Stowaways – Emotional Image IV

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 23, 2013
first published in English on June 27, 2013 in

Translated by Björn Kurt

Loved ones,

the time of the great beguilers has begun. The time, in which those who have neither quality nor qualifications to remain on the higher 4D levels play their last game of self deceit and camouflage, is in full swing.


Today I watch that all people whom I meet are at first glance very friendly and „appear to be loving“. However, once I precisely observe their behavior I can see their true nature, their crudeness and ruthlessness breaks through their shell of apparent love. (end of report).

This observation clearly shows that today it is immensely important for all that have awakened and ascended to the higher levels of Light to accurately discern between “appear to be loving” and “real loving” which are two fundamentally opposite poles.

Especially those people who do now know that they must report to a level of reality, which sets an abrupt end to their comfortable life in the shadow of light, are ready to do anything to inherit the kingdom of light without having acquired it in good faith.

Many people wear the garb of deception. And you are called upon to look closely and to perceive an entity in its actual expression because the obvious is rarely true and the obvious is in these entities only the camouflage to get to the treasures of light in spite of their failure to take care of their own „spiritual construction sites“.

Everyone gets his assigned new and rightful place according to its actual choice in the realm of being. The people who are dissatisfied with it because they expected to have sweeter fruits for themselves will try everything to be part of the Ascension anyway, to go along into the light and to get a seat at the gift table of the Lord – and with completely unsuitable and inadequate resources.

Who wants to follow the invitation of the Creator to take a seat at his table has to live up to the test in the light of God – and not with shabby clothes, with worn out work boots and with the foul fruits of his harvest as an offering for the Lord to ask permission to enter the kingdom of the Lord.

No, my beloved children, the trains bringing the people to their specific levels for them in the realms of Being are rolling out now and pick up speed – which affects also those who cling to the light warriors, who have submitted entirely to God, only to enter the upper fourth dimensions of existence as stowaways.

Respect and consider all encounters in the coming weeks and months in this light. Meanwhile, the process of Ascension of individual people continues unaffected by all the events on the space and time lines of the worlds. The awakened humanity takes up through the synchronicity of the different levels of their life the trail to God and becomes conscious of the structure of creation.

Everything reveals itself to the God-centered and open mind and defies all those who, although they call God for healing, reject the medicine of the Creator as they believe to manage even without it and to enter the Kingdom of Peace of God.

A mistake that is now revealed. The freerider, the stowaways, the spiritual tourists abound, until their track is fading away in the being.

A short time of transition, long enough to ensure that all awakened ones may recognize the complexity of these last days of humanity.

I am the life and the love

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