The Essence of the Today’s Wave – July 3, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Being a sensitive seismograph of all ascension waves that now flood the earth and permeate the personal fields and physical bodies of all humans – of course with the exception of the 5.2 billion empty, soulless images of human bio-robots that now only dwell on this upper 4D earth as to make the drama more realistic – I must comment on the today’s wave.

The occasion to this was given by the latest message of GaiaPortal that struck a cord in my mind:

Elevated hydrogen combinations with Higher Elements creates fusion energies sufficient to displace and transform dark intended thoughts. New Paradigm Hydrogen Energetics are designed to connect with New Paradigm Elementals.

Fusion fires may appear suddenly, then disappear as old paradigm elements transmute.

Simplicity of execution aligns with New Paradigm.

Let me explain why: As you may know, hydrogen is actually a proton when it is stripped of its electron. This is the case most of the time, except when hydrogen is a gas pertaining to the air. Protons are the life-spending force in all 3d-realities – they are the basis for the existence of all sentient biological beings as well as inanimate, physical matter. Present-day failed science has not grasped this basic fact yet. The proton stream that creates the 3d-holographic model on the earth, with all its attributes, comes from our sun and from the central sun behind it. It is actually a manifestation of the source energy in 3d-space-time.

For instance, the whole cell metabolism of all animal and human bodies is based on protons. The whole degradation of basic nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which is referred to as “cell metabolism” ends up producing protons in cell mitochondria, which are then expelled across the mitochondrial membrane to build an electromagnetic gradient.

I was the first scientist to come to the revolutionary idea to calculate the energy balance of a human cell and of the whole human organism by implementing the Universal Law in 1994 and to prove that the whole chemical energy that is released in cell metabolism, which is in fact a very complex red-ox cascade (and the chief subject of the discipline “biochemistry”), ultimately leads to the liberation of bound hydrogen atoms/protons, which are used to produce membrane potentials in the cells. This discovery and immaculate scientific proof alone is enough to pulverize / revolutionize all bio-sciences and medicine. The calculation of the human energetic balance is given in Volume III “The General Theory of Biological Regulation”, Chapter 1.2, page 35,

This fundamental theoretical proof shows that human organism and each cell are electromagnetic systems that use chemical energy from the food to transform it into electromagnetic, photon energy. The implications from this discovery are so sweeping that until now only a few scientists have fully grasped its magnitude. In the first place, this pivotal discovery explains why all bio-sciences have fully failed to understand the essence of biological regulation – their approach is namely exclusively chemical / bio-chemical and does not consider the physical properties of electromagnetic energy.

As simple as this may sound to you, this is one of the biggest blunder, among many, of modern science that has led in medicine, in particular, to the deliberate and malicious development of only toxic drugs that only increase morbidity and mortality in humans and do not heal a single disease. This is the ongoing crime on humanity perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry and this happens in front of our eyes for more than 8 decades since modern pharmacology was first developed. Well, we know in the meantime that this was part of the heinous plan of the PTW to commit a genocide on,humanity in the End Times as to prevent ascension, and the scientists were only their willful stooges.

Now back to the GaiaPortal’s message. This information reveals that now all protons in this upper 4D-holographic model that create the current illusion of space-time – of extent and linear time – have been exchanged with a new kind of proton life-spending energy, which will be also the basis of our new crystalline bodies. More than a year ago I wrote in an article that the human crystalline bodies are built in the first place by increasing the concentration of negatively charged electrons on the outer cell membrane. These electrons are gained by splitting the hydrogen atom to a proton and an electron. For further information, see the new interpretation of Bohr’s model of the hydrogen atom based on the new theory of the Universal Law in volume II.

At the same time this powerful proton /hydrogen wave today coming from the central sun, which was announced several days ago in advance by the Elohim to Carla (personal communication to me), is extinguishing all negative thought forms and patterns in all humans and in the astral field of the upper 4D earth that are primarily stored in the fields of the hydrogen protons, and from there in all matter. This is already known from the many experiments made with water as a medium of stored information. As you all know, water consists only of hydrogen and oxygen H(2)0.

The subjective experience of this wave was incredible for me when it hit me this afternoon CET. It was the most penetrating and permeating high-frequency wave I have ever received from the source so far. In fact, I first experienced this wave and was rather perplexed by its quality and physical effects, before I read GaiaPortal’s message and realized what you all must have experience today.

This proton/hydrogen wave contains all the cleansing emotional attributes you all know from previous cleansing waves. But the intensity and the all-pervading sweeping force of this wave was unmatched so far. It felt, and still feels, while writing this article, as if one goes through a firewall and is completely burnt out, before one emerges on the other side completely renewed. This is pure ascension through the portal, as we have discussed it in the past, this time in an incremental fashion. But today we experienced a huge leap upwards, I can assure you.

After I realized the situation, I contacted my HS and asked for further information. Normally I only get additional information after I have streamlined my ideas and have a correct perception of the ongoing processes, on which I have more questions for my HS. What I received from my HS today is very simple and easily explained. It is already mentioned in the above message in a disguised form.

After this wave has settled and its effects are complete, it will be impossible for all humans to sustain any old paradigms in their emotional and mental bodies anymore. Those who are already selected for ascension – and the decisions have been made last month –  have now fully cleansed their fields and bodies and are ready for their individual ascension. From now on, their total energetic detachment /vibrational incompatibility from the old matrix will dominate their daily life till final activation of their light bodies. There will be no possibility for us to return to the old ways of life and this may increase the tension and pressure on all of us for a while, before the final solution will come.

Those who are not scheduled to ascend – and this includes in the first place the whole ruling cabal and their stooges with or without a soul fragment on this upper 4D earth – will no longer be able to follow their dark thought patterns and insidious plans to decimate humanity in a clandestine, seemingly civilized manner. The inner constraint in the psyche and emotional bodies of such dark entities will be now so strong that these old thought and gestalt patterns will erupt like explosions on the surface and will manifest as a major efforts to commit a final global crime /genocide on humanity as to save the old matrix to which these entities energetically belong.

This is their last ditch effort before they drop out from this reality and descent to a lower catastrophic earth. It is the only survival mode these low-frequency entities now have at their disposal, in their energetic arsenal, to respond to the rapidly changing energetic conditions on the upper 4D earth, which they currently only populate as to preserve the camouflage and to participate in this final drama of total separation of the worlds. But they will not be allowed to have any say on the destiny of this upper 4D earth, which is the only  timeline that will not experience any major catastrophes, but only the collapse of the old matrix.

The drama is thus already predetermined and, except for the PAT, all other protagonists will act to the last minute in the full conviction as if it is all about saving their petty lives. We, the masters, will sit on the first row without a stake in this drama and will enjoy it from an energetically higher vantage point of view, before we appear on the scene and change /abolish this drama for ever.

This attempted genocide on humanity by the ruling cabal will be the trigger event for the occurrence of the MPR and the full separation of the upper 4D earth from the lower catastrophic 4d earths. This will automatically lead to ascension of this portion of humanity (800 million incarnated entities) to the upper 4D levels (11th and 12th) or even to the lower 5th timelines for some more advanced souls. Many PAT members will most probably ascend during this peak event, but some may stay on the upper 4D earth or lower 5D timelines for a while, to keep the portals open for mass ascension later this year.

This is the quality of the today’s wave and if you have felt utter despair and depression during this time, know that it was the result of this unique cleansing wave that purged all old paradigm remnants from humanity and that these dark energetic patterns had to pass through our fields, which build the web of light that encompasses the ascending portion of mankind, before being eliminated for ever.

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