My Friend: The Hard Choice Between No Money and True Spirituality

by  Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, July 2, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Back from our Croatian language boat cruise in Dalmatia which was certainly a bad education in three-dimensional dynamics of tourism (which is a false industry anyway) gone mad, young Australians, drinking themselves into oblivion, as well as the continued superiority complex of many British citizens, who see the Balkan people as slaves to their materialistic desires, not to mention the Americans and other Europeans drinking, pissing and shitting in the Adriatic to their hearts’ content.

Yes it was beautiful on some level (the scenery and the super moon), but what a nightmare. I had some talks with HS about what the hell we had signed up for (over a year ago) and I was reassured that I was supposed to be there, particularly sleeping in a tiny cabin below deck, immersed in the sea most nights.

ANYway, so many things I could comment on, the postings have been so rich and full of hidden meanings, particularly Jahn’s channelings from Babaji (which I’d like to mention in a subsequent message).

But first I’d like to mention this topic of money, which I am so grateful to Madge and Mike (in Florida) for commenting on. I’ve known a friend for over 10 years now, who has decided to live, as a she describes it, “trade-free”, meaning she only gives and receives freely, without monetary exchange. She has managed to survive so far because there have been people who have believed in her vision and supported her, somewhat, including myself. She said this realization came to her years ago (she’s about your age) when she realized the poverty and crimes of the system and left her career of 20 + years in social work and providing safe homes for violent children, who the system allowed to fall through the cracks.

She was quite successful in her endeavors and had two or three homes for the children and had a very alternative approach as well as a successful business. She had a staff of reliable protegees who believed in her vision and only paid herself equal salary to them, until they couldn’t handle this idea in their 3D minds and she ended up paying herself a bit more. She left this career because her soul would not allow her to stay in the wretched child-abusing system, and since then has been blowing with the wind, where her soul takes her, including to Iraq as a human shield, to Chinese medicine school, and to England as a peace activist. She’s quickly realized the futility of the protest movement, though she very much loves it.

I mention my friend because I’ve always been astounded at her vision but I’ve often wondered if she might be slightly missing the boat with the idea that there is no hierarchy. I’ve wished she could find like-minded people to join her vision (and we’ve talked about this but, we’ve both given up on the idea for the time being) and she’s very much alone, mainly harshly questioned by her well-to-do friends, who kept their semi-idealistic careers and can’t understand her giving up all her status, position and money in her once successful idealistic-within-the-system career.

She also sees trade, and even barter as the root of all evil in our world, and I know there is something to this. But  in fact there is a hierarchy of souls and of education and of experience. I think she knows this but dreams of this society of total equality and opportunity as we all do. But as you know, as a former citizen of a communist state, the leveling effect of communism did not work at all and turned into a dictatorship of control. I know she also doesn’t agree with that either, but like many of your generation from the West, they mistakenly thought Yugoslavia and other communist states were a kind of ideal for their rebellion against the materialist West. But she seems to know deep down that when we all stop agreeing to this nightmare of money, we will create something truly beautiful and creative and divine. (though she may not use that last word).

I think the missing link for my friend is spirituality. She’s very much a 3D touch and feel, a sensory person, who continues to insist on her agnosticism in the face of her own mystical experiences which she acknowledges but remains “on the fence”. I suppose so as to not take a spiritual stand (?), though I know she believes in the life force and strongly follows her soul’s path (even if she doesn’t call it that).

I’ve given her your website long ago and though she resonated with it a bit, she seems to have passed it by because she doesn’t follow the esoteric line of thinking of energy thresholds and LBP and ascension, but she understands very clearly that the world is dividing into groups (4D levels, etc.) and that the human revolution that she hoped for failed. She is in NO WAY at all involved in the “lightworker” movement and never has been and hates all the marketing and selling of it.

I bring her up not to focus on one person, but I wanted to mention her case because I think she maybe one of the thousands as Jahn’s message perspired who are living impeccable ethical lives and will ascend, and who are also invisible now from the other so called mainstream people, living ethical lives, who are buying, selling and trading every day to survive. Even this she does not believe in. I wonder though if her vision of trade-free will come to pass on 5D. I certainly hope so. You say there will be a numerical system that will function for a time, until the consensus of the majority eliminates any numerical value on trade.  She seems to have been way ahead of her time, having left her career over 15 years ago.

BUT THE QUESTION remains, will there always be a function of exchange, even in energy? My friend and I’ve had this discussion numerous times and she doesn’t even believe in bartering b/c she thinks that is also trade. But I’ve said to her on numerous occasions, simple examples like, you cannot have an apple, unless you pick it off the tree, therefore this is an energy exchange that the tree is giving up it’s fruit and you are eating it.

In the 5th dimension and beyond, I assume there will always be some form of energy exchange because people and souls have to continue to learn endlessly through their experience and also through the experience and direction of more evolved souls, just as people flock to your website for more food for their souls and more development. And yet you are a perfect example of what she dreams of because you are giving it all freely.

In fact you are indeed and have been creating this trade-free world through your website and through our energetic endeavors. And yet, there is a kind of exchange, one could argue because ascension to the source is the payment  and reward for what you are now doing, I assume. i.e. there will always be an exchange of energy. I know I don’t understand your theory enough (and I’m always feeling sorry for that) but these are my latest thoughts on not only money but exchange of energy. For after all, in all that is , nothing is wasted , ever. But there is still some kind of exchange, even if my friend does not want to see it that way.

I don’t want to boil our exquisite mission down to the language of economy, but isn’t a fact that in some way there is this constant exchange, i.e. PAT and you and your dual soul have agreed eons ago to come down here and “pay our dues” for the sake of humanity and in return we will be paid in ascension and expansion of consciousness and return to the source.

If you do not see it this way and my comments are not clear, I’m very open, as always to your comments. (Sorry if this got too long-winded. I’ve been wanting to ask you about this friend of mine and the trade-free vision since Sept. 2011 when I discovered your website,  b/c it’s occupied me for over 10 years now. Madge’s commentary and Mike’s subsequent comments spurred me to finally say something) I think I never said anything before b/c I kept holding out these 2 years for the vision to happen sooner than it has unfolded. Since we are now biding our time (I hope not for long) I thought I’d mention it. If it’s not relevant to you, please just disregard this email.

in love and light Georgi, always, love from the northern Adriatic where I’m relieved to be back (from the over-crowded south),


Dear Sarah,

thank you for your lengthy letter dealing with the destiny of your friend who stands paradigmatically for all the endeavour and all the confusion associated with the elimination of money in the End Times.

First of all, let me draw your attention to the latest message from Asama Mahatari who addresses the proper choice and selection of our holidays. A very timely observation in this last summertime on this planet for us, the PAT.

Let me now answer your basic question as succinctly as possible. Everything is energy exchange. Barter is also a form of energy exchange, though a very crude one under the current human condition.

In the 5th dimension, we shall be immediate creators of our reality and therefore there will be no need for exchange except to participate in the creation of other people and/or enjoy it from an aesthetic point of view. Bu the constraint to exchange goods as to survive will be gone for ever.

Hence the current effort of your friend may be heroic at first glance, but completely out of touch. Indeed you are right when you write that she lacks spirituality in the first place. Had she spent some more time on contemplating over the energetic and living conditions in the 5th dimension, she should have realized how naive and superfluous her effort is to live totally money-free in a very doctrinaire manner. But on the other hand one should not underestimate the pedagogical aspect of her personal example, which must have impressed a lot of people, including yourself. And this is already a big contribution to the final goal. People love dramatics and acts of heroism, no matter how ridiculous their immediate goal is.

According to my perception, there will be no money on the 5th dimension on the long run, but as there will be different timelines in the interim period, money may still exist in some timelines if the ascended human souls that dwell on such a timeline decide consensually that they still need money to feel comfortable and appease their old habits, which they might have not fully overcome. Later on, when they decide or realize that they no longer need money, they will stop creating money and it will disappear from their reality.

On the consensual upper 4D earth, which we now gestalt and create, there will be money in the interim time, which I can only guess how long it will last, until it will be substituted with a simple numerical system. But again, it may happen that some people will use this system, while others, less evolved entities will stick to the old form of fiat money. This will be possible as on the final balanced 4D earth most of the people will live in like-minded communities and will decide individually, within the group how to organize their life, including the means of payment and exchange.

Your friend will be then able to realize her ultimate dream and I am sure that she will find other people to follow her.

I hope that I have answered your question and brought some clarity into her destiny, which is remarkable indeed, and into the future role of money when the big events will begin to unfold this summer.

With love and light

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