Energy Update of the PAT – July 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

how right you were when you warned us that there are attacks from astral planes taking place. Last night when I brushed my teeth before going to bed I felt a huge astral attack coming from my back. I instantly knew that it can not do me any major harm but it was awful, a very negative experience that I can not recollect precisely when such an attack happened to me in the past, probably at least 3 or 4 years ago. I instantly asked for protection even if at the same moment I knew that it can not make me anything. Well it lasted maybe 10 seconds or something and all returned to normal until my wife woke me at about 4 in the morning saying that I was shouting like crazy. All I remember is that I was again hit by something, this time from front. However it was very clear that its coming from ‘behind the veil’ so to say. This attack was much much stronger than the one before but it felt as an attack of a dying beast so to say.

After this I was able to continue to sleep but this night was so full of stir and movement that I am now like a beaten dog. I can not recollect anything precise of my dreams but know that they were weird to say the least. The only small part that I remember is that at a certain moment I felt a short and very strong vibration like earthquake but it was coming from outside of the reality I was at the moment in my dreams. Unfortunately I am still weak, tired and with a pressure in my head that do not go away. How much we still need to endure before we finally ascend?


Dear Rudi,

thank you for this confirmation of dark attacks on us which shows how timely my warning was. The dark ones are now in their last throes as the MPR is coming – read the latest message from the Elohim. This also answers your last question.

With love and light


thank you for your prompt reply. I read all your publications as well as the last one with which I agree completely.

Thanks again,

Dearest Georgi,

Indeed, Jerry must be an ascended master to come with this great humor in the face of all that he has witnessed and gone through these months. I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me earlier that the reptilian prince has your name!! Thank god we have you, the real George, the dragon slayer of gullibility and ignorance.

Well, George, I’m rather ecstatic because I finally completed and understood your article “Proton vs Photon” after many failed attempts. HS kept urging me to read it and after reading your “Gullibility Travels” article, suddenly something opened up and your Proton article made so much sense and I thank you so much for the clarity and simplicity with which you write. It’s not a joke that Da Vinci said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I felt so much positive energy vibrations, or were they protons (? (: ) emanating from your proton article. I feel so much more at peace after understanding it.

I do have one small question regarding the “Gullibility channeling, however. They put a lot of emphasis on the power of this “Super Moon”. Perhaps I missed something, but I thought we’ve always established that the moon is a foreign-created entity projection, or is this a new moon , a natural moon re-created by the new solar system we are now in?  Sorry if I’m making you repeat something you already have.

Well, I feel very gentle energy after reading everything today, something has lifted. I really deeply thank you for acknowledging the dark attacks as well. There has indeed been a feeling of malaise, lots of negative thought flow from recent family conflicts that felt they had such a grip on me the past couple of days. But now it’s gone.

What the Elohim said about Protons was so beautiful, I hope you don’t mind I’m quoting it again:

“It flows with ease and has an instantaneous knowing of where it needs to go and how it must align. The proton is a conscious element and is the foundation of all awareness of every reflection and expression of God within all Universes.

It is the culmination, the projection of conscience that moves the element, the proton, into it’s sacred position as the foundation of the principle of unification within the universal expression, in which we all find ourselves….

wishing you deep peace and patience in these critical days,

Georgi. much love and gratitude,

Dear Sarah,

while watching the full moon in the last several days, I had the very strong feeling that it is no longer the same moon and I am sure that with the creation of the seven 4D earths end of May also the moon has changed dramatically. After all one needs seven moons for all timelines. I would not pay too much attention on this aspect in this message as this new moon is used just as a symbol for all the changes in the energetic structure of Gaia and this solar system.

Read  the latest message from the Elohim which I have just published.


Hi Georgi,

I also had this feeling about the moon these days, especially watching how it appeared in totally opposite positions on the bay within a couple of days.

I have had an impending sense of doom coupled with freedom and liberation for several days now and i am not surprised by the Elohim+s announcement. Last night my dreams were very intense, i feel you and PAT where there again and I could hardly get out of the dream state.

The people are certainly very restless lately. the other day i was standing in the broiling sun leaning against a tree in the shade while waiting for Leo on a street. I could feel the tree wobbling under my hand, it felt like the earth was moving. i felt the same sensation when i was in the bath a couple of days ago and something also told me to very careful around electronic outlets the next several days.  when i looked at the sea early this morning and watched the waves shimmering in the sunlight, i also felt that the ripples of the sea were moving in an unusual way, as if skipping dimensions. hard to explain in words.

Anyway, Georgi, lets hope this is it. things simply MUST unfold. Much love and support and thanks to everyone, especially Carla, love to all,


Hi Georgi,

I contacted you a couple of days ago and I have some confirmations 2 days ago, 24 of July. I sat in my garden around 11.30 Dutch time and saw my garden wave, like the ground was coming up (earthquake). I knew that the lower 4d earths were having the MPR at that moment. The same night I heard a tearing noise outside, it was like metal or material was tearing apart, that was the second sign for me.

This morning my partner went to work very early in the morning and he came back in to the bedroom to get something I guess and I saw him walk around the bed and go out again closing the bedroom door, at least that’s what I saw him do. A second later I was still looking at the door, it was wide open and he wasn’t in the hallway, I think I saw a different timeline there and then, now I have had that before but just in a feeling. I was looking at something and the feeling of the timeline just changed for a couple of seconds, I never had it that physical as I had this this morning,

I remember reading this on your site from someone else here and I was amazed that it was happening to me as well. I also woke up later this morning thinking that the MPR was happening here right at this moment and when I opened your site there it was, the post about it.

I have to tell you about 2 dreams , one of my son and one of mine, they both are from a couple of months ago.  My son dreamed he saw from below the earth red demons come out and in a flash souls needed to be evacuated to the 5th dimension, so they did, he told me. He had to take care personally for the evacuation of a baby soul. It was a sudden action on the part of him and other beings to get as many souls out as they possibly could.
We both found this saying a lot about how maybe the process would go.

My dream was about that humans who forgot that they were Gods and slowly some started to remember and showed themselves to the others that didn’t remember, The Godlike beings were very tall, but still most people couldn’t grasp the fact that they were like them and they started to worship the godlike beings, which wasn’t how it should be. It felt very disappointing in the dream when I woke up. Maybe this is about that most souls will never wake up, no matter what they have been shown.

I wish everybody of the PAT peace and love the coming times and strength.

With love from Susanna from the Netherlands

Dear Georgi,

What wonderful readings for yesterday; and, to top it all off, the wonderful humor from Jerry.

In Love and Light,

Dear Henry,

do you also include the latest message of the Elohim about the coming of the MPR from today? In this case you are absolutely right.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yes, I do. It is the best news that we’ve gotten from such exalted beings. And you were right about all the negativity. I’ve had a tough time beating them away, but Babaji, Archangel Jophiel, and Asana Mahatari are experts at keeping us in balance. Many blessings to you for keeping us well informed and in good time.

Love & Light,

Hallo George,

yesterday evening I was hit by a cleansing wave in the form of fever symptoms (like last year this time), however it only lasted about one hour. I think this was related to the final last dark attack.

Then during the night I had an apocalyptic dream which I first though to have been a huge cargo plane that crashed in shallow water of the ocean near a beach. Well it could be the combination of ocean water, destruction and fire. The next moment I was in a “normal” world as if everything is fine. I then tried to warn people about possible survivors etc., but it was like I was in another reality which had nothing to do with the apocalypse.

I was awake a lot during this night. Then I heard a tune playing in my head, after a while I could identify it as the song “the FINAL countdown”, which I have last heard years ago.

I was crying with joy after reading the latest Elohim message.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

thank you for your valuable validation of the coming End /Apocalypse. I am also very happy today, notwithstanding the headache and the exhaustion from the night wave. It is as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders.


Dear Georgi,

excellent news from Elohim indeed. This morning I woke up for the first time in months with remembrance of my dream.

I was somewhere near the coast and everything seemed ordinary. Then all of a sudden the day colours begun to change. I sensed somethings about to happen, so I went into higher ground/house to see how and what will unfold. The ground was becoming reddish and something was coming out of it. Inside the house I saw a man drawing circles on a wall. Circle in a circle like a shooting target and on the second circle to the middle I saw number 19 and in the center number 22.

Next scene, I am coming out of the house and seeing a lot of ships loaded with people, screaming, yelling and only I and two of three of us left behind. I didn’t want to go inside although I could, because the ship was waiting. Can’t recall much of the things after they left but I know we were talking. The next scene, the ships are coming back and the people want to get off the ship and for some reason we, four of us don’t allow them to land. This is where I wake up.

This might seem foolish but as I said it it’s been months since I had a recollection of my dreams. Now I see that Elohim are announcing the big day and by the look of my dream I see that its coming. What the numbers represent, I don’t know, but hope we won’t have to wait too long.

Jerry’s post made me smile because I caught myself thinking of these “signs”. At the beginning it looked to me that Jerry’s being sarcastic, but sarcastic or not, they are true. Not everything should be taken for granted cause something that works for me might not work for someone else because we have different skills and assignment while we dwell here. When A day comes all PAT we will find ourselves on the spot where we are needed, doing things we know best. Combined effort among all fields will bring us on higher level of existence.

There’s nothing left to do, but to sit and relax. The rumbling sound is getting closer and the rats are so terrified. We shall see who will break and who will bend when the winds of change hit our shores.


Dear Marin,

it is good that you also confirm the impending MPR through your dream. We have finally entered this last and most crucial phase of the ascension scenario, where all the events we are talking for so long will come true.


Dear George,

thank you once again for your latest posts. I was jumping from a tree into the water today and while standing on the branch I was suddenly so afraid. I am usually not afraid of heights and I thought: “this is ridiculous, what are you afraid of?” I managed to dismiss the fear and now I know what kind of attack this was…thank you. Well, later on I was riding my bike and saw a car sign something is interesting I sensed and then I realized that the sign started with the letters “M PR…”. I assume it will unfold quite soon.

I also have another question: I feel that it would be good to inform more people of the ongoing events. I would like to organize a gathering of a few people and talk to them. I do not know though, if this is adequate at this moment. I am not sure if they will understand at all. What are your thoughts on this?

Energetically I feel quite OK. Not so exhausted anymore. At times I feel not really present anymore. I need to force myself to be fully present, while riding my bike e.g.

Wishing you a wonderful night!
Love and light
PS: thanks for making me laugh while reading the “ten signs..”

Dear Sandra,

you can bet that the MPR will come very soon. Read the latest Elohim’s message.

It maybe a good idea to inform the people, but they must be open, enlightened and not afraid – otherwise you will have the reverse effect.

Probably it is too late for such incentives and gatherings now. The MPR will come and it will sweep away everything and only a handful of people are really prepared for this event.

With love and light

Dear George,

thank you very much for your quick answer. The confirmation of the Elohim is wonderful and I also had a rough night with less sleep. Feeling excited now and supporting Gaia.
I will go with the flow and if some People are interested, I will talk, if not it is also alright.
Just following my HS is the best to do now. Wishing you strength and a lot of energy!

Love and light


Very sad in Memphis, TN. The Chemtrails have been extremely heavy today. For the past several months they have almost disappeared. Today though seems like one last gasp for the dark. There is a strange quietness in the air but a sky full of chems. I had hoped that the spraying was almost over. If ascension doesn’t happen soon, the chems will get us. Either way, I guess the future is brighter. Thanks for listening. Keep up the good work.


Dear Alan,

this is the last effort of the dark cabal to hide Nibiru, which is now very good to see near the sun and will trigger the MPR in the next few days. I also had such attack on my portal two days ago after almost a month of no chemtrails. Read the latest message from the Elohim.


Lol … right on target Jerry, especially the paper products!

Lol also when I heard that the royal couple had chosen the name George. Even the reptilians recognize the name of a legend in the making ! Kudos to George… now even the dark ones name their progeny after you.

As a confirmation that the dark side is giving it their last shot. I had a driver in a pickup truck riding my bumper on the interstate today. He didn’t ram my rear bumper but he came close. I wrapped my self and car in light and the crazy bastard sped off cutting across three lanes of traffic. The weird part was, I could feel the anger coming from the man in the truck. Intuition is kicking on big time.

Earlier this week I was having thoughts that were not my own. Once I recognized they were not mine I was able to easily clear my aura. My new clearing technique includes light and three verses of the Beatles tune, All You Need is Love. It seems the archons don’t like hanging  with happy PATsters who sing.

Love and Light,

Dear George,

I just love Jerry so much and he doesn’t even know who I am. Well by name sake he does and that I am his PAT sister he knows, he made me laugh so hard and he writes such great letters. I am so glad to see that he still has his great sense of humor as we all need some so much in these last very tiresome days. I expect highly to see his and everyone else’s face very soon, of all the Angels of this world who have worked and given their all so that Ascension did occur, even if the numbers are lower than expected.

Every one of us here who is genuine to the cause, has had many a bad day as well as over the top good days and I just wanted to express tonight my utmost thanks and Love to all of you from myself, if not for you and our Captain here this world would have completely “gone to the dogs”. And I too am a huge animal lover in general, so that is just a saying for anyone who may read this and feel otherwise.

All the information that gets put up on the site is totally “out of this world”, which in fact makes it the perfect place for all of us of the PAT, as is the only place I really love to be and has been for almost 2 years now. George, you are truly a Saint for your ability to carry on the load you had to for as long as you had to, even though you always knew it would eventually happen, you are still a Saint. I just really can not wait until God grants me the most perfect day ever and I will get my chance to “Bear Hug” each and every one of you who has done so incredibly much for this human race.

So many happy days I had enjoying this site all the way down to the very last one, and I will never forget it, and George just again thank you for all these messages and all your so very, very Divine work. You are one very special soul. I Love you all here so very much.



I feel like a giant magnet with a million volts running through me. The last four days have been the most intense that I have ever experienced. I had two near death experiences with the pituitary/pineal gland tumor in my head last year so that’s saying something. Today, my wife became incredibly angry at me for no reason about 5 minutes before you posted the archon warning. I laughed because I knew and calmly reassured her of her greatness. The synchronicities in the worlds I deal with are so prevalent that I don’t see much else (especially to do with the immune system the last two days).

About a year and a half ago, a complete stranger begged me to stop my car as I was driving home. I was under so much stress as to personal direction and in such severe pain that I was near overload. The old Hispanic woman in a beat up Buick looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, “God wants you to have a miracle.”

Only at that exact moment in my life would such words have meant so much.  I bet we’re close.

Never before have I felt such peace even as my body screams. The posts on your site are fantastic as they are in complete synchronicity with what I experience. I hope what I write can help someone else. Thanks to you and everyone else that is part of your endeavour.  It has been a nice family to be a part of for the last six months.

Brad Barber

Dearest George,

I somehow feel an urge/a need to clarify first that visions, predictions, information I relay I acknowledge as coming from the point of awareness of Self, niched in the  inner depths rising to the surface of the conscious aspect. I also acknowledge that Self’s  perceptions and knowing are distinct/unique as those of other Selves, and also are as limited. I have thus embraced Self as this individuated expression of Soul  who (like other incarnated brethrens) now is in a purposive process of continuing ascension to and integration within of different aspects of Her Self from  higher-vibrational frequency fields, and is establishing an increasingly clearer connection with Her Soul family and monad and the All that Is. I keenly feel as may be others do, that the veils of separation among the aspects/individual and collective Souls are vanishing, though the “I” (or human conscious aspect of Self) is unable (as yet) to be a full reflection of the multidimensionality and  knowingness  of Self much less of Soul.

Now  to what I need to share. There might be lapses for which I apologize for I am writing the following as scenes and knowingness are replayed before and re-lived by this conscious aspect….

24th  mid-afternoon –  I  was forced to go to bed for the engulfing heaviness signalled the coming of yet a another round  of energy surges. Thankfully these were milder than those of the day before. Through sensations of increasing vibrations I focused on retrieving the information that seemed vital, but I lost the day before because of the waves’ battering that the physical and mental bodies.

Vision: I see this gleaming white tablet or sheet. My vantage point hampers me from seeing  if anything is written on the tablet.

Self’s explanation/interpretation: The assignation of the human expressions to their respective frequency/vibrational planes  have been agreed on by the Souls in the HR (symbolized by the tablet with the unseen writing on it). These vibrational planes (dimensions) as the expressions’ base realities are chosen  consistent with or because of the roles the Souls’ expression have agreed to assume.

The conscious aspect of Selves need to consciously accept these assignations adhering to the rules in this freewill zone. Inner calls will be issued by their Souls about these HR agreements and it is up to their respective human expressions to be attuned to and be able to discern these calls and give their conscious acceptance. (note: I sense this as the serious reminder that I  lost the other night..)

This is a necessary step, so that those especially with key roles in the planetary/cosmic ascension project are able to recognize and fully tap their vast abilities and to fully access the right, vital insights and information from planes (beyond 4D) that they have chosen as the temporal base realities of their multidimensional Selves.

“All hands on deck” presupposes that this step is made for these rapid times of transition and transformation call for highly  fine-tuned reading of multidimensional developments/ events and for a delicate orchestration of multi-dimensional actions in the ever flux  in the consistency and constancy of the Now.

Vision: Next I see planet’s Earth swathed in this brilliant cottony white cloud-like cover that seemed to have emerged from the planet’s core approximated by the dynamics of the torus.

Self’s explanation/interpretation: The planet has completed her transformation and is going through  integration of its Higher aspects, the same process undergone/being undergone by Souls’ expressions, where the Essences have now/are coming to the manifest surface.

25th July, around 10pm-11:30pm – I felt the onset again of an overpowering heaviness and had a fair idea of what was coming, so I went to bed, with partner beside me deeply into her reading of her book of the moment. The waves this time were possibly the most intense ever that I had experienced…and had lasted the longest..

I strongly sense that a critical node had been reached gauging from what I had experienced and seen. It is difficult, however, to recount scenes/events that are simultaneous and multidimensional through the medium of linear thinking and writing, and the following (not in any order) is the best effort I could muster for a coherent presentation of these…

– I hear deep ominous rumblings, so ominous that my body went into shivers;

– A familiar and beloved energetic being who introduces Herself as the Universal Mother (note: and who (or whose soul fragments) is part of the Soul’s monad as I now understand) says: “EC, you are ascending now.”

– I feel the physical body vibrating very fast and several planes (dimensions?) rapidly piling up, causing the physical body’s disappearance.

– Self sees the upright form of the human expression float upwards and upwards and registers joy . ..

– As She also witnesses a few more human expressions, in the same standing position follow, taking the same up-flight, accompanied only the pervasive encompassing silence and stillness. .

– Money (bills)  seen strewn on the ground in disarray….

-The sense of chaos/darkness/destruction permeates the air.

What Self/I understand from this kaleidoscope of scenes:

The final, final events of the End game of this Epoch are here Now.. The dark forces reach and wreak havoc on the Upper 4D (as foretold including by you, George). In the manifest planes, the economic and other systems collapse. The Light forces execute their coup end-game gambit  – the surprise/unexpected  ascension to their respective higher frequential planes/dimensions of the expressions of  a number of evolved Souls. Their roles complement in  ‘cementing”  the foundations of the “future” Golden Age timelines. All is Done.

It’s now 3:26 in the morning of 26th July.  The exhausted physical body demands respite. Goodnight, beloved Comrade and Brethren in the Light. .

With Love and Light,

Dear Eleanor,

your premonition and assessment of the energetic situation is absolutely correct. Read please the latest message from the Elohim which I have just published.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the information on the attacks coming from the astral plane. I am currently inexperienced with consciously recognizing these attacks and found this information to be quite helpful.  I had been hit with some fear based patterns yesterday, but was able to get rid of them in a fairly quick manner, but without realizing that they hadn’t even come from myself. So it will be even easier for me to discern these pitiful attacks now. I will do a meditation on protection today as you have specified.

Last I wrote in I was so tired I forgot to mention about my catastrophic dreams. No sense in getting into details now, but I will just mention this for an additional confirmation – according to my dream journal I had these dreams on the nights of July 16th, 18th, 23rd, and 24th. By the way, Jerry’s list was hilarious, I had missed his additions!


Dear Tracy,

thank you for this confirmation of the dark attacks on us in the last two days. This was a necessary build-up for the coming MPR. Read the latest Elohim’s message.

With love and light


I just read your Urgent Announcement and it is as you have said. It is 1:40 pm CDT and I have just awoken from an attack during my dream state. I know the dream was about pedophiles and that I began to physically fight them to stop them. I felt strong and confident in stopping these “pedophiles”. You are correct in that “they” are taking a common human fear-based pattern. I had written to you back in 2011 about finding out that my sister was a victim of child molestation and I wanted to expose my cousin for doing what he did to her when they were young. You responded to me with an explanation and understanding that soothed me profoundly. I felt this intense heat in my body while my skin was cool to the touch. Had to shower to get some comfort.


Dear Theresa,

I do remember very well the story with your sister. Thank you for your confirmation of the dark attacks which were a foreboding for the MPR that is now coming. Read the latest message of the Elohim.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I can confirm the presence of alien, fear and anxiety based patterns since this morning, though I must say I thought this is merely due to the usual proton infusion routine. If these negative energies are indeed purposefully created/magnified by the archons, I dare say these attacks are 1000 times weaker than last year, which is an excellent indicator of how much we have achieved since August 2012. Nevertheless, the experience is very annoying, these archons indeed seem good at finding the Achilles heel of the incarnated personality.

I thank you again for explaining the present situation with clarity.

Yours truly,

Hi George,

attached the visual confirmation of Jahn’s statement:

“2) That there is a uniquely large number of masters and ascended masters already on the earth – in subtle or physical shape to support this process “

The first two images of 22 July, the last of 7 July. No flash, no reflection, lens clean and clear, All the other photos of both days show only the visible for human eyes.


Angel on the road

Angel hides in the wood

Multiple orbs of angels

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