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Letters to the Editor

Dreams and Visions

Dear George,

Last night I had a very interesting multi-dimensional dream. This was one of my more vivid dreams, almost like a vision. It starts off with myself with a group of people walking up a road to the top of a hill. We were just discussing random topics during the walk, so I had no clue what was about to happen. When we got to the top, everyone was just standing around and then suddenly the energy felt very different, very paranormal, and one of the little kids in the group pointed to the sky and said “Look, look!”. Well everyone looked up and then there was a streak of light that went across the sky, it was a color (I cannot remember which color), however it stayed in the sky, and then the words ‘Light’ came into being in the center of this streak. I remember I started shouting, “It’s the Galactic Federation of Light!” a few times, and then the sky started filling with a lot of text in paragraph form below the word “Light”. I couldn’t read it, my vision was very blurry and the text to small (I have this problem awake, can’t see far objects, so I believe it carried over into the dream). However it was in fact the GF, sending a message to humanity. I remember walking over to my mom and whispering to her “I told you so.” (This is because about a year ago I told her about one of the transmissions I received telepathically and she did not believe me.)

Well, anyways the dream cuts to the next scene, which seems a bit in the future from the event on the hill. I am sitting next to a younger guy who seems about 25ish at a table. Apparently, an unnamed entity broadcasted telepathically to every individual on the planet about what was about to happen. The guy next to me was sad, because he told me that the entity told him, that in order to “get into Being” (heaven) you have to be one with God. I was there to help him with his problems. So I began explaining to him all my ideas and theories and using what I could to help him understand what it means to be one with God and he should not be worried. But there was a point where I wanted to tell him something, and I got energetically blocked. I willed myself so hard to say these words but nothing could come out.

And then the scene changed to a higher dimensional view of me and this man. It showed two images on a screen, representing both of us, and underneath was a bunch of buttons and labels depicting our emotions and thoughts and flow patterns. I was able to look at his “card” and see his emotional picture, which was very sad and angry. I really did not know what to do, it looked very complex. It reminded me of a higher dimensional event I had early in my spiritual awakening, in which I travelled through some different dimension and my avatar in that dimension was a thought form that changed based on what I was thinking.

There is much more to the dream after this, but it does not seem as relevant, was more personal about meeting a girl, going on an adventure, and working with the GF.

The gist of what I got out of the first two scenes of this dream was that there will be a phenomena in the sky soon, and that many of the younger generation will have a difficult time going through Ascension and will need our loving guidance and support.

Love Jason

Dear Jason,

thank you for contacting me for the first time as I see it and for sharing your dream with me. It is very impressive and clear-cut and explains the problems with many star seeds who have not qualified for ascension and will stay on the 4D earths. They are now experiencing terrible times, as has been confirmed by Sananda in his latest message which I have just published.

I will publish your dream in the next report.

With love and light

Dear George,

I would like to share a dream I wrote down in the morning of June 28th when I had not read Jahn’s message yet concerning emergencies


It fits in there perfectly and also ties into some fears that might come with it like Kari’s “what if I’m one of those descending?”


This was the only experience I remembered that particular night which added to its significance.


I’m in a family house and see a young dog that is black and white. There is nobody here besides one man with a very loving presence seemingly busy looking after the dog and making sure everything is clean. As I walk through the rooms I notice the floor is really immaculate and I feel a bit uneasy about bringing in dirt that might be on my shoes. There are mattresses everywhere, even outside in the open. This house is standing on a green hill all by itself and surrounded by beautiful nature.

As I’m in my room next to my mattress I look out the window and know where the path around the property goes where most people already left on. Going outside again trying to locate the window I looked out from to be able to follow the group there is now a girl with me. Instead of catching up with the others right away she wants to get her camper van from the dirt road leading down the hill now up to the house. Since there is no road for the last part she drives the vehicle right through the meadow but does so at an unfortunate angle and maybe half way up to the house it tumbles over and continues to do so violently down the hillside, only to stop on the dirt road leading downwards. I run towards the crash site being concerned for her safety while not having the faintest idea of how bad this might turn out to be. As I try to assess the situation and decide whether to secure the site of the accident first or locate her right away a car comes up the hill which I signal to stop and help while getting onto my knees to be able to see into the front window since the camper van stopped tumbling upside down. The girl is lying there, seems shocked yet responsive but makes no sense when answering my questions. I’m relieved and concerned at the same time. This is the end of the dream.

While I could go into a lot of detail and explain the personal symbolics and why I’m very very certain of the interpretation of some parts, I will keep it short and stick to the essentials.


Inside the house is 5D, outside 4D, the dirt road down the hill represents 3D. At the time of the dream those destined for 4D had already left, the girl who wanted to get a “permanent residency” up there by moving her camper van was not ready because she had not “done the work” and tumbled down in a violent crash to the 3D road.


I think the dream ended there because nobody, not even the Higher Realms know how, individually, the story continues for those that crash. Some might recover and make their way up to 4D, some might not. While many might not be concerned what happens to those that crash, some incarnated here to be the people running to the crash site. I would think particularly those that are of the younger generations, did not have strong LBP symptoms and chose to stick it out for a while longer out of compassion for the one’s that needed a rough awakening.

And here I would like to speak to the fears Kari mentioned when some people might wake up one day and find themselves in a harsh environment that very much seems like 3D. Well, of course there is the chance that you are one of those who had fooled themselves and descended – but there is also the chance that you chose to take the tough job, are very well in tune with your mission and do the “emergency work” so many might have need for. Not “saving” people, but doing what’s appropriate in attunement with everyone’s free will. Those who volunteered to do this I salute you, you know who you are.

Much Love,

Dear Andre,

thank you very much for sharing this dream of pivotal symbolics and its clear interpretation in the light of the recent energetic events. It is all very congruent and convincing.

With love and light

Hey George,

Just sending you this in case you have not already seen it.

Published on Jun 27, 2013


VATICAN CITY, ROME – The Vatican is being exposed for what it is: the most criminal organization in existence, responsible for more than 10 million crimes worldwide. Now evidence has just surfaced from a pederast priest Patrizio Poggi who is serving time for his crimes, whereby he details the Vatican prostitution ring:


Dear Frank,

I am following this story. I was informed three days ago by a member of the PAT from Italy who is involved at the soul level with the Vatican and coaches from there the new pope. The latter seems to be a new walk-in of an old soul after his election. This person informed me about this and some other scandals that are now unfolding and are about to break the neck of this institution.



Wow, good, so this might become a successful Light Forces victory blowing things open from inside the old PTW ranks. Interesting, about the walk-in aspect. This can be an extremely effective technique employed by the Light (the walk-in ).

I was given info from my HS last year about this happening to myself during an accident. After this I went on a high speed learning, healing process and complete overhaul of my beliefs and ideas about everything and life changed dramatically very quickly to get me to where I am now. I believe a Soul from my same Soul family jumped in that was slightly older with more experience to handle the situation. Rather strange thing to experience, i still have all my life experience and feel as if it is mine. I am actually very happy this happened, however the concept still seems strange to think it has happened to me. Our souls do this in a very seamless almost un-noticed way. Experts.

It will be great to Ascend where I can confirm and understand this from the Higher Realms completely, will not be long now. Everything is happening, I am experiencing it in so many ways.

Also I had a dream where the whole New Zealand Fault line that runs down the middle of our small country suddenly went and everything shook violently but nothing or no one around me in middle of town seemed to be hurt or damaged. During the shake I thought, well, I’m either going to die or my light body is going to activate, was not scared at all, however neither happened and then awoke sweating. This was on the 27th June. I haven’t looked into this much to find out if it holds any relevant info, was intense and exciting though.

L & L

Dear Frank,

there are 20 million walk-ins that have now entered the bodies of mainly the elite and the Cabal as to blow up the system from within. This is part of the strategy of the forces of light to facilitate the ascension process.

And there are now billions of “walk-outs” that have left the bodies on about 5 billion people who now still walk on this upper 4D earth we live in, but have no souls and are just empty holographic images. This is remarkable, but it is the same procedure – a key aspect of the multidimensionality of All-That-Is – and part of the illusion on the earth.

Let us not forget that one entity with a soul is more powerful nowadays than a billion of soulless bodies that now still keep the illusion of this old Orion matrix. When the change will come any moment from now on, the whole system will implode from within and will be separated from us, who will ascend to the 5th and higher dimensions.

We now only need the spark, which the dark ones will ignite with an insidious crime against humanity – probably an attempt to start WW3. They will badly fail, but the portion of humanity (500 million ascendees and 300 million staying on upper 4D earth) will have their drama and will finally awaken for the first time to the atrocities of the PTW on a global scale.

To this your dream of a natural catastrophe in the New Zealand fault fits very well as this will be most probably part of the MPR that will occur simultaneously with the attempt of the forces of darkness to commit a genocide on humanity. In each drama, there must be a culmination before there is a resolution

With love and light

Hi George,

I was inspired by Madge’s post about money, thanks!  As I understand things, the reason that the five-dollar bill is commonly perceived to be worth five dollars, is that we have agreed to that. We have effectively agreed that this piece of paper will be worth or represent five dollars in our financial exchanges. However, we could just as easily agree that this piece of paper has no value, and that it is not needed, nor are financial exchanges needed. I think as Madge says, people are just afraid to make the change. But it is encouraging to see the idea proposed!

Indians (Native Americans) used to say, “Now they [the Americans] are paying for water.”  If you step into their perspective for a moment, that must really look ridiculous!

My thought has been, if everyone agreed to just keep doing the things they like to do [and our work, ideally, should be what we love to do], all things would be/could be provided for.  As Madge says, money is not propping up the system, except to the extent we have agreed that it will be used to do so. We can decide to do it another way, a higher way.  Our system really, as Madge writes, causes us to see our value and worth as how much money we have. But life is so much more than that, and the shallowness of the money system is hopefully being realized.

It also reminds me of the Star Trek movie where Captain Kirk and the whale scientist are having pizza at a restaurant and it comes time to pay.  She looks at Captain Kirk and says, “I suppose you don’t have money in the 23rd century…”  And he replies, “Well, we don’t!”

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

thank you for your comments. Of course we create our reality through our beliefs and if we eradicate the belief that money has value, then we can eliminate money overnight without any problem.

We may as well decide to use instead of money a simple numerical system – numbers – that will have the same metrical function as the SI system, with which we measure space and time of physical objects and processes. Please observe that there is only space and time and all other SI units and dimensions can be reduced to these two dimensions /constituents. This is one of the core conclusions of the new theory of the Universal Law. The whole physics and all other natural sciences, including all applied technical disciplines, such as engineering and architecture are based on this kind of metric measurements. While nobody comes to the idea that the SI units we use, such as meter, kilogram, volt, amper, etc. have any value at all and one must pay for them, we have come to the insane agreement – in fact it was an insidious Orion idea to enslave humanity – that all human efforts should be paid with money. What an idiocy!

Money is a poor substitute for energy – a symbolic expression for All-That-Is – and a  rather inadequate measure for any energetic input of any human individual into All-That-Is. When one has realized the core function of money, there will be no longer any objections to eliminate it and substitute it in the first place with a simple numerical system which will work as money but will have no value, as everybody will have access to it, just as one has an access to a meter. Later on, it will be eliminated consensually as a superfluous surrogate system. I have written a lot on this topic in my gnostic books.


Good day Mr. Stankov,

I want to thank you and all PAT members and others (Jahn for example), for all the amazing work you do. I find such solace in your words and clarity as to what is happening on this planet. I first read one of your articles in May from your link being posted on facebook by someone and was immediately hooked. I read daily and am able to make sense of what I experience.

On the night of June 15th, while in meditation, I had the sensation of my energy/essence being out of my body, floating in front of me. Over that weekend as well I had a sort of tingling and numbness in my hands, more the right one. On the night of June 21st I dreamt I was at the airport and it was so full of people like I have never seen, and everyone was impatiently watching for their flight and chance to leave. I was with my 3 sons and left to use the washroom, upon returning I only saw my 2 youngest sons having a snack but could not see my big son. I then observed it was even more packed and I began wondering if I would be able to get on my flight. Then I thought I was already checked in and have my ticket and I had a number, either my seat number or my flight number was #2.

Then on June 25th all day it rained (I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and all day I felt this overwhelming sadness and was crying for most of the day and this is quite unlike me even at my worst, the next day I felt much better as the mood lifted. I read your post that the event would end on the 26th or 27th and everything felt lighter that morning when I woke up and the sky was clearer than I had seen it possibly ever. Also during heightened energetic events, the y and z switch places on the keyboard on my cell phone, yesterday they went back to their normal place after being switched out for about a week.

I know that was lengthy, but I have these things happening and you all seem to be the ones who’s information I resonate with most. I just wanted to share and again thank you so much for all the clarity you enable me to find at this time. I am always pleased for you when you move higher and I wish you all the very best in every way and so much love to you all.


Dear Anastasia,

I am happy you have found our website and that our publications help you better understand what is currently ongoing on the earth that the mainstream media and even the New Age sites do not clearly understand and report. And clarity is essential in these auspicious days when earth and this part of humanity, we now observe, is ready for ascension and this can happen any moment.

With love and light


Cheers!  Lots o’ energy swirling about today, eh?  For me anyway, it’s been a day of conversations about observations usually sat silent. And the thing provoking my thinking is the Entertainment Industry… blech.

I think it was so funny that I wanted it sooo badly once. Ohh, to see through the holes and to know what it actually means to honor one’s own experience vs living vicariously through those who are part of the human experience, but brain washed from actually participating in the experience of much self awareness.


Anyway, Hollywood got me all fired up for so many corrupt reasons that I have been aware of for some time… today seemed like a good day to write something about our over participation in such an illusion.

Why do you Continue to support Hollywood?

A big fat celestial high five and a nice little cyber hug


How distasteful. NSA is like a bunch of sociopathic kids on drugs and need a time-out for very very bad behavior!

The Solstice / Super Moon days were just short of sheer magic, here in the green mountains of VT.  And then back to ‘this’ reality (link above), and remember someone’s  post that had a line “no, not everything is fine in hell!”

I say, bring it! I wanna hear all the juicy details, unravelling of all the lies is like music to my ears, and when the floodgates  open in full force, even the sheeple may realize that not everything is fine in this world even though you may have a well paying job, a fancy car,  and unlimited access to the world of false comfort, The world of consumerism and plastic. It’s all been big lies! I’ll stop my ramble here, even though I could go on and on about my favorite subject, the Truth embargo, smile.

Be well Georgi!


Dear Katrina,

thank you very much for this information. I read already about this issue in the German press, but the scandal is widening by the hour as the Europeans have realized all of a sudden that they are simply sheeple that flocks behind the big brother oversee, who has no scruples to bring them to the slaughterhouse whenever he wishes.


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