Urgent Update – June 13, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

Today I have read four messages in German language that announce the grand finale this weekend – beginning from the middle of June this weekend. All of them are unequivocal in their announcements and do not leave any space for doubt. I must admit that I have not read this kind of messages in one single day so far. Actually, I have never read this kind of clear announcements in the channelled literature at all, and this is already a very significant fact.

The most auspicious aspect was that some of these messages address the growing restlessness in all LW, which I can confirm for myself in these last days. Other members of the PAT have also reported about similar restlessness and inner unmotivated impatience. Obviously our HS know about the beginning of the grand finale and this information is now trickling down into our mental and emotional bodies and are surfacing on our daily consciousness.

These facts are indeed indicative that something big may happen this weekend. The two huge shifts during the last two days, June the 11th and 12th, as reported by myself in my last posts, also support this prediction.

I will not translate these German messages as they do not contain any factual information beyond what I have reported here, but the overall message is crystal-clear: Prepare yourselves for the huge events you have been waiting for so long that will commence in the middle of June and will unfold with great power till Mid August when the second phase of the ascension process will begin. This phase is scheduled to continue for about three months and will be crowned with mass ascension around Mid November. This information coalesces very well with the schedule we have received so far from our HS and from Jahn.

After the MPR took place on the 3D earth on May the 28th and on the worst 4D earth on June the 8th it is now time for these reverberations to be experienced full force on the upper 4D earth as the last timeline to enter the time of change.

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