Where Are the Autodidacts?

by Rick Masterson and Georgi Stankov, July 7, 2013

I was reading the wiki entry for autodidact and one thing said was that most people in society are not. That probably has more than just a little correlation to how unawakened people are. Many people seemingly don’t know how to learn on their own and need some formal setting or regardless of how formal, they at least need someone who serves as a teacher to spoon feed them. I thought of this because of discussions on your site about bio-robots / soulless robots.  

I’ve always loved researching things and I’d skip around here and there and not just draw from one source, and not just read one book at a time and I’ve gotten so much better understanding of things by hopping around and have many times had synchronistic info brought in the right order so I had better understanding.  For instance, I might have been reading one book for a while, then I’d put it down and read on another for a while.  Then when I went back to the first book, I realized that what I’d read in the 2nd book on my little diversion allowed me to more fully understand what I then read in the 1st book.  That’s just one simple example. And you can bet that following Divine guidance was a part of this, even if I was not consciously aware of it as I was feeling moved to do this.

I’ve always loved how I’ve attained book (and other) info in that way and was never very thrilled with a classroom type setting where someone else determined what and when I would study something. How stifling that is to creativity and to achieving real understanding about something.

So, I had been working with someone through email, attempting to assist them on their healing. I’d been doing this on and off with this person for years. At one time, they were staying with some spiritual types, but there were some things about nutrition that I was not in agreement on with their local companions and told this person so. I won’t get into specifics because I don’t want to digress into a topic that is not why I am here talking to you.

Weeks later, this nutrition topic came up again. I said to this person, “What do you think?” He said, “Well they say this and you say that.” So, I had to repeat again, “I asked you, what do YOU think.”

I never did get an answer. They know that I have done a lot of research. They told me these people had done a lot of research, but they just didn’t seem to have any natural desire to go research anything themselves.

Now, both myself and these people they were with locally have told this person they need to research things themselves. There are countless times when this person has asked me something and I gave a short answer, a kind of big picture answer or perhaps my own conclusion on something without giving them all the background and references to get there. I would though also point them to some sources of info at times too.  But it’s up to them if they want more details to go look it up themselves. The answer I gave them basically gave them the proper search terms to use. But instead, it’s as if they want me to give them a download or a Vulcan mind meld or something, both of which are not likely through email and especially with someone who doesn’t follow their intuition very well.  Maybe if they were more intuitive and I could connect to them telepathically I literally could give them a download.

I can’t help but think just flat they are “lazy” at times also. They want the quick answer.  They want the instant gratification answer and don’t want to actually work at anything.  Then they don’t accept the short answer anyway and want to argue and yet haven’t researched themselves so have no valid points to make, just seemingly want to argue.

Also, like a water element (which is not their sun sign, but they do have some water in their birth chart) they “take on the shape of their container” or basically are very heavily influenced by those around them. And if they move to a different group of people then they totally change, etc. Very critical for someone like this to really consider the company they keep, which they are not very good about either. And regardless of how selective anyone is about the company they keep, in this world, you will always run into someone that you’d better know how to stick to and live by your own truth.

And this person is the type that they just have to have people in their lives, so, not too selective / discriminating (and I’m sure if they heard that word “discriminating” their conditioning would kick in and think I was racist or sexist or something equally ludicrous.  (There are so many dysfunctional ego issues with this person it’s not even funny and they seem to be really clinging for dear death, lol, to that dysfunction, but I’ll spare you the gruesome details.)

I’ve also been on LW blogs in the more recent past – you know, after I became completely exhausted and couldn’t just be holding someone’s hand all the time, I didn’t have the energy for it – where I’d mention something and someone would ask what something was that I’d mentioned.  I’d told them that the Divine and a search engine would help them with that.  I’d already given them the search term to plug in.

One of my best mentors was very good at helping me in just the way that I help others, by giving the proper search terms, so I didn’t use much of their time up and they gave me the clues that without the right search terms, yes it would have been more difficult and taken more time. To me, they’d put me on the fast track. But unlike others, I took the ball handed to me and ran with it. So many people are just not good students of life and they’d look at being turned in the right direction by someone like that just led to too much work.

I went through formal education when I was younger just like many people, but it didn’t make me need to be spoon fed everything so I don’t even know that I can point to the education system as being the culprit in why people can’t get off their duffs (or maybe actually get ON their duffs if it means book or computer research or attaining Divine guidance) and learn for themselves.

I’m mostly making a comment here, but if you’d like to comment back, I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences and elaborations on this kind of thing.

Thanks ahead of time.  Regardless of how weary we all are, this has moved back into being a bit more exciting and joyful recently.


Dear Rick,

you have addressed probably the single key problem of this humanity – its mental laziness to acquire actively new knowledge and to expand their minds. Of course one can argue that humanity was genetically created by the Anunnaki to be lazy and only work as a slave for them, but this is no longer valid after the energies from the source have began to flood earth and its population in the last years and now, after the separation of the seven 4D earths, this upper 4D earth is about to ascend to the 5th dimension.

Ascension is in the first place an immense expansion of human awareness, a huge leap into multi-dimensionality. How should these petty creatures cope with this new reality, if they are not even able to move in small steps ahead in their current singular, linear world, which they were supposed to explore in an incarnated state.

It is indeed a conundrum and the source of much chagrin for me personally for more that two decades when I started explaining to the conventional scientists the incredible advantages of the new Theory of the Universal Law, only to find out that they were as paralyzed by their mental laziness as your friend. It did not help even the use of the paradigm that while they now move with a horse cart, with my new theory they will drive a Porsche – I was talking predominantly to German scientists and Porsche is to them the utmost symbol of technological progress. It did not work.

Hence one must wait till the soul opens her incarnated entity for new insights and until then one can only progress in an autodidactic manner. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and established the new Theory. Also by radically discarding the old faulty stuff, I was taught at school and at the university.


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