The Elohim: The Current Proton Waves from the Central Arcturus Sun are the Creative Life Force of All Holographic Realities in All-That-Is

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, July 4, 2013

Dear Carla,

can you please ask the Elohim for a comment on this wave today:

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have connected with the Elohim earlier this evening regarding these waves and I will prepare their message shortly.  First I need to research some information before I type it up and send it to you.

I hope you are well.


Dear Carla,

I am much better today (July 4), but yesterday was like dying, while still alive. it was terrible and comparable to the experience I had on June 8th when the MPR took place on the lowest catastrophic 4D earth.


Dear Georgi,

I am just now hit so hard (21.00 p.m. Western Pacific time) that I’m reeling from dizziness. I know you are waiting for this message, but I’m asking if I can please get some sleep first.

I will continue typing after a few hours of sleep.



Dear Georgi,

I had a burst of energy for a bit and typed some up, but it has worn off and I’m just dying here so I’ll continue after a few hours of sleep.

Thank you for your caring.


Dear Georgi,

I am just finishing up this very complex message from the Elohim and I am so glad HS prevented me from typing it up last night as I was just too tired to focus and get this information off to you in a clear and precise manner. I would have certainly thrown it all in the garbage because as you will see it is controversial and if it holds up under your scrutiny, it will be revolutionary.

I have an appointment today between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. but will be able to respond to your comments at some point.


Dear Georgi,

I have asked the Elohim about the wave you experienced today and they confirm today’s wave is a result of the same mechanism that I experienced three days ago on June the 30th.

At that time they disclosed that the unusual wave I was noticing was a result of a proton stream. I thought it should be photon stream and that I hadn’t understood correctly.

This first message came on June 30th and was mostly of a personal nature, but I include the comment about this unusual energy because it is so different than any other we have experienced.


The First Elohim Message – June 30th, 2013

“Greetings Dear One,

You feel the limitations of your body with regard to the tremendous in-flooding of energies again this afternoon. Indeed, this in-flow we do confirm was a result of a purely galactic alignment, an alignment with the Central Sun of Arcturus, where the precious flow of protons floods everything in it’s path, forever and always.

The intense energies released begins a new process of serial upgrading upon the face of your beloved planet Earth, an upgrading that is allowing for, initiating and triggering the instant adaptation in those, whose energetic blueprint is attuned to the 5th, 7th and 9th dimensions.

Some souls are decidedly prepared now for fifth dimensional engagement, but a new study/ advancement sees some ready for the 7th and 9th dimensions.”

This afternoon a clear and quiet two hour window opened up and as it did I realized in that moment that the message I was about to receive would be very important. Georgi, I have received this message within the context of my limited understanding and background in the area of physics, but I am aware that this message may be controversial and even revolutionary. I look forward to your impressions and I would like to analyze this message carefully with you please, as there are so many things that I have no background as a basis of understanding. I suppose they are giving me this message because you will provide the background and be able to tie it all together.


The Main Elohim Message – July 4th, 2013


Our recent message regarding the extreme energy burst which so affected your physical vessel was, indeed, a surge in proton energy, coming from the Central Sun within this quadrant of this Universe.

We know you were aware of it in the moment it was released and note that there have been further bursts of proton energy since that particular event (the burst on June 30th).

This event was the first of several events that shall be carried out over a series of many days.  While these initial bursts seem striking in their quality and character, they are a mere reflection of what is to come (fasten your seatbelts, George).

They are incremental in their intensity, focus and duration, with each successive burst stronger than the previous.

The purpose of these proton energetic bursts lies within the natural properties of the proton and its perfectly natural ability to re-set all systems/ bodies including mind, emotion, and subtle energy bodies, but it is perhaps most effective within the subtle energy body system as this is the basis of all energetic systems in All-That-Is.

The subtle energy system is a closed circuit or system of reactions/ interactions/ synapses where the flow of one element, in a specific manner, creates an open loop or an open door for other elements to follow.

The elements that flow are atomic in nature and independent of all other influences that one may feel is present or is of importance.

Indeed, there is only one mechanism, whereby charged particles may initiate this flow and that is through the natural energetic stream of proton particles.  As this is true for the Central Sun, it is true for all expressions within the Universe of All-That-Is.

All-That-Is is the Proton.

And as a co-adjunct to time and space, this is the very basis of how God/Source achieves the perfect manifestation of All.

Each atomic element found within the expression of All-That-Is may be as different as there are colours within the light spectrum, but all begins from the proton.

During the tinting process of paint one begins with the base colour of “white” and to this many other colours are added to create the final result upon the visual colour spectrum.  “White” is a base element to paint tinting as “proton” is the base element to creation.

All elements are made up of varying amounts of protons, the amount of protons dictates the size, the shape, the nature.

There are rotational properties that influence outcome (see my novel interpretation of the Bohr Model with respect to the rotational kinetics of the hydrogen atom in volume II, George) and this is also a necessary adjunct for the completion of the Whole.

All is interrelated. All is energy. All is proton-photon energy (see volume II on photon energy, George).

The proton in and of itself facilitates and creates an alignment that no other element is able to achieve. It’s properties are unique. It is often thought that water is the foundation of life. This is true within the narrow parameters of physical third density, but creationary forces are far more complex. Water supports life, while protons create life.

The subtle energetic bodies at the atomic level drive the expansion of this, All-there-Is.  There is nothing else.

The flood of this energy does have the effect of a cosmic re-set, where any and all expressions of All, within All, that are not supportive of the Whole, in its goodness and within the parameters of purity and connectedness/ love, shall enjoy the fruit that falls from the tree, to feed the soul and nourish it in its return journey to the Source from whence it came.

This is a non-refractory event (i.e. without any resistance in terms of negative responses, George) because it flows with ease and has an instantaneous knowing of where it needs to go and how it must align. The proton is a conscious element and is the foundation of all awareness of every reflection and expression of God within all Universes.

It is the culmination, the projection of conscience that moves the element, the proton, into it’s sacred position as the foundation of the principle of unification within the universal expression, in which we all find ourselves [The Elohim have included themselves here].

Yes, you are correct in thinking that this is a breakthrough. It is indeed a breakthrough for the focus of understanding the true nature of your Universe.

[I was shown equations at this point, which I couldn’t write down but they appeared to add up to “1”, or at least “1” was at the end of the equations, if that makes sense.

I then saw Binary, composed of “0”s and “1”s]

The projection of this assertion, the proton as a conscious element, an aware element, shall be the foundation of revolutionary growth within the scientific community upon your Earth (This will be the physical foundation upon which the new theory of the Universal Law will thrive on the new upper 4D earth and also on the lower 5D timelines. This is the information I am getting from my HS at this moment. George) .

Not only will this re-define science, it shall refine the path to the Truth and by paving this road to the Truth of what IS, there shall be no more confusion. All will be clear and natural in its order and beauty and resistance shall fall away forever.

We are the Elohim.”

I am very eager to discuss your impressions with regard to this particular message.

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

I am overwhelmed by this overarching confirmation of my theoretical elaboration of the central role of the protons in creating all 3d- and higher holographic realities in All-That-Is. This message is excellent and very congruent within the context we have discussed the current proton waves coming from the Arcturus central sun that now engulf humanity and Gaia and change their energetic tissue for ever in preparation for their imminent ascension.

I knew and felt immediately the importance of this information and personal experience of the proton wave yesterday, as I have pondered for years over the key role of the protons in the regulation of all biological cells and organisms and have advanced in the understanding of the nature of protons further than any other living or deceased scientist on this planet at least since the Fall of Atlantis. This is not an empty boistering but an undeniable fact and I am so happy that the Elohim have confirmed my popular scientific elaboration on the protons as of yesterday in such a convincing manner.

Of course there is much more to be said about this fundamental particles from a scientific and theoretical point of view, but I did not want to overwhelm the PAT with unnecessary in-depth analysis of the physical and theoretical properties of the proton streams coming now from the source /central sun.

Thank you very much for your invaluable support in this respect. I know how hard you were hit by this proton wave yourself, but you have done an excellent job and I am more than happy to publish it today. This is the kind of information I particularly value and the PAT dearly needs to better understand the complex energetic processes, in which we are now involved as incarnated personalities and as higher selves on our speedy way to ascension.



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