed a reminder for Us all who have yet to fully get out of the shackles of our perceived limited human garbs.

Guess I stop here although there are many more experiences and insights to share. Thanks for being there George – you and everyone else in this community. I have been silent since my March 24themail but I continue to avidly read your articles and follow all the other postings on your website – they are one’s constant solace and enlightening company.

Always, I hold you and others in PAT ever close to my heart.

Eleanor (Philippines)

Dear Eleanor,

it is correct that these events which will now materialize on this timeline have already occurred in the HR and have been very successful. It is always like this. I also concur with your estimation that these events must begin this month – in the second half of July when the energetically very powerful Lion’s Gate also begins on July 25th and then extends to August 12th. According to my estimation, within this time frame the collapse of the system must have occurred, so that after this period of chaos which should be very short on this upper 4d will be rapidly overcome and the foundation of the new society will be established until end of September in preparation for mass ascension in the fall. We must ascend before that as to help in this process as ascended masters

With love and light

IT is really unfolding, George!

The falling/fallen dominoes soon will make themselves visible, while WE/those intended and who have decided, are poised and will take the GREAT LEAP.

Kudos to US ALL!

With Love and Light

Hello Mr.Stankov,

it’s Josh (in NC). I’ve corresponded with you a few times before. Hey, a few questions if I may. I would think that since I’m reading your site and corresponding with you in this email that I’ve made it to the uppermost 4d earth? I know I’m not a bio-robot or hologram or soulless or anything. But then again, according to my understanding of the principles you have put forth, while I am corresponding with you it is possible that YOU are a soul fragment representation or something like this that you have previously explained in recent articles and although I’m corresponding with you it is possible I’m not residing on the uppermost 4d earth and I’m on one of the 3 higher 4d earths? Is this a possibility? I’m sure of one thing, and that is I’m not residing on 3d or one of the 3 lower 4d earths. One of your latest articles explains that on the 3 lower 4d earths huge natural disasters have already taken place and the dark cabal has already implemented their New World Order. That is not the world I’m living in.

I have a question about the 3 higher 4d earths? I take it these are 3 separate worlds? Since they are what I will term, ‘of the middle ground’, and influenced by both good and evil, is it possible for tragedy to strike these worlds and for them ultimately to sink back into an Orion-controlled system? A dark reality? Or is it only possible for them to make the uphill journey and eventually be a 4d earth of high vibration/frequency or even merge with 5d earth? I am wondering what is the destiny of these ‘middle of the road’ 4d earths (3 higher 4d earths)?

I would like to believe that this dimensional shift concept is a reality for humanity and earth. It feels to me of divine intervention and honestly I think that is the only thing that can save this planet. Powerful astrological aspects are taking place now and I hope positive change takes place soon. Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice? According to the latest articles on your site the MPR, natural disasters, and dark cabal takeover has already occurred on the lower worlds. If this is true I would think the heavens could wrap things up soon on the higher worlds.

Best to you sir,

Dear Josh,

first of all the very fact that you deal with this multidimensional concept and resonate with it is the most clear sign that you are definitely on the upper 4D and have very good chances to ascend later this year to the 5th dimension. It depends only yon you now.

As far as the three higher 4D earths are concerned, according to my understanding and information they are already embroiled in battles with the dark cabal but on these timelines the dark ones will not have the chance to establish fully the NWO. But it is a fluent affair and it only depends on how the people behave in the coming days and years. It is always possible, and will most probably happen very often, that many entities on these three higher 4D timelines who have now fully awakened due to the calamities and the collapse of the old matrix they currently experience that they will move to the upper 4D, we now live, and continue their incarnation there. This transition will not be possible for those entities who are on the lower three catastrophic 4D earths. They must die first and then they may choose to incarnate on the 4D earth if this is their soul plan. It will be very individual from now on.

With love and light

Dear George,

I fully agree with this scenario. I think it is close and the way to end this dark time is directly connected with a sudden downfall of the financial system grabbing the political society and financial power mongers into the abyss of their own destruction, never to climb up again.


Dear Rob,

thank you for your validation of this scenario, which seems at present to be the most likely. But one should not exclude the possibility of some surprises, e.g. the use of clandestine Orion technology by the dark elite that may cause huge havoc and destruction. But I do not believe that the forces of light will allow this to happen on this timeline.


Dear Georgi,

You and your dual soul came clearly to me in my dream last night. There were a group of us hanging around, with a great deal of anticipation and also business, the kind of feeling you have when you first meet a group of people that you’ve wanted to meet for a long time. You had light brown thinning hair, longish, below your ears and had the sharp and interesting features of a Balkan peasant and very few teeth! I don’t remember as much about your dual soul, except that she was about your age and radiant. I then saw a computer screen on which you were announcing and introducing your dual soul, and that her name is Barbara. Just as I was noticing your interesting features, someone asked me to take pictures of you and the group. As I took the picture and looked at it on the digital image, I immediately noticed your appearance had totally changed, you had very refined features, a full set of teeth and very very deep blue eyes. I couldn’t stop looking at the blueness of your eyes. Your dual soul was equally radiant but I don’t remember much except that she had similar coloring to you.

I woke quite early but forced myself back into sleep hopes of keeping the dream going. It did keep going and we were very active and busy in the group and you were giving instructions. I don’t remember anything else except that I woke up knowing I had met with you and she and some of the group.

I assume the changing of your appearances signifies the multidimensionality of your soul, as well as the ability to disguise yourself at will, depending on the person’s perception. This was very interesting to me, the changing of your appearance at will. I also think you were disguising yourself as a kind of teaching to test that you would be recognized, or who would recognize you. But I knew it was you, and she, all along.

This line from your email to Eurico Costa struck me:

 “Most of these people who will ascend will not be New Agers but normal people who have lived a decent life”.

It struck me b/c I’ve noticed how lately I am surrounded by just the sort of people you mention, not at all new agers, but those who’ve lived a very decent and ethical lives. I was actually just going to comment on this fact and how I believed these were the type of people due to go to 5D later after the adjustment from higher 4D. And then I read this line. Remarkable the synchronicity.

Thanks for visiting me in my dream last night. I felt very blessed to have met your dual soul, regardless of what her name is.

Waiting for the events to unfold….

Love, Sarah

Dear Sarah,

what an amazing dream – I am almost speechless and have nothing to add, although I laughed quite a lot in a jovial manner about this dream situation. Let us hope that your dream is heralding what will happen very soon. From now on we have every reason to be very optimistic and relaxed at the same time as our mission is accomplished on this earth and we only need to wait for the final checking before flying away.


Hello George,

I haven’t written in lately as they seem to like to screw with my email and I haven’t been able to write, but I am here and am right on target with everyone. The only thing I can’t say I felt yet at least not awake is the bi-location feeling but like they said not all will do it right now. I kinda always felt more associated with the ground more if that makes any sense. I also feel and know that I will be one of the ones more closer to the back of the line, so as to be able to watch and make sure of things going in order and very smooth.

Those new waves are so awesome and yes I definitely felt the cleansing jumping in there for a few last jolts, I always can tell them as I will become a mental case I like to say for a day or two. I also know that I am enjoying highly my time in dream state HR these days and know we are doing so much, even though I usually can recall only a quick minute or two when I first awake. I know this is my soul preventing me on purpose as she knows to well how badly I want to be out of my closet so to speak and be able to be who we really are. I have such a hard time every morning coming back here and some feel like I left a little bit more and more behind so as to only be a very small portion of me anymore. I can see this whole process evolving more and more everyday at least in my life.

Lastly, I will say that your articles and all the messages from Jahn and all PAT members are my complete life line and have been always since the start, but my heavens they are just so incredibly good. This site and my best cup of coffee and I am totally gone into my real self and it is all I want every day. I am daydreaming of all the possibilities that will become our very soon reality now always and also just loving my own new way of thinking and being as I feel myself change more and more everyday. There is so very much more to say about so much and yes it is all so fluid and infinite. Love so much to all here and thanks to all for so many great words to read.



Since mid-day yesterday I have felt a glowing, anticipatory energy beaming outward from the inside of my head. It is most prevalent in my solar plexus and outward through the bottom row of teeth – it is a pleasant sensation different than the wretched pressure & headaches I have experienced every morning for what seems like the last week.

It could be compared to having butterflies in your stomach but it is in my head, not in my stomach and is accompanied by a miraculous stillness.

In Light,

Dear Corey,

the energy quality of the waves changes all the time in the last days and it is impossible to make any generalisations. It is also very individual


Hello George,

Today from a sleep. Woke up. Repeating over and over in my head. Singing these words:. “It’s Time to Put on Your Crystal Shoes !!!!”

It has been since June 13th anything of importance to come through. On the 13th of June, I saw in the upper realms. People going though the papers, the list of names.   Them sorting the names. Placing these people where, they belong. On different,  time lines. Didn’t know what it meant at the time. But, I DO now!!

I have not been used to using these gifts, as nobody, even myself, has not been used to sharing this information with anyone. If you understand…  I so believe you do.

The message is as I have mentioned above:  “IT’S  TIME TO PUT ON  YOUR CRYSTAL SHOES !”

Don’t know if anyone else has written in. Read this as it is, or may be deeper in meaning?
Only I am sharing what I can, if this means anything.

Love From the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

I can confirm this insofar as this night (July 12) I met with many PAT members in the dream state and we discussed the final preparation for our ascension. Everything seemed to have come to a completion in the HR and now we are only waiting for the right point in time to ascend.


Dear Jerry,

this night I met with you in the dream state and then we discussed the final preparation for our ascension. Before that I met with many other PAT members in another dream and we also discussed the final adjustments of our imminent ascension. The discussions were very calm and the overall feeling was that this event is a done deal and that we must now only wait for the optimal point in time.

Last night (July 11) I had another very intensive ascension test run and thought that I would be off. My dual soul on the Pacific coast (9 hours later) had a similar ascension test run and also thought that she would ascend. We have been told that we shall ascend at the same time. Other members of the PAT also report similar experiences in the last 24-48 hours.

I have not heard anything from you for some time. How are you feeling and what is your experience with the latest energy waves?


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