Elohim Message on the HAARP-Induced Mega-Earthquake on the Lower Three 4D Earths

By Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 18, 2013

Urgent Energy Update – July 18, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

I have just received a new message from Jahn where it is confirmed that the announced HAARP-induced Mega-earthquake announced by Angelika yesterday has been triggered on July 16th on all three lower 4D earths and that about 2/3 of the human population there – roughly 4 billion human beings with soul fragments or soulless empty images of humans – have been annihilated. It is Obama who has personally taken the responsibility for this.

This event will trickle down or better upwards to our upper 4D earth in the coming days as the Elohim assure us in their message below, while also essentially confirming the occurrence of this event.

What is important to know is that most of us have sent their soul segments to these lower three catastrophic 4D earths in the hope to awaken some more souls. This attempt has now fully failed and many of us have physically died there as parallel personalities. This could have been experienced in the last several days as depression, anxiety and grief ,as was the case with my dual soul, who had the fear that I might die soon. After I made her aware of the absurdity of this premonition and that I feel much better than before, her HS told her that this was a parallel life, in which she has been attuned, on the lower 4D earths where indeed 4 billion human beings have been killed by the dark cabal. It is mind boggling as all this happens multidimensionally and we shall not directly experience any of this, but this surge of utter darkness will fuel our imminent ascension very soon. The course of the events have now accelerated tremendously due to this man-made catastrophe on the lower 4D timelines, so that our ascension is imminent.

This dreadful crime was not planned in this way and the HR are now in total perplexity as to how humans can commit such a capital crime on other humans.

But this global disaster is reality since July 16th and now it must trickle upwards into the higher three 4D earths and in particular into our upper 4D timeline before we can ascend. It is hence not sure if this Mega-earthquake will also occur on our timeline, but it is sure that it will not affect us and we will not experience it directly.

It is an extremely complex picture where one should detach from the linear thinking and what happens here and watch all the parallel scenes at the same time with the inner third eye and then conclude what will appear on our scene.


Dear Carla,

I have just published a new article on the latest GaiaPortal message which confirms all our information so far:


Can you please check with the Elohim where we stand now and what will come next if they are ready to give us this information.

With love and light

PS:  I have just received very important information from Angelika who was shown by Uriel in out-of-body experience two places in the Atlantic Ocean between  the Canary islands and Madeira and in the Pacific Ocean south of Japan where the US secret services, together with the Greys and the Reptilians most probably, have two huge installations of a new very powerful type of HAARP weapon that will trigger huge earth quakes and tsunami and will devastate much of Europe and Asia. This coincides with the current military exercise in Russia in the Far East which is the biggest exercise since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This week July 18-22 there will be another  mutual military exercise between the USA and Russia in Europe (?) for the first time in the history. This information came three hour ago from the US headquarters in Berlin and has been published so far only by  the Voice of Russia. The link was given to Angelika by Uriel as further reference to this event that is imminent.

Can you please consider this information when you check with the Elohim about the ongoing energetic situation.


Dear Carla,

please find my email exchange with Angelika which I have just translated for your information. I think that the news is significant and have already studied some references that clearly show that HAARP can cause such earthquakes and that this could be their final act of crime on humanity before thy disappear from our reality. Please consider this information in your conversation with the  Elohim. It is vital and urgent. Thank you, I rely on you.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have read this information and I thank you for translating the mail into English so I have a better understanding of what is being said.

I am still under the influence of this wave and have just taken another pill. There is something unusual happening with the energies, but I am not able to determine what it is.
I will try and get something from the Elohim over the next hour or so, but I am unsure if I will be successful.

I recognize the clouds in the attachment from Angelika. I have seen them here in Vancouver a couple of times over the past several weeks.

I have known there has been a decision made to terraform the earth to establish control over the world at every level. It is interesting to read the description of these sites because I believe I have also seen them before, although I cannot say how or when because I am not consciously aware of this information.


Dear Carla,

I sent yesterday Angelika’s information also to Jahn and asked him for comments and eventually confirmation. He also considers Angelika’s news to be sincere and truthful, although he agrees with me that it may not unfold the way it has been presented to her. He has received yesterday another message from Asama Mahatari (see above) that he will send to me today, where a huge imminent catastrophe is confirmed one more time and it will be so devastating and impressive that it will remain for ever in the collective memory of mankind. We have always known this, but now it is getting earnest for the first time. It may happen any moment and quite probably this week.


Dear Georgi,

Following your request I have connected with the Elohim a few times over the past 24 hours.

I feel they do not wish to divulge too much information as this will affect remedies available to the forces of light.

I also get that there is now a new level of intensity from the proton infusion (as I personally experienced within the last 24 hours and noticed it to be very severe) to speed up the disconnection of the higher expressions from the lower ones, especially since there has been a recent decision made on a lower 4D level that is rife with evil and deceit at the highest level, deceit against mankind and all life upon this planet.

As I am not feeling that clear in my mind from this last infusion of proton energy, please feel free to edit as you see fit.

Thank you for your patience while waiting for me to complete this message.

With love and light,

The Elohim Message

” Greetings Dear Ones,

Elucidation shall bring forth new energy as One and All await purposeful redemption. This shall be brought forth in a remarkable way, with a remarkable flow.

Your desire to know exactly how all shall unfold within the ascension protocol creates tension and the information you seek is variant, unpredictable, unknown in each and any moment.

What we can tell you is that there are individuals who find it necessary to manipulate for the sake of power and there are those who demand particular action “just because”. These Ones have made recent decisions, decisions made very lightly, trading in control, which shall release events on all lower 4th dimensional expressionsThere shall be repercussions from actions taken, whereby those directly responsible shall draw to themselves great alarm and great grief.

The events yet to unfold shall be seen differently by each individual according to each One’s subjective orientation, and according to the timeline to which One is attached.

We say that all forward movement or change upon this plane may not be as openly obvious because of the natural inertia imposed by unavoidable interconnection to the lower density expressions of All-There-Is.

This inertia at the lower 4D levels and 3D level produces a drag upon unfolding at the higher planes, as there is a super-imposition of holographs [holographics?] that create a downward pull.

One of the main features of the proton waves that continue to flood your plane is to disarm and disband the anchors/ connections between each layer, 3D through upper 5D, for all layers are still connected energetically on an unseen level.

Imagine for a moment a ship moored at a dock where numerous mooring lines hold the ship fast to the dock. Imagine now invisible knives arriving to cut the lines, to free the ship from its berth. As they are cut, the ship is free to move away, at the will of the sea underneath her.

At first she is connected by the lines to the wharf, holding fast and moving with the wharf and the life upon the wharf that surrounds her.

When the lines are cut, she takes on a life of her own, independent of the wharf and its hustle and bustle.

The work required to remove upper levels of expression that are connected to lower levels of expression is like this, one mooring line at a time.

Do not dismay as you wait for every line to be disconnected. Everything in its due order. The order may change from one moment to the next, therefore we are not able to provide you with the “order” as to which comes first, second or third or last and so on. The process is free, flowing, in and out, up and down, like the waves upon the ocean beneath the ship herself.

We will say that the energetic waves shall increase once again and the last full day has been an example of this new level of proton wave activity. This new level is required to step up the disconnection process with the lower 4D expressions from the upper 4D and lower 5D expressions to minimize effects upon these upper levels from insurgent activity that shall commence at the lower 4D expressions.

Throughout the process over the next many days where disconnections culminate in the ultimate release of the upper expressions from the density and destruction at the lower expressions, it is important to remain as closely energetically connected to the highest expression as is possible so when the lines are cut, you reside upon the ship and not upon the wharf where lightness is absent in increasing degrees as one moves inland, away from the shores and into the forest of density.

The souls that shall rise within this experience shall begin in small numbers, but at the correct time a larger number of souls shall be released together at once.

As the energies build over the coming days there shall be a threshold that is reached that shall result in the major steps of the staircase removed [below] and those above shall be lit up. There will be only one way to go, and that shall be up.

We are the Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

thank you very much for this message from the Elohim. It is very good and you will know why when you read my article which I have just finished inspired by my HS. However, I  have to scold you that you are no sleeping at this time of the night and are writing throughout the whole night. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your expedience.

I would now give a kingdom not for a horse, as we have three in the stables, but for a confirmation that we shall be among the first small group that will ascend as the Elohim tell us now.

With love and light

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