Deaf Ears -Part I

Asana Mahatari
channelled Jahn J Kassl on July 16, 2013
first published in English on July 18, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

I am with you, I am that I am, ASANA MAHATARI. Now let us consider Jahn’s observation of today:


After swimming, I sat in the park adjacent to the fitness center to eat a sandwich and to make two phone calls. After some time I watch how a brown, white, gray eyed pigeon approaches me with dark red feet, and how it begins to pick discarded bread crumbs that are in abundance around here. Very quickly a large bulky clump of thrown away milkbread attracts all her attention. However, since this piece has long dried up, it slips off her mouth all the time and the dove can pick very little of this crumb. I wonder about that, since there is a lot of bread crumbs all around and why she turns onto only this piece of bread.

Suddenly and out of nowhere, comes an older and very unkempt woman from the “higher Viennese society”; recognizable by her jewelry, shoes, and the noble, though long worn gown on the way. She literally stomps along the way and without noticing me or the dove kicks the bulky piece of milkbread away, without realizing it. After that the dove comes back again and is joined by a blackbird, but both birds pay no longer any attention to the big milkbread and feed now only on the far smaller crumbs of bread lying around.

This scene is complete when a man approaches with a large black dog, which forces the dove and the blackbird to briefly step aside before he disappears with his owner just as unnoticed as they came. Then the pigeon remains persistently picking on small pieces of bread and the blackbird flies away. (End of report)

Now consider this important scene that reflects the development and status quo of the lower 4D earths. The dove symbolizes the happiness in God, the peace of the world and the enlightenment of the people. Pigeons live almost anywhere in the world and are widely distributed. So it happens now that the angels of heaven, here represented by the dove, try to wake up the children of men on the lower 4D earths.

The milk bread chunk points out to the still entangled 4D holograms of the low vibrating 4D earths. And the crumb always slips away – this means that the people allow only occasionally to be touched (symbolized by the ineffective picking of the dove), which means the worlds persistently evade the wake-up call of the dove. The pigeon picks in the bulky bread crumb, without really getting much food out of it. However, she is persistent, relentless and consistent, only the woman, who comes along, puts an end to this. Which means: “Grasp it finally, we do not want your help!”

This means furthermore, all knowledge is thwarted and denied by the people themselves. No matter how much effort the spiritual light levels put into this, the people are the ones who want to stay in their negligence, in their filth (symbolized by the appearance of the woman) and they throw away anyone who tries to wake them up and to lead them out of the shadow into the light, from the disaster into happiness, from the pollution into purity.

Leave us alone“, they say and here we are, the low vibrating 4D earths (symbolized by the bulky chunk of bread) are kicked away (by the ugly woman) from the knowledge (through the wake up call of the Dove). And that is not even noticed, since an unconscious person can not even observe; unconscious is precisely the opposite of conscious. The fact that this happens through an unkempt woman, who only appears to be a “fine lady of society” is insofar significant as on these timelines the female force is unredeemed, is trampled upon, is perceived defiled and polluted. Remember what was done solely by the Catholic Church on the feminine power in all men, and on the lower 4D planes this game continues.

In addition, the blackbird reminds that it is last time to break up, but nothing (happens). So these birds deal with the far smaller, finer crumbs that lie on the ground, which indicates the upper, higher vibrating 4D earths. This means that the angels of life now turn to the higher vibrational holograms of the 4D earths, because there the receptivity to their instructions is far greater, which is reflected in the fact that pigeon and blackbird, in contrast to the chunky crumb of milkbread, can easily absorb this food.

The big black dog that does not interfere and leaves the scene as suddenly as he has come, shows the 3D hologram (the planet of the dogs) that can no longer interfere in all the scenes on the 4D earths, even if it passes through a higher level like in a time-space travel. Here no contact takes place any more.

In summary, it must be said:

The final stage in the clarification of the low vibrating 4D earths has commencedFew are awake and many continue to slumber. This is the status there, while it is exactly opposite on the higher vibrating 4D earths. The special feathers of the dove refer altogether to the specificity of this cosmic process.

For such a complexity as the one during the return of this planet into the light is unprecedented in Being so far and it needs, indeed, to have very good nerves – until the very end, until the final whistle of the game, with a dramatic outcome for the ones and with the arrival in light for the others.

And finally the last remark – the dove is also the companion of souls who die, leaving their body. The dove symbolizes the “angel of death” who comes at the time when a person has passed on earth. This means that many people will be called back from the low vibrating 4D earths, and they are collected and accompanied by the cosmic messengers, by the angels, that are available for this – then verily, the ignorance and unwillingness to awaken at the here described levels of Being are widespread.

And another note, this is in complete contrast to the upper 4D earth. Here great miracles shall come true, because people will not accept the world dictatorship, they will reject it and will create a new world. Stay calm, remain loyal to your orders, do not focus on the goal, because that only means that it is still far away.

The truth is that your ascension has already started and has affected all the worlds, that are part of this. NOW. The past is gone, the Future is impossible, the present is the all-determining reality. You are the light, prevail! The darkness remains to those who have spread in it and assign their darkness erroneously to the light.

We do not want that, figure it out!”

That is the message of the people on the low vibrating 4D earths to the spiritual world, to the realms of Light, who are entrusted with ascension. This request must be met and accordingly it is happening now. Messages and knowledge to this will be given, so that you are oriented and it will stay so.

What has happened to the 3D earth, that will be repeated in a weakened form on the lower 4D earths, this is not new to you, the new information is that these events will be far closer to the catastrophic 3D scenarios than originally expected.

God is great, the love, the light, and the life. The truth that remains unrecognized by those who once again dedicate themselves to dying. Because the wake-up call of the dove meets on deaf ears in those, who were supposed to be reached.

I am the love and the light. I guide the golden-violet ray of transformation into the still  wounded human hearts – to the end of all time.

I am

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