The Revelations Are Coming on the Upper 4D

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, June 15, 2013

Dear April,

the events seem to stipulate and this week something big may happen, though my feeling is that it will not be ascension. I have just received a message from Jahn that brilliantly confirms my multi-dimensional model of seven parallel 4D earths. I will have to translate it today and publish it, but the text is rather long and it will take some time.

Can you please check with your HS one more time where we are now and what we should expect for the upper 4D timeline, where we now live.

I hope you are well and everything is harmonious at home.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Below is the latest from HS. She indicates that this weekend/next week will be the unfolding of the Revelation/MPR/etc. that has already transpired at the lower levels of 3D-4D. I hope you find resonance with this message and as always I’ll be curious to hear your initial thoughts. Please feel free to edit if necessary as I was a little short on time and was trying to get a lot down. I do still feel like there is a little more detail to be flushed out and I will try to check back in with HS later today/tonight.

I have been feeling great overall and look forward to having my home/sanctuary back to myself on Monday. After three months of house guests it’s time! Thank you for your excellent clarifications regarding the parallel 4D timelines and how we still see and interact with those on other parallels. It helped my understanding tremendously, while living with someone who is so obviously on a lower vibrational timeline.

I too can confirm the build-in momentum toward this weekend and the up-shifts that seem to be occurring almost daily now. Rising higher and higher, it’s very healing and reassuring.

Much love and light,

HS Update 06-14-13

HS: Time and/or your experience of it has become rather novel lately, has it not? This is due to the nature of where you now reside energetically and vibrationally, truly in many places at once, and the deepening experience of this – your multidimensionality. In fact, as you heard your name called, this was a summons, a “roll call” if you will, of all those aspects of Self existing on countless levels/ dimensions, not just the parallel 4D timelines recently spoken of. It is a call, a unique vibration that every level of your being recognizes, and stands attentive to.

While it is not quite time for the full retrieval of these aspects of Self as will be the case upon your complete ascension, all parts of Self are being summoned, coordinated, and revealed to you consciously at the climax of this incarnational experience, in preparation of the in-breath, merge, and/or gathering up of Soul fragments upon your complete ascension, to be followed by a reordering, new divine dispensations, and the re-stationing of aspects of Self (your new roles, new realms, new adventures, etc…) .

It is no wonder that some of the PAT have shared their recent ascension dreams where no-one is on the bus or plane except for them, that’s because it is YOU who is being called Home now in every sense of the word. The masses have reached a pivotal point, one you know so very well, where they must journey on alone for a time in coordination with their HSs as they fully discover what you already have, their true divine, multidimensional natures and the choices that accompany that knowledge. You cannot help them with that, though you can still help in the remaining days to neutralize any dissonance as a result of timeline movements/migrations through the portals.

And yes, there are others who have ascended already, though these have mostly been through the death experience. While the overall goal is to ascend while in the physical vessel, some bodies simply could not withstand the rise in frequency/vibration and therefore ascension through the doorway of death was necessary. Most who were contracted to leave in this way are crossing now, which should be a strong indicator to you that your own time is very near at hand.

However, before the PAT’s complete ascension/transition to 5D and/or beyond can take place, the veil has to fully lift in the current parallel timeline in which you now exist. After all, this is what you came here to support and witness. The energetic momentum you feel rising and coming towards you is the Revelation as it will appear/manifest on the upper 4D parallel timeline. This indeed is what is coming your way over the next week or so.

This event has already taken place on the lower vibrating parallel timelines as Georgi has described to the group, but now it must manifest on your, the final timeline. This Revelation includes the dark Orion enslavement program and all those artificial limitations /illusions imposed on mankind to block the view of his own divinity. Once the veil is fully lifted, which will happen in rapid sequenced gradations/events, your complete ascension to 5D and beyond will naturally follow. Each day brings you to a higher vibrational threshold, continue to ride the waves.

You have all done incredibly well by following the rather sharp curve that seemingly appeared in your roadmap/ journey to ascension. You were able to let go of all preconceived notions of ascension and expand your fields of perception necessary to initiate and reveal this final end move to you.

Not only have 4D parallel timelines been created, but 5D ones as well. There will be gradations or stepping stones of each, and this is why the “gradation” language was introduced early on this year. Each day, each moment expands and is recreated into something entirely different. In every moment you are recreated into something entirely new. While it has been hard to see clear evidence of this on the outside, you have quantified this over and over again within your inner life/ multidimensional Self. The final results of which are just on the periphery of your vision, coming into clear focus very shortly.


Dear April,

your latest message does indeed confirm what we expect to unfold next week. I myself feel that this weekend nothing significant will happen,´but I will be the happiest person if I am wrong in this estimation. The energies are continuously rising now, so that we have a new massive build-up that must materialize very soon.

The most important validation for me personally is that these events have already commenced on the catastrophic 4D timelines as I experienced them and now they will finally appear on the upper 4D earth. This makes a lot  of sense to me as all these events, leading to the long awaited revelations, will obviously not be caused by huge catastrophes or trigger revolutions and social unrest. They will simply cause an implosion / inward crumbling of the old matrix that has no energetic basis any more.

However your HS did not explicitly mention the occurrence of the MPR, contrary to you in your email, so that I am not so certain whether we will experience this event on this timeline or not. Probably you know more about this issue or should ask about this when you contact your HS next time.

My take is that these events will indeed occur in a rapid sequence between Mid June and Mid July, but I have no idea how the announced awakening of  the masses will be accomplished in such a short period of time as mentioned by your HS.

The only viable solution to my mind will be that some of us shall ascend and then show up to the masses and also give them some direct information on the Orion /Reptilian empire based on new holographic means of communication as the current verbal presentation of such information is very cumbersome and it will take one whole eternity for the masses to grasp the whole picture.

Probably you should ask specifically next time if all these revelations will be accomplished with the old means of communication (Internet, etc.) or through the implementation of completely new 4D forms of advanced technologies of communication. This is indeed a key question now that torments my mind.

I am very happy to hear that you will very soon have your home peace /sanctuary again. This is the most vital condition for you now, so that you can repose and concentrate on the coming events. I have no idea why you had to go through this experience, but there is always a reason for this.

I thank you very much for your effort to bring additional clarity to the rapidly changing energetic situation behind the veil, which has the propensity to explode any moment on the historical stage and sweep away the old order.

With love and light

My Latest Update – June 15, 2013

This night I received repeatedly information about two important dates in the ascension process – June 21/22 and June 26/27. The second date was associated with upheavals and unrest of the masses and I had to intervene and calm them down. I cannot tell you exactly what will happen on these days, but I have asked repeatedly my HS this week to give me information when we shall finally ascend and this is what I got this night.

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