Energy Update of the PAT – July 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor


I was surprised at the many positive comments to my ten signs post. I was reluctant to post this at first as I was concerned that it might be inappropriate at this time. It was very hard to open myself enough to write and post as compared to those last year, but in a quirky sort of way, I feel this process is still funny.

The top ten were all things that had happened to me in the last month. We have all come such a long way in a year. When we thought we had nothing more to give or maybe give up, there was always more. I was told long ago in a dream that I would be giving up everything, but I had no idea what that meant. I have downsized so many times. Now I live in a rented small furnished casita. My personal possessions consists mostly of clothes. I can’t even convince myself to buy enough groceries to last more than a few days. I don’t miss any of the personal possessions one bit. It is the relationships and sense of belonging that I miss. If you have seen the movie “Life of Pi”, there is a scene where he is stranded on a boat in the middle of the raging ocean after losing his family and he cried out “What more do you want”. That is certainly our mantra now. This can not continue.

For the last month, I was determined to become more active, while awaiting this process to finish. Despite almost nonstop LBP symptoms, I am basically healthy as I take no medicine and have never seen a doctor. I won’t surprise you in saying that I have been blocked from every attempt to become part of the “world”. I am thinking the reason is that it really does not exist anymore at least for me.

The main reason for my letter is to tell you of an experience that I had last night. Other than restlessness, dizziness and a headache that seems to grow each hour, I have felt fair the last two days. I have had trouble sleeping however and my pets, especially the dog paces most of the night. As I was trying to sleep last night, I began to feel very weak and disorientated. I felt myself drifting away and thought that this was either death or ascension. I thought about reaching for the phone, but was too weak. Then I felt something in bed with me and I thought the dog had jumped up to be beside me. She can’t jump up that far, but I thought how nice that the dog had cuddled up next to me in my last moments.

Suddenly the room lit up and I could see clearly that it was Anita, who was holding me. I was no longer weak, but in another place and I said to her: “It’s you. Do you have any idea how this has been since you left.” And she smiled and said, yes, and I said, you have been here all along haven’t you. I was so happy and we talked and laughed for what seemed like a good while and none of what has happened in the last years even mattered at all. Unfortunately, this “reality” slowly began to melt in with what seemed like slow motion. I looked at the clock and what had seemed like hours was only a few minutes. I was really surprised that I was back here.

I am still hopeful that July 29th or very soon afterwards our destination will finally be realized, but we have been in this place so many times before. I remember last year that your wife predicted we would ascend during Lion’s Gate. Maybe she was off only a year. When we are there and finally finished with this horrendous job, I never want to feel alone or isolated again. I know I am part of PAT, but we are so isolated in a physical sense.

I understand fully what it is like to be a nurse as I was one in a physical sense for 3 1/2 years, sometimes a critical care one. It is especially hard being a nurse for someone so close to you and having your role change from mate to nurse/ patient. Being a psychological nurse to all of us is hard too, I am sure. Despite it being so hard, I would not trade my years of being a nurse for anything and would do it all again in a moment as not being needed is worse. Being needed was what kept me going so long. I think the same is true for you George being needed by all of us. Maybe our time of being needed for this purpose will be over soon and replaced by belonging. I want to be pampered again. I want to be a whiny baby. I guess I am already a whiny baby, but I want to be a pampered, whiny baby. It think this email has went on too long.


Dear Jerry,

this story of Anita visiting you in almost physical form is incredible and I am so happy that you have shared it with me. This is the kind of miracles we were promised that will soon begin.

I know how hard it has been for you during these last months without Anita and I am in awe in front your courage and stamina to carry on and not leave the boot. This whole ordeal is now coming definitely to an end and this very soon. Let us not speculate about the exact date. We all know that this is the end…

Hold on a couple of more days. We all have now fully detached from this reality and during my trip to the Alps I only met soulless empty holographic images and wondered what is the purpose of going anywhere as you cannot avoid these zombies. It does not make any pleasure anymore to undertake anything on this earth. And this is the sure sign that we must ascend very soon.


Dear Georgi,

I just wanted to chime in and let you know that I too experienced one of the most intense cc-waves yet. Beginning Friday night, I kept waking up throughout the night with severe nausea. Saturday I awoke for the day to the worst headache, as I could feel the descent of source energies through the left brain portal like a pike to the eye. This lasted miserably all day yesterday and was accompanied by bouts of nausea and a running electrical current type feeling.

This morning, thankfully, I’m feeling much better but pretty tired. I can still feel a lot of pressure in my skull but it’s not hurting like yesterday. Hopefully it stays this way but in truth, I can already feel it building again as I type this.

How are you feeling?

I also noted GaiaPortal’s two new messages that once again seem to complement our latest  assessments. What is your take on these?

Just checking Georgi during this most exciting and pivotal time.

Much love and light,

Dear April,

thank you for this confirmation of the cc-wave on Friday which in my case repeated on Saturday, but not so intensively. I also read the two latest GaiaPortal messages and find them very informative about what is now happening.

I just came back from trekking in the Alps and got a terribly skin burn on my upper body which I noticed only when I came home. Now I am healing my burnt skin with the help of the Higher Realms and it seems to work already.

Therefore I am not so sure if my skin is now burning from the sun or from the new waves but there was another surge this evening (July 28). Otherwise, I almost smell the cities of light in the 5th dimension now – at least in the Alps, where the atmosphere is much clearer and one is nearer to the sky.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

It feels like forever since I last wrote. Anyway, as for many of the PAT, things have been pretty rough as of late. I have not been writing as much because I got my Internet disconnected, but got a free library card and was able to keep up on PAT happenings and the many great articles you have been pumping out as well as Jerry, Carla, April, Jahn and more.

Despite, coming from a wealthy family, finances have been rough, next month our house goes into foreclosure, but its funny, I don’t think I would give them the money even if I had it. But regardless, I will probably be reduced to selling cars again if we don’t Ascend in the next week. As you can imagine, my family will have good fun knowing I am a used car salesman. It’s like this life has been some kind of bad joke lately, lol.  Punches in bunches, ha.

Energies have been a little crazy for me lately. It’s hard for me to even be around people, especially family. While some of them are making progress, they still feel so far off. I was glad for the heads upon the Archons and them working though your family.  Ironically, most of the people I know are well off and judgemental types worshipping what I call the “BMW Gods” and sometimes feels as if I am getting a constant lecture on materialism. Meanwhile, taking pots shots at Apollonius and Manning, laughing about Reptilians and just stuck on talking about money and the dos and don’ts of Orion Society, which they feel some control over and hence the entitlement. It never ceases to amaze me how some people get a few dollars in their pocket and it is straight on to the God complex and constantly passing judgment on everything and one.

In addition, my good friend from Serbia is really going through it too, his niece got addicted to heroin, started prostituting in Philadelphia, got HIV and then arrested in a prostitution ring. She is 22, has HIV and is in now in jail being threatened by her pimp not to “talk” or else…  and I thought my situation was bad. This is all very delicate cause my buddy and his brother are stone cold hunters and this is not going over well, at all. I am worried one of them could do something stupid so I try to put in an encouraging word, but its tough. I could go on and on with all these scars, but that was really not the point in writing you. Regardless though, any PAT prayers for my friend would be appreciated.

Now Georgi, I am not trying to be a “nut-hugger” because usually I don’t even like to give praise, even to the praise worthy, but you have gone above and beyond with this website, your work and that of the PAT is pretty much the only lifeline for truth that many of us have, so great job and keep it up.

Through this all, and not writing you for a while, I can see where it would seem my motivation in Ascension has dwindled, but nothing could be father from the truth. I believe now more than ever. Sometimes when PATsters write stuff, I fell as though there is this super connection, like those were my words or something, like my thoughts coming through other people, guess that just goes to show how connected we all are.

As for the Archons, they have been somewhat at bay here at the house, but that is probably because I do pentagram banishing rituals everyday, Israel Regardie has some good ones in his book “The Tree of Life”  As Irony would have it, he was Aleister Crowley’s assistant before the fall. As you know, I do believe it is Crowley and not Obama that is the real problem, the O-Clone just being his puppet. But having family whom worked on the Montauk Project and also the SS Bell project, I do believe it is possible that they brought him back. And to tell you the truth, if I was a Satanist with a time machine (like Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols), I would have done the same thing and bring back the most notorious Satanist of all time, at least ours anyway, Aleister Crowley.  I mean duh!

But I just say this in the interest of conspiracy theory, perhaps the best thing is not to pay it any mind and focus on the higher light. Of course, wasn’t the greatest lie the devil ever told, that he didn’t exist?

Ah well, I wish everyone the best and easiest Ascension possible, if the MPR comes tomorrow, great. To quote a tool song “I am praying for tidal waves”

In Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

I am happy to hear from you again and only today I was wondering what has happened to you as you had not written to me for awhile and you have sent me an email now. Great synchronicity! I see that you are still in good spirits, notwithstanding all the blows of destiny and the Orion financial system upon you. But what better proofs than these that the old matrix is finally crumbling?

Thank you for your appreciation of the latest articles. I try to give the best possible information to the PAT in these murky times and to validate it as as good as I can. It is very important now not to lose the main story line, which is our ascension and not to get dragged down by other negative events and weird interpretations.

I also do not see you as a car salesman as in the next few days the system will collapse and many people will die. The change will be so huge and devastating that all materialists will lose the ground under their feet and many of them will simply leave this planet, which will then ascend.

Just stay calm and enjoy the show from the first row, as George Carlin says, but without having a stake in the drama anymore.

Hold thy ears stiff (be courageous and optimistic), as the Germans use to say. We have made it already.

With love and light

Thanks Georgi, I got my popcorn and am seated.  Now I just need to turn off the damn cell phone (or our current reality) and enjoy the show.


Dear Jon,

no more junk food on the sidelines if you you want to belong to the best athletes.


Dear George

Last night’s dream. (28/29 July): I was in a bathroom washing myself at the sink. Someone knocks on the door but doesn’t enter when l say to come in. I open the door and my friend looks me in my eyes and falls to the ground.  Behind her is a beautiful looking young man, he seems totally nude and pleads with me to “Take it off, take it off me”! I look at him and my friend on the ground, l feel my friend is dead and l would like to attend to her in some way, but the man is very insistent in his asking me for help. I don’t know who to attend to first. In all of this scene l feel a growing sense that something is not as it seems and l wake up as l feel fear.

This morning l reflected on the scene.  I saw myself as l was years ago and the words about naivety come to mind:

 “Naiveté is a product of innocence; it is part of a special goodness which lives within a Soul. This type of innocence is enchanting, it is endearing, even though at times it can pose some difficulties for those people.

For the first time l felt myself totally trusting and discerning without doubt that the first person to listen to was myself and my soul. In the dream I felt myself in this state and l could feel the man trying to trick me by using his beauty and youth and make me be gullible so that he could have power over me.

 “Gullibility is an absence of this type of innocence. Gullible people of all races are prone to believe the most preposterous lies rather than to research those lies and use their own fertile minds instead. These people are the ones who chose to ignore stated truths from God and other evolved Beings. Truth can be scary to these women and men. It is much easier to believe lies than to work at understanding truths.

Then l read Archangel Jophiel’s message and read these words:

“Remain true images of your divine nature. Detach from any dark influence, even if it appears in a light filled or bitter-sweet image. Recognize poisoned honey. Always turn to us, the Archangels, the Masters and God, then everything will be taken care of.

The people involved in the dream, myself, my friend and the man, we have all chosen our destiny and all three are different. For each one of us “It is as it is”

So here l am Georgi, stronger than ever! Thankyou for everything.

Love and Light
Denice, Italy

Dear Denise,

I am happy to hear that the lecture of our website has helped you to interpret your dream in a better way and also to shield yourself more effectively from negative influences which are now peaking at the End of Time.

With love and light

Yes, I am keeping myself more consciously in Christed light and often even imagine myself in a purple cloak, sweeping it over my shoulder. That makes me smile and keep the energies lighter.

Thank you once again.

Dear Georgi,

After I read the message of the Elohim from Carla on Friday I was doing some lesson planning and had to find some materials in a box, the first thing I found were some magnets stuck to a compass – The symbolism was pretty clear to me. On Friday evening we experienced the most intense thunder and lightning storm that lasted over 2 hours and proceeded to rain heavily into the late night. The thunder and lightning were nonstop for the 2 hours and incredibly intense. Since then, the heavy rain has been nonstop intermittently.

On Saturday evening I had to attend a closing ceremony at the Puppet Theater – again, another sign of where much of humanity resides in these last days.

I just had a beautiful sign this morning of the clouds parting for a brief few minutes where the sun shone brightly on my terrace before it was covered by the clouds again, and continues to be very cloudy and rainy. There was also a beautiful bird that started to sing its song right by my terrace and when I went out to see him, he came and sat right in-front of me and then alit to some trees.

I feel excited and on needles and pins awaiting the final ending of this saga.


Dear Laurie,

I can confirm that I have found a compass from my wife who needs it for her horse trekking and now it is on my table and I check several times a day if the magnetic pole has moved a little bit, but most probably when it happens, this will be within the blink of an eye. We all are now eagerly waiting for the final drama to unfold.

With love and light

Hallo George,

hope this finds you well.

I was attacked last night by a dark archon. He had first shape-shifted into a normal looking human, but came uncomfortably close to me and was talking rubbish, so I got him to go away. After that he appeared in his ugly brown form and pinned me down on my bed.

Didn’t think they would still be lurking.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

they now use the energy peak of the Lion’s Gate to appear one more time before they fully disappear in the abyss of darkness, swept away by the PAT supernova.


Dear Georgi,

I am sending my donation for August to help with the funding of the website. I was severely admonished by the angels to stop writing. Now that these waves and protons are ascending with you (and most of the PAT) there is no reason to communicate in writing as the End is near. I am still involved with the LBP and the PAT, and wish to thank you from my heart for all the ‘nursing’ and guidance you have given me for the past two years. It has been amazing, and the website filled with synchronicities and serendipitous wonders.

With Love and Light,
Henry (USA)

Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your donation and I can very well understand why the angels admonish you not to use human language anymore as very soon we shall be fully telepathic. Our detachment from this human reality must be now complete and resolute.

Probably I should also stop editing this website but for the moment being I think that I shall publish the most relevant information as to keep the morale high.

I just came back from trekking in the Alps and got a terribly skin burn on my upper body which I noticed only when I came home. Now I am healing my burnt skin with the help of the Higher Realms and it seems to work already.

With love and light

Dear Dr. Georgi,

I thought you’d like to know what happened here in Brazil this week. The Pope was here, In Rio de Janeiro for “The Great Gathering of Young People/2013”.

It was one week of gathering of 3 million humans – 30.000 from all over the world – humans that were singing, preying, laughing, listening to a man with a beautiful smile in the face… It was beautiful…

See the image of the Copacabana beach where the event took place, at the dawn from Saturday (27) to Sunday (28), where the young people was in vigil all through the night in preparation for the mass on Sunday morning…

What most called my attention, was that for all these days there were no violence, no fear, no density in “a city that doesn’t sleeps” because of the fear of violence… just joy, patience, music and peace!!

The politicians tried to ‘take over the scene’ in the beginning of the event, but there was no space for them… they turned away…

The journalists almost cried some times, while transmitting the news, there was some “hysteria” of joy and commotion every day for seven days!!

The Pope made some pronouncements talking about the necessity of reconstructing a world with ethics, integrity and joy, urging the youngsters to do this work and to take care with what he called  “the manipulation from those ones that want to exploit them” (sic), that touched each one of those, who were listening and when I saw that 3 million people were in silence listening, in the meddle of one the most beautiful scenarios in the world, I thought: Yes, something very big and strange is taking place…

What is it happening here, Dr. George?

Maria Alice


Dear Maria Alice,

Thank you for this report about the Pope’s visit in Brazil. What is happening here? There is an overlay of old religious habits and weltanschauung with a new spirituality. The most deplorable fact is that these 3 million young people need an old and morally debunked clergyman to gather and express their collective inner desire for a better world. Why don’t they do this without such a spoiled surrogate occasion, thus only giving new power to an old corrupt religion?

This is the kind of schizophrenic behaviour of humans that has made this ascension process so difficult and almost a failure as the masses always play out in the hands of the dark elite. Why don’t they use this occasion to protest against Christian religion and expose it as a rogue doctrine? This is a very poor note for the Brazil young people and shows that they do not have a clear political and spiritual foundation and thus can be easily manipulated by the dark elite. Unfortunately, we have the same situation the world over.

With love and light

Good Morning Dr. George!

This is what I feared!!

Considering the Vatican has the knowledge of Sacred Geometry, that it has one of the most important astronomic observatories in the world, and they had chosen this week of the beginning of the 13th Star of David alignment in the sky, and that a charismatic Jesuit Pope was sent here one month after the rebellion the young people had made; considering that the Jesuits are the most Orion oriented minds in this enormous institution and that South America, as a whole, has the most naive behavior inclination, and now that the structure and force of the energies of the dark ones are weak, they needed the energies of a lot of people to try to reverse the energy vortex that you talked about… where could they possibly gather such a huge number of people to use if not in a place like this?

Could this be a “desperate act” in manipulating ‘life force’ to get some strength from where it can be gotten to stop the ascension process?

Dr. George, what happened here was something very strong, and very important… a manipulation with an amplitude that I have not seen in my entire life.., a manipulation that sent me to the films and documentaries of the Second World War, where we can see all those people been commanded as robots, but here, there was a make-up very beautiful of union and harmony… I was terrified and confused…

Thank you for your prompt answer to my question, and for letting me know that I was not a point out of the curve in looking at this event as I did in spite of all my surrounding being completely involved by this madness… Thank you very much!

Maria Alice

Dear Maria Alice,

one must approach this event, as all events in the End Time, from a dialectical point of view. While it is deplorable that the young Brazilian generation has allowed to be harnessed in front of the Vatican cart that is running out of steam, the positive energies that were generated did not flow into strengthening the ruling Catholic cabal, but in the weakening of their stance. After all, these young people pushed the politicians on the sidelines and the pope was compelled to follow their path in confirmation with the longing of the masses of young people for a better and more spiritual life.

If it is true what Angelika has told me, who is coaching the soul of this new pope, he is a now a walk-in of a very old soul and thus he may use this emotional momentum generated in Brazil to introduce some sweeping reforms that will purge the dark satanic clergy from the Vatican.

Ultimately this acclamation of the pope by the Brazilian youth was a self-affirmation of their sovereignty and did not support the heinous plans of the Vatican Satanists. This is how I see it, although I would have wished a more resolute response on the part of the Brazilian youth towards this corrupt and criminal Church as a whole.

With love and light


Dear Dr. George,

I just read the message from Jophiel you’ve posted… I love him!! I think this message express very well what I saw in Brazil this week! The fact that this is a nation with a very sweet, joyful, childish character, doesn’t mean that there is no fear… it is the opposite! Being naïve has its toll as usually it is being subject  to manipulation, unfortunately.

The overlay of the worlds was tangible! The disappointment of the politicians was flagrant and the harmony in Rio de Janeiro was astonishing! In resume: the separation of the words was there, as Jophiel mentions in the image of the chess

I’ve heard from other sources that this Pope would work for the “Light” (In a message from Khubya, in February/2013, specifically) and I feel very happy that Angelika has confirmed this! And in fact, the Pope is extremely charismatic, he shows a strength that is not ordinary. And I fell much better in knowing that all this good energy can not be used by the dark ones!! Thank’s God!

It’s complex, isn’t it? Thank you, once more, for your attention!

Love, Maria Alice

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