Flight to Freedom

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 14, 2013

first published in English on July 15, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

these days you are adequately winged for the first flight in the light, for verily it is becoming easier for you because the worlds, you shall now enter, are redeemed from heaviness and darkness,

I am Jesus Sananda, with you all the time.

The work on the light bodies of the ascending humans are progressing rapidly and a large part of your discomfort and your “illnesses” in the physique has to do with it. The development of the light body means for everybody enormous efforts in all respects and represents a major challenge. Even now, as the world already ticks with in a certain vibration of light, you, who are striding through this process, are challenged beyond measure. In some of the ascending in the light beings, the light body process is already so far advanced, that they may be referred to as “ready for the journey”.

This means that in the coming days, from today on, July the 14th, 2013, a new wave of ascension begins. Although the process of ascension is going on in regular “waves”, what many of you, who are entrusted with this, are familiar, the now incipient wave has to be emphasized insofar as with it a new “critical mass” will be achieved in the great game of the world separations. This means that a new lightness will engulf the light warriors of the first hour, who have descended on this earth with high orders and have fulfilled them. In a light and almost playful way you shall now rise above this world and you shall look from an absolutely higher, overarching perspective upon the events, which, beyond any doubt, are entering the scene in an epochal wrath of destruction at the lower 4D levels.

He, who has established his light body, has escaped the human limitations and has been truly given wings – like angels shall you begin to be omnipresent and to penetrate with your all-seeing eye all levels of creation. The force of the now beginning “wave of ascension” will slowly and continuously gain momentum in the coming days and will reach its preliminary peak towards the end of the month – July 2013. Many people shall ascend with and through this wave, and more waves shall follow, so that all can share this miracle, that you have prepared for yourself. That much to this.

In the following a few words about the fact why many people have stayed away from the truth and why they worship the lie and the error. Why is this so also on the upper levels of the 4D earths? Man sees only what he wants to see! This is the first and fundamental truth. The second and equally important truth is that man can only see what he is allowed to see! “Allowed to see” in the sense of the selected potentials (by his soul) before his incarnation, which he would have liked to learn in the selected matrix.

This means further that no one shall and will wake before he decides this for himself as an indispensable prerequisite for life! No light of creation can achieve what a man has blocked in himself! This is what happened on the already separated 3D Earth. This level has also been repeatedly touched by a superposition of a higher vibrational matrix of spiritual light, so that an awakening was possible.

Most of the people, as already known, remained unaffected from this light, however a considerable number of people were touched by this divine light, so that nowadays they were able to arrive at the lower levels of the 4D earth. That is to say, in this “game of the End Time,” every man received his opportunity for growth. This too is already made known to you and is reiterated here again. Now back to the topic.

Do all men create exactly the experiences they want to create, so that they can fulfil their soul contracts from the Being? Not always. Because, in fact, in this current cosmic game, many people have completely abandoned their blueprint and have gone astray from their spiritual track of life. This means that this game contained a huge potential risk. The risk of losing oneself again, after one has been, after so many lives, already so close to ascension and enlightenment.

That is the reason why so many light beings are now finding themselves on the wrong path, that is the reason why a large part of the “esoteric” children of men succumbed to the error of hubris or simply to the dark force, which still dominates the lower levels of the 4D earth. The key to success or failure, to the achievement or failure of a human mission was founded in the ability as to how well the personal issues were clarified.

When a clearing of the often very long lasting energetic wounds took place, when healing and knowledge, forgiveness and resolution of destructive states took place – in such a case, the way was paved to ascension. When an entity remained stuck in his process of clarification, because he believed he has redeemed enough, recognized enough, done enough spiritual work on himself, without ever having achieved any enlightenment, then the way to darkness was paved. For stagnation always means relapse – imperceptibly at first for oneself, then noticeably, until other people can see and perceive it.

It is like a piano player who has not practised for one whole day. First, he notices it himself. When he stays away from the keys for two days, his teacher notices it already, and everything beyond this time means that it is noticed by the audience.

Another very important point to stay away from the truth is fear.

“The truth shall set you free!” This however applies only to those who are able to experience it this way. For many the revealing of the truth means pure fear. So they look instead habitually to the official guidelines and declarations of the world leaders. They look to the media or their lackeys in science, culture, economics and politics. Here, too, acts on a deeper level the original life plan what one has has come to recognize here.

But the fact is that many people have been taken over by the dark ones, only because they gave up their way to self-knowledge, only because they locked up to a certain degree their hearts instead of looking closely at their wounded hearts, so that they could not be reached by the healings of Heaven and by the light of heaven. The recognition of truth means that your life completely changes in this very moment. To turn away from the lie and towards the truth, away from the darkness and into the light. This means to lay down all familiar thought patterns and behavior structures. And who is able to do this, who can make this claim?

And only those who unmask the fraud, recognize the lie and the truth, who serve heaven as “addicts” can now ascend far beyond the boundaries of the 4D. Only they have the tools and the prerequisites for this, because each self-deception was detected and transformed into self-knowledge. The arrival of the tireless seeker of the truth in the light takes place these days. These people are really ascending well beyond the 4D earths, because even on the upper 4D earths the error is a frequent guest until the betrayal on humanity is recognized up to the last consequence.

Based on the example of the current American president one can very well discern the perception of the people. Many still do not want to admit the truth. Hence they are persistently looking for evidence in order to talk nice the facts of darkness or to distort them so long, until they appear as a “truth”. All the mass media do the same, which indicates how much the fear dominates and how messy these people are, who still succumb to this president.

After this statesman was basically created to abolish the system of exploitation, he went astray and rejected, as a last resort, even a soul transfer (walk-in of another old soul in his body, comment George), which brought all this turmoil in this world. Because there are few who decide upon the good or the evil in this world. It is not until the 5th dimension of being, where all the energies of the people act for the benefit of society.

This trend has already manifested on the higher vibrating 4D earths, because the people turn away in droves from these leaders and want to track down their conspiracies. At the lower levels, this is not so, or only to the extent, to which the level of light has already flooded and the people have been touched by the light.

In summary, this means:

1) Every person had the opportunity to get out of the game of the darkness.

2) In every person begins, with the salvation of his deep-seated emotional, mental and spiritual wounds, to emerge a longing for the truth.

3) Every person who is stuck in the process of his transformation regresses and the already acquired knowledge and the achieved transformation work begin to expire /degrade as an untrained muscle.

4) At the higher 4D earths, the error and the fear of the truth are mitigated at present. Every person determines absolutely autonomously and without the omnipresent manipulations that exist at the lower levels the extent of his fear experience.

In addition to this the following: The upper 4D earths allow global manipulations only to a small extent. That being said, here the divine light is already so intensively manifest, that this is ruled out. Thus, the final ascension beyond these levels lies exclusively in the realm of the individual and how much his own last shadows were cleansed.

Yes, indeed, the great angels are given these days large wings: The flight to freedom has begun. The less distorted your view on this, what is, the closer you are to the truth and hence to your ascension, for verily: Who can not see his own truth, for him God’s truth will continue to remain an enigma. You will be surprised who will take a seat next to you in heaven and you will wonder even more about those, who will stay away from this ultimate arrival in God.

Stay in love to all life, and know: To you, the purpose of God is fulfilled with this world. And fulfilled is also the purpose of God with all worlds that exist simultaneously and fill in the “empty space”. You are a lot more than you think to be. Open up for this truth, for you pervade with your being space-times, time lines and fragments of time. You are one with creation – omnipresent, unchangeable consciousness. You are the omniscient life that knows no death.

I am the companion of the people in these decisive days of mankind. It is bestowed.

In infinite love
Jesus Sananda

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