Deaf Ears – Part II

Asana Mahatari
channelled Jahn J Kassl on July 17, 2013
first published in English on July 19, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Report I:

Before going to bed, I read the message, “Deaf Ears – Part I” for the first time after I have received it and with my daily consciousness, and an infinite sadness overwhelms me. Images as to how the entire humanity that will not wake up, is killed by the dark forces, are running in front of my inner eye … I go to bed and I have the following dream:

I see numerous prominent faces from politics and the aristocracy. All those entities of the most corrupt kind, some of whom are currently under a pending lawsuit. They all have something to celebrate and scurry excited together to a press conference. They all laugh, it is a cynical, sardonic laughter, one, which is typical for those who are aware to have landed a big coup or to have successfully completed a great crime. I am completely lost in the middle of the scene, when in front of me a queen rushes over. I welcome befitting, but I seem to have done something wrong and she punishes me with a glance full of disdain. (End of dream).

Report II:

Immediately after waking up I get on my scooter and go for a swim. In front of me drives a large black Mercedes van, a diplomatic car, whereupon the car number is 314. Immediately I am made aware what this means, and I now hand over to Master ASANA MAHATARI, so that all people can share with him the deeper meaning of these descriptions.

Welcome to life, welcome to the kingdom of peace, welcome at the table of the Lord, welcome you, sacred people.


Jahn’s dream shows the importance of yesterday’s news (Deaf Ears -Part I) and confirms it. The dark elite celebrate. Which means they have successfully committed a capital crime against humanity. On that humanity which does not want to wake up (“We do not want that, figure it out!”). Jahn walks awkwardly around in this scene and is hardly noticed.

Which means that the light is ignored and neglected and even rejected by kings. The light, as represented by the dove in the park scene yesterday, is completely rejected. The messengers of heaven are at the wrong place on the 4D lower levels 1-3. These decisions have been made. This is indicated by the diplomatic plate of the van. 314: The 3 stands for the 4D levels 1,2,3, while the one in the middle is for a dark energy and for one particular person (Obama, comments George), from whom this dark energy, representative for everybody in a visible manner, emanates. It is the person who runs this great sting (coup). And the 1 is additionally there to ensure that this is an event that is occurring at all these levels (4D 1-3) in a gradated devastation.

The 4 represents the pillars on which a house, on which a world stands. The square that makes a house and a world (symbolically) stable. Four is the number of order and anchoring, and in this context it means that this order is destroyed and that the worlds of the 4D earths 1-3 have been severed from their anchorage.

It is an event that is very close to the 3D event (the MPR on May 24/25th, comment George) that has already manifested, whereby an entire world has been almost entirely depopulated and extinguished. So much to this. The grief experienced by Jahn, is more than justified and is perceived at the cellular level – namely, as Jahn and many of the now ascending humans have repeatedly experienced such downfalls. Atlantis is an example of this. The violent death of many people by a human hand has never been foreseen in God’s plan – and it is a great mystery as to why have the low vibrating 4D earths now made this choice.

Close to their alleged success, they (the dark forces) have banished the forces of light and are now approaching with the speed of light the timeline that ends nearly 2/3 of the life on this earth. How would you, who are working at the higher vibrational levels, experience this event? Depending on the proximity to the holograms and according to your divine orders, you will get a glimpse into it. As experienced by Jahn in his dream (the celebration of the dark ones), you will, however, emerge from it completely unscathed or, so it is appropriate, you will be brought to safety with the help of the Galactic Federation.

Nothing can happen to you, for verily, you have chosen something else, and your choice is met. This expressiveness and clarity of the messages to this subject is essential, so that you do not succumb to any illusions and that you can withdraw again from certain levels. Even on the lower 4D earths numerous masters had placed their soul fragments and kept them there, in love, in order to help these people.

Since yesterday (July 16) it is clear that they do not want you and have driven you out, as this has already happened on the 3D planet in the past.The next step of the ascension is at the same time the step of descent and abysmal fall of the worlds described here. The road to darkness is taken and chosen. Fear not, because it is taken care of you. Do not look around you, because from now on your way to light shall neither be lined up with humans, frozen to salt pillars, nor shall it be crossed by entities that will harm you. Everything is taken care of, even though the creator must dispense from the vast majority of his children for other epochs.

I love you endlessly, I am with you and by your side every day – we are the power of this time, even if it seems that we must witness these events in a powerless manner from now on. We are the light.



It’s late afternoon when I take my seat exactly where I was yesterday. But the place is completely changed. The benches of the City of Vienna are arbitrarily and chaotically set in rows, as if a storm had moved them, the floor, where only yesterday bread crumbs piled, is cleaned and looks tidy. Of pigeon and blackbird no trace, just a woman with a big dog is walking through the meadow. It has become very still and the scene looks as if a large cleansing has taken place. 4:32 PM (Epilogue end)

In love
Jahn J Kassl

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