Urgent Energy Update: The Three Day Event Has Commenced – June 22, 2013, 15.00 p.m GMT

by Georgi Stankov

Since about two hours there is a huge infusion of most invasive, all-penetrating source energies in my body that makes my body feel like a bottle of sparkling champagne or like sparkling water in a spa. The vibrations are extremely high and the amplitude is rather smoothed. However my body trembled during the short nap similar to that when the MPR took place on the lowest catastrophic 4D earth on June 8th. These energies are unlike anything I have experienced so far and can only be described with the Elohim’s words:

A further major expansionary event within the upper 4D timeline arrives that leads to another level of enrichment of Humanity where new energies shall flood in, releasing new avenues of expansionary advancement that shall unfold into beautiful divine levels of new truth, new light, new vision and new understanding.”

I can imagine that you (the PAT) have also felt this last surge today (early morning in the USA) and have  also been swept away by it. To my assessment, this is the announced three days event by the Elohim that will transform our bodies and our “inner awareness shall blossom in an instant, with the purity of Divine perfection.”.

I read this message today several times as it has, as usually, many layers of information, but this is what I feel now – the final ascension has commenced. It may indeed be that we will leave this earth very soon. as I have just wrote in my latest publication:


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