Personal Opinions – June 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgi,

The title is: Analytical skills can unlock hidden abilities.

My new 4-serial booklet attached in the .zip file discuss:

 The benefits of analytical skills if used properly. I emphasize again the dogmatic scientific community.

– Why lightworkers are susceptible to rosy esoteric colors due the strenuous nature of analytical thinking and why the language of silence is helpful.

– My observations that more you analyze based on the point of view of various fields of study, the more rewards you will get from your HS in the form of breakthrough insights.

It starts a bit similarly as my previous essay “The basic question…”. but it focuses more on analytical thinking.

Overall I built on your past writings about the new age circus and my own ideas. I was prompted to write this after finishing my book on numbers. I asked myself: what made my book on numbers possible to write?

I have added a breakthrough ideas while proof reading it: I just had the idea that the phrases “epistemological foundation” and “common sense” have the same meanings, with regard to the practicality of technology.

In love and light

Dear Aegil,

I read all your four essays and they contain a plethora of good ideas and solutions. You should try now to find a forum with like-minded young people in your age to discuss these issues further and in more depth.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just to let you and the PAT know that Skyler has now posted on his website the complete version of my book: “The Magic of Numbers and my new series Analytical skills can unlock your hidden potential“.

The changes made to my book about numbers and the short summary of my series on analysis is below my signature.

Here is the announcement posted in the website:

They are available here:

In love and light

Dear George,

I’m sure you remember me, as we’ve had contact several times in the past. I’ve not written to you in the last half a year for several reasons that I will explain in a bit. To be honest, I don’t really know why I am writing you, or what I’m going to tell you in this email. Let’s say I just had the urge to write you, which I’m sure will have a purpose at some point, I just don’t know yet what it is.

The last 3 years, and especially the last 7 months have been very hard for me. I’ve changed from a standard 17 year-old to a full-blown “spiritualist” and partially back. At the beginning when I was getting familiar with the new-age society, there were a lot of different groups and opinions. All of them having their own contradictions and limits. When i read your first article I was immediately attracted by your clear, skillful and intellectual writing. You were also the first person who had a clear and complete view on the world, which was supported by scientific publications. Although I can’t understand your Universal Law myself, the fact the I’ve never seen anyone who could prove it wrong or even attempted it, gave you a lot of credibility. Therefore, I started to focus more and more on you and your website instead of the others. It didn’t take long before your website became my main focus.

I soon thought of myself as a member of the PAT, and felt special and excited to be part of this magnificent process. The fact that I was part of this wonderful group/process also helped me to cope with very hard times/decisions. I was 100% convinced that my involvement with you and the PAT was THE reason of my existence on planet earth. Every cell in my body just felt that it was not just a coincidence that I found you and the PAT, and I knew that at some point we would successfully end this journey together.

While closely following your website, it was clear that 11/11/11 would be a very important date. I quit school a month before 11/11/11 to prepare myself for the different scenarios I envisioned possible. The day came and passed like any other day, yes some people felt some energetic changes, but I didn’t. After that day I stopped visiting your website for some weeks because I was so angry/frustrated that nothing happened. After some time I decided to read the articles explaining why 11/11/11 was a failure and they convinced me it had been postponed (I’ve already written a detailed article about this, which you published on your website). Between 11/11/11 and 21/12/12, there were several other important dates that were announced by the HS of PAT members, but every single time there was no real change in our society, just PAT members claiming that energetically things had changed or had been accomplished. At that time I assumed that I was not sensible for those energetic changes because I was a crystalline child, so I was convinced those changes were real and happening. Then there was 21/12/12, it actually doesn’t need any explanation, it was the absolute end dead-line set by heaven, but still it came and went without any visible change.

After 21/12/12 my world literally collapsed. For the first time I realized that what I learned the last 2 years actually could have been wrong. All the sacrifices that I made could have been useless. All the information that I told my friends and family could have been incorrect. I could actually stay a lot longer on this planet than I expected. I could’ve wasted 2 years of my life that I had better spent fighting the system. I hurt and disappointed my parents for nothing. At that time there were so much worries and doubts in my head, that I had regular panic-attacks. The doctors subscribed me xanax and temesta and in no time I was taking those medications combined with alcohol on a daily basis, so I didn’t had to deal with my problems. The situation got progressively worse during the following months. I started to feel more and more depressed by the day. I also wasn’t doing any effort for school, so this added an extra amount of stress, since this was the 2nd time my parents financed my education and I was messing it up again.

One day I realized I couldn’t handle this much longer, so I decided  to write my parents a letter where I explained them everything. Luckily they were very understanding and they supported me the best they could. The fact that all stress and worries from school disappeared was an enormous relief. It enabled me to stop using xanax en temesta when i didn’t need it, and it also made me drastically change my alcohol consumption. Of course there is still this enormous mess of thoughts/ideas inside me about everything paranormal (ascension, soul growth, my purpose here, etc.) whereof of I can’t figure out what to believe and what not. Now I also have to start thinking about a long-term 3D future plan, which is logically influenced by my in-stable spiritual and social ideas/visions, which makes it even a 1000 times harder. Therefore I’m currently suppressing those thoughts/ideas by working 15h/day 7 days/week, instead of using drugs like I did before. I’ve planned a 2-week vacation at the beginning of July, where I will finally take the time to sort things out and process everything that has happened to me during the last 3 years.

At this very moment I still have no idea what to believe, but my hope for an ascension-event has decreased to nearly 0. To be totally honest I also don’t know what to think of you, or you are one heck of a disinformation-agent who has to make people believe they can’t or don’t have to do anything physically, but to wait until all conditions are perfect. This option seems the least plausible to me as there are so many things that prove otherwise. So what I expect is that you really believe what you are saying, which is backed up by your Universal Law, and that you have the best intentions.

Now I haven’t read any article (in detail) on your website since the 21/12/12, sometimes I do read the headlines, and if I’m not mistaken every once and a while there are some new dates given with great promises. But so far they also didn’t affect the physical world in any way noticeable, at least as far as I’m aware. I’m sure that after the given dates there have been some well-explained reasons why it didn’t happen as promised, followed by an overview of what you already have accomplished and how proud you should be about it, Probably they will also tell that actually a great thing has happened energetically or behind the scenes (aka not visible for everyone). If several predicted dates failed in close proximity or if a big promise wasn’t realized then there will probably be an explanation that announces that there has been a major breakthrough, giving it a fancy name like “rainbow bridge”, so you can be excited, discuss it and hold on to it when your having a hard time for some weeks.

This may sound like a insult George, but that’s certainly not my intention, that’s just how I experienced it time and time again. Although I’ve made my life infinitely more difficult, lost friends, lost a lot of credibility and had a very bad relation with my parents the last 3 years, all because of my ideas/visions back then, I don’t blame you or anyone else for it. In fact I’m very happy I had this experience because it has learned me so incredibly much, and also it made me a better person. So I’m grateful to you and all the PAT, even if it turns out it all wasn’t true.

Personally I can’t help thinking that also for you it must be frustrating to have had so many disappointments. But then I remember that you have your Universal Law, which should be proof, and also you can feel the energetic changes, that I don’t. I hope you can understand my point of view, taking into account that I don’t feel anything energetic and that I can’t understand your Universal Law. Is it not logic that when you get disappointed time and time again, you will at one point loose faith, that releases you from the torture.

Although I’m not entirely excluding an ascension-scenario, I’ve had it with living towards certain dates and not taking any action to make a difference. Is it not time to finally take destiny in our own hands, if heaven keeps breaking their promises? Because they can keep telling us a lot is changing energetically and behind the scenes, but so far I haven’t noticed anything worth mentioning. When will this shit end? Not just for me, but for everyone who’s waiting and has been waiting for far to long …

I’m eager to hear your point of view.

With love and Light

Dear Cedric,

I remember you very well and I have your destiny fully in my memory until the last time you wrote to me about a year ago, so that most of what you have written now is not new to me.

I very well understand your dilemma, which is based on the simple fact that you only read about our stages and thresholds during our ascension process, which we actually create as a group in an active manner. We are solely an mainly responsible for the cleansing of Gaia and humanity and not the higher realms, but you do not experience this physically. Thus your experience is limited to external information and this is a very weak substitute for a direct contact to your soul, which you always have in a way, but have failed to explore properly.

In addition you have made a principle failure which is to juxtapose two contradictory trends in your life and thus have only aggravated your situation and undermined your faith in the ongoing ascension process. In your situation you could have easily embraced´the best aspects from the school that would have enhanced your intelligence, e.g. studying physics as to understand my theory of the Universal Law. With your intelligence, you would have done it it with an ease and would have simultaneously cherished your spiritual inclinations without any conflict with yourself, your parents, and the world.

Instead you have resorted to alcohol and drugs, and, as far as I remember, this began more than a year ago when you last wrote to me. Anyway this trend was obvious since your last letter that you sent me an year ago, since then I feared it will come out this way for you.

In addition you have not read carefully the last articles on our website which give you a crystal clear explanation about everything that is currently happening on this world behind the veil and explain the current political, economic and personal situation of the people, respectively why there is still an optical stalemate, while behind this big transformative processes of cosmic proportions are shaping the destiny of earth and humanity in a dramatic way.

This should be the source of your faith and conviction and not the articles on my website, which can only inform you about these events, but cannot be a substitute for your personal experience of these events.

Besides let me be brutally frank with you – in the past you did not make the best use of your intelligence and now you have to suffer the consequences. There are other young crystalline children like Aegil, who used my new theory of the Universal Law as a background to write their own books, yes whole books, and many articles on Gnosis and Science and thus progress tremendously in their spiritual evolution.

Aegil’s latest articles have been just published by another crystalline member of the PAT Skyler on his website.

“Dear Georgi,

Just to let you and the PAT know that Skyler has now posted on his website the complete version of my book: “The Magic of Numbers and my new series Analytical skills can unlock your hidden potential.

The changes made to my book about numbers and the short summary of my series on analysis is below my signature.

Here is the announcement posted in the website:

They are available here:

In love and light

This is the kind of activities and mutual cooperation among crystalline children that you should have engaged in the past apart from your regular school activities. In your attitude towards life there is still too much personal egotism and no inclination to do something tangible for other people or even for yourself of a higher order and this has ultimately led to your current personal crisis of faith and even to alcohol addiction in such a young age.

It is not about believing in what we write on our website about ascension, which is coming independently of whether you doubt it or not, but it is about all the missed opportunities, your souls has generously given to you in this life to further evolve. And this is entirely your personal default and that is the only problem you should work on from now on.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have been reading your site on and off for a number of weeks and today I felt compelled to write to you.

I have no particular question to ask or statement to make, at least for the moment. As some sort of ‘builder of bridges’ that I perceive myself to Be at whatever level of Existence, this mere open-ended, first contact should serve to fulfill whatever undisclosed purpose I’m being asked to intermediate.

And would you kindly forgo any bad or unsuitable choice of words I’m making here – I’m no ‘native speaker’ of English, just like yourself… I’m occupying a Brazilian male body for the moment being.

Well, I have to start this pseudo-conversation somewhere… so it goes: I have perceived that your vision of the so-called ‘ascension’ process is a bit ‘deterministic’ (bad word choice probably…) but that involves ‘going to’, ‘staying at’ or ‘passing thru’ such and such
dimensional levels at specific moments and specific circumstances. This is something I can relate to, for this is the path that I have followed for quite some time and until quite recently… the ‘lack of a better option’ would be a reasonable explanation for a 3D mind, be it my own or that of whomever else.

Currently I embrace a somewhat different (?) ‘vision’ (again, inadequate word), according to which I’m led to assist and/or participate in whatever schemes my 3D mind and body choose to embrace; while at the same time remaining as open as possible to an ever-increasing deconstruction of what I PERCEIVE to be an ‘external reality’ and a ‘personal reality’, so that what I REALLY am will ‘eventually’ ‘show up’ (bad words again) from ‘behind the veil’. Under such perspective, the numerical coding of whichever dimension levels can be perceived as irrelevant. The timings and dates of expected ‘events’ could be also deemed irrelevant, except for the fact that the mind won’t easily let go of that stuff… so I don’t pretend to despise such, while at the same time attempting to not be overly
attached to those.

This process is being undergone, for me, with a large dose of Joy and Peace – and also with a smaller, but still significant, dose of ‘pain’, of course. But pain does NOT equal ‘suffering’.

So in order to close this message – and possibly open a path for further exchanges – I’d like to know if you’d have any comments about the type – and Energy – of the channeled messages (all of those in Latin languages) that are literally bursting out in ever greater
numbers at the following sites:….

Thiers Botelho

Dear Thiers,

thank you very much for contacting us for the first time from Brazil. The personal attitude you present towards the coming energetic events is the same we all have adopted since the very beginning, otherwise our group would not have survived the huge and perennial cleansing we have done on behalf of humanity for the last two years and many of us much longer in solitude, if one carefully reads the whole website from the very beginning. Therefore I do not see any contradiction in this respect.

Dealing with words and daily publications on the course of the energetic processes we go through may take indeed the form of deterministic accounts and this, I agree with you, is a principle fallacy of all mainstream mass media that use human language without pondering on its limitations. But this fact, and especially our analysis of human semantics, is a leitmotif in all our discussions, so that my readers are very conscious about these limitations of human language and beyond it. There is a great consensus among us in this issue that may remain hidden to newcomers.

Besides, it is a well acknowledged fact that ascension is in a huge retard due to the slumbering of the masses – even jeopardized as a project if it were not for the incredible achievements of our group – and this aspect has been widely discussed by us. In reality we are going from one energetic threshold to the next one on the ladder of ascension and each threshold must be experienced as the final step to ascension as to engage with the maximal emotional and mental potential of the group to achieve this threshold. Our emotional and mental energies are the fuel of ascension.

One must bear in mind that this is not a website for sterile written information, but an ongoing archive of the daily energy work of our group which is a planetary ascension team for Gaia and humanity to be heaved to the 5th dimension. Thus our group has nothing to do with other esoteric groups the world over that do very little to no energetic work except in their weird imagination and have no idea what is actually ongoing behind the veil, as a quick research on the Internet can reveal.

Hence it is very important to discern this big difference through gaining a deeper insight into our energetic work as future Creator gods that are mainly responsible for the ascension of Gaia and humanity and without whom nothing would have ever happened on this planet. The ego-mind of all LW hinders them systematically to see this ample fact that is in the centre of all our postings and discussions and this inherent blindness is also the source of numerous irritations and false conclusions of many outsiders. I will publish today a message from Sananda that addresses precisely this issue.

I do not speak Portuguese and hence cannot comment on the links and websites you have sent me.

With love and light


I am guessing you are in your early twenties… you have had brief tastes of expansive moments, in which you did not want it to end. Music tends to fuel these feelings whether it is live, or just a properly placed song on the radio playlist and its perfect juxtaposition of your present existence… creating a life long ripple of refueled feelings.

Festivals offer this, and they offer people who have good intentions… but…

The largest qualm I have had with most of these festivals, first hand, is the fact that it seems rare that the people who are attending have the same considerations toward awareness in their real world.

(i.e. Let us take 50,000  (the size of my town in Wyoming) people to the desert, build a temporary city… where everyone brings what they need… where even though they are to pack out their trash, most people just leave it in Sparks NV, for the Sparks community to deal with.) That isn’t conscious or aware.

It’s like vacation. They go and act on their best /worst (perceived) behavior which is often times just talked about, but not really lived in the “real world.”

I have gone to festivals and been privy to the experience of mass telepathy… but at the end of the day, people are still leaving their trash in the woods.

The idea is nice, and it can seem like a superficial spiritual ideal…  but nothing is free at these events. And most likely if you are volunteering, you are still paying a deposit for space, and if they feel you have not lived up to your duties, your money will be kept.

You still have to pay for the key to success… which is water, and it is over priced.

As stewards, We are being called into the world for our work. And many times these festivals parade as open minded and welcoming, but really have a seedy underbelly of pretension and selfishness.

And yes, it costs to throw a festival, it costs to pay the talent… but don’t you think that if they really relied on the Universe, it would all fall together on desire and cooperation?  That is true co-creation.

You will probably meet some really genuine, but clueless people, who tell you exactly what you want to hear, in order to keep conflict to a minimum.

I don’t know dude. Music is my guide and anchor a lot of times… And I will always check out where the music is… but in the expanse of total experience I would say there is a large emptiness and confusion which permeates these events. Perhaps you will find unexpected awakening through this feed back and your experiences on the road. I wish you luck and safety. But as they once use to say… “don’t put your eggs all in one basket,” with this one.


Dearest George,

My apologies for writing in once and then never again, but I haven’t felt that I had any information worth sharing besides of course great praise for you, the PAT, and now Jahn!! And may I just say WOW the articles lately have been stunningly good and I am so excited for the events at hand.

I can concur that the sky has been spectacularly blue and clear, however tonight I saw multiple planes setting up the haze to cover the sunset in the late afternoon. Today was strangely lovely weather, and my day was near perfect, I had the house to myself and painted. Sorry, don’t want to bore you with too many unnecessary details.. what I wanted to talk to you about is my father. When he came home from work today he verbally harassed me and invaded my space in the same old way, went on and on about how he is unhappy with my behavior, how I need to find a summer job and “do something” with my life, talk to him more, not be so “closed off” in my room.. he was throwing many orders and accusations my way. This is all since I was accidentally dropped from my summer course, so I have time off until August.

Sadly this situation seemed to still affect me in the same negative way as when it would happen before and I ended up losing my cool and crying for quite a while afterwards. I eventually had to completely ignore him and not respond at all for him to even leave me alone. I wonder why I chose to have such a man for my father.. His eyes were so dead, I feel like he could be a hologram, which makes me even more disappointed that I was affected so easily by his totalitarian behavior. I had called him a jerk and he told me to make a list saying why he is a jerk (since I didn’t explain much, thought it was strikingly obvious) and then also to write a list for all the things he does for me, as if the latter would outright the negative.

Well I wrote a list and there are 31 reasons to why he is a jerk and I believe about five for what he does for me, which consists of providing for me and giving gifts on holidays. However now I do not know if I should give him the list as it may cause more problems for myself, though perhaps I will when I feel ready to face his wrath whilst keeping calm and remaining centered.

Anyways, basically what I wanted to write in for was advice on how to handle this situation. Should I just go along with all the stupid things he tells me to do, answer to everything whenever asked, and be as obedient as possible? I know strength in this kind of confrontation must come from within, but I thought perhaps you would have some helpful words for me. However if you don’t have the time for this please do not bother! I am so glad ascension is soon as I of course don’t want to have to deal with this restrictive living situation much longer.

All my love and gratitude
Tracy, California

Dear Tracy,

I am happy that you have written to me again. When I read your letter I had a spontaneous idea which is always the best one. Just feel pity for your father for one simple reason – very soon you may no longer see him when the shift and the final ID split will come, as he will drop to a lower vibrational timeline and will most probably disappear from your reality.

For this reason why not just do the most obvious thing. Next time he comes home and starts scolding you, you simply use your female charm and embrace him, give him a kiss and say “dad don”t be angry, enjoy your life, it is so short. I love you…”  something like this and then see how he will react. Just try to disable his anger through affection. This is the easiest way to dismantle his discontent and to build a protection around you.

I would not recommend you to give him this list as it will only create bigger problems and irritations.

With love and light

Brilliant as always! That was exactly the inspiration I needed. Thank you so much George

Many blessings

Hello: D

I would just like to say thank you to all the PAT members for taking your time and energy to write these articles. They have certainly opened my eyes and helped me understand the process of ascension. I’d like to share a cute story about the separating of Timelines.

On Father’s Day I was playing with my little cousin who is 2 years old and out of nowhere she started saying goodbye to all physical objects and as well as the sky, the trees, and so on. It hit me right away that she was saying goodbye to the 4D world.

There are so many signs that I see that confirm the separation everyday and I would have not known what it meant if it wasn’t for the PAT members. If i hadn’t I would be a very confused person, haha. Once again I’d like to say thank you very much! You truly have helped me along the ascension process!

Light and love,

Dear Clelia,

I am happy to hear that the articles on our website have helped you better understand the events that now unfold on this planet and change it beyond recognition. This is the primary objective of this website.

All small children have an open channel to their souls and they know much more than their parents. That is why it is very important to pay attention to our children and to take earnestly all their comments. Unfortunately most parents and adults discard the children’s statements as empty fantasy or as an expression of an unripe mind. Nothing is further from the truth.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I experienced a very intense energy wave since 4 PM today (June 19), with the extreme symptoms associated with ascension test runs. Skin burning, piercing temporal headache on the left side, possibly inflammation in the left ear and gum, mental/emotional chaos. I needed all my arsenal of methods to process it. I reckon this is already a forerunner wave of the upper 4D evolutionary leap the Elohim announced for the coming days. I assume you are also strongly hit by the wave, so there is no need to reply.

Yours truly,

Dear Zoltan,

I was hit yesterday (June 18) the whole day as I get such waves 3-4 days before the actual shift. Today was calm for me but at this very moment (18.00 CET) there is another peak.



Can they finally be on to the truth of the cosmos?

Physicists have a dark matter problem

Energy misdefined

“Carpe Diem!”, Seize the day!

Dear Charlotte,

I have solved all these problems in my books on physics – section “cosmology”.


Dear Georgi,

Wow again! Everything is said in such a clear way that there is really NO WAY to add something  to your explanations! But still …. even then humans still don`t see or hear, even after presenting this on a golden platter!

I`m not much participating on the daily conversations, because to me everything is said and done ,and explained “from under a magnifying glass“! So to speak.

Thank you for your writings and answers to all our questions. They are a true blessing!

Most of the time I`m thinking, if people do not want to see the whole shift, well … let them burn in hell! I really don`t give a damn! But then again I also tend to explain to some people ,like some kind of a teacher, what is really going on.

Thanks to your website of course! Like you just put it. It`s “throwing pearls to the swines“.

Do we actually realize that your site, Georgi, is actually helping us to smoothen our doubts and questions on a daily base? I`m very happy to read this every day! It really helps me through, and just mind about the beautiful nature surrounding me and not to have to work for the Orion system anymore for several years now! Thank God!

You make this transition feel so much easier ,my God, Sananda and all the Angelic realms, bless you for your help !

Dear Igor,

I am glad to hear that you enjoy the postings on our website. It is a daily upward battle to streamline the thoughts and ideas of humanity, and not only of the enlightened group of the PAT, and actually that is why we are here. Not to act and combat the evil in a physical manner. This is the job for young and ripe souls to do.



As George said….

“There is nothing to be said against the desire to feel nice, but if you feel nice while you go to a brothel and sleep with a whore while you have a loving wife (your soul) at home you are a son of a bitch. You substitute your pure love with a love for flesh and if you feel nice in such a situation then you are really a lost soul.”

Why are you wiling to settle for less than when you can have it all? Ascension is not about external influences, it is about making change within oneself. I have traveled to numerous new age events and what I came away with was more questions and an empty heart. You have the answers inside yourself. The teacher you need to connect with is your higher self. Why settle for a whore who masquerades herself as a goddess; it is illusion. Time for you to wake up.

George is giving you a good counsel.

Love and  Light,

Hallo George,

I’ve experienced higher vibrations during the past two days which really feels great for a change.

Anyhow, I have a question: Who is going to clear the fear and pain of 5,5 Billion hollow souls on our upper 4D earth, when the MPR goes underway?  I was just wondering how this is going to be managed.

in love and light,

Dear Joe,

they will be simply retrieved from this timeline during the event as announced in Jahn’s  messages. Read also the latest message from Carla about the coming event after June 21.


Dear George,

enclosed the translation of the text (The Light and Love Illusion: Why the Esoteric Scene Has Failed on Both Ends). It contains again very many self-reflective wisdoms and reveals the eternal dilemma of doing or not doing. This opens large areas of self-knowledge for me since I originally come from this esoteric scene and even today I see how much they still stick “in their shoes too big“. The errors are legendary and when I speak of the concepts that I have read for months in the Universal Law Press, they tell me at most: “The ascension is meant metaphorically. We have been there a long time....” – I can then only go away shaking my head in disbelief.

In this context, It came immediately to my mind theBhagavad Gita Krishna and Arjuna’s, even before Jesus Sananda refers to the battle of Kurukshetrahimself. It represents exactly the drama in the esoteric scene, the paralyzing doubt. The not being able to distinguish between what is divine and what is not. And here the Esoteric scene has really failed all along the line.

Unfortunately I could not find better videos and will search again, because it reflects a global issue. If you find it interesting, I can do a follow-up in English.

Warm greetings from Bern
Björn Kurt

Lieber Georg,

anbei die Übersetzung von dem Text. Er trägt wieder für mich sehr viele selbst-reflektierende Weisheiten und das ewige Dilemma des Tuns oder nicht tuns wird offenbar. Da tun sich für mich große Felder der Selbsterkenntnis auf, da ich ursprünglich aus dieser Esoterischen Szene stamme und auch heute sehe, wie sehr sie noch in ihren viel zu großen Schuhen stecken. Die Irrtümer sind legendär und wenn ich von den Konzepten spreche, die ich über Monate von Der Universal Law Press gelesen habe sprechen, heisst es meistens. “der Aufstieg ist metaphorisch gemeint. Wir sind schon lange dort… ” – Da kann ich dann nur noch kopfschüttelnd gehen.

In diesem Zusammenhang kam mir auch sofort dieBhagavadgita mit Krishna und Arjuna in den Sinn, noch bevor Jesus Sananda selber auf die Schlacht von Kurukshetra hinweist. Es repräsentiert genau das Drama in den esoterischen Lagern, das lähmende Zweifeln. Das nicht-unterscheiden können zwischen dem was göttlich ist und was es nicht ist. Und da hat die Esoszene wirklich auf ganzer Linie versagt.

Leider habe ich in der hast keine guten Videos gefunden und werde da noch mal nachgraben, denn es reflektiert ein globales Thema. Falls Du es interessant findest, kann ich ein follow-up auf englisch machen.

herzliche Grüsse aus Bern
Björn Kurt

Dear Bjorn,

I thank you very much for the very quick translation of this important message that draws a line on the sand.

I must confess that I am not extremely knowledgeable in Indian teachings, not least because my soul has expressively forbidden me to immerse myself into them, as this activity would only distract me. But I am fully aware that one can learn a lot from them. Now I have not quite understood from this video, what kind of insights this battle contains, and also on the Internet (Wikipedia), I did not find anything further about it.

But there is an esoteric principle that there must be always a harmony, a consensus between thought and action, if you want to grow spiritually. I myself have already followed this rule very early as a dissident and I have not regretted it since then, although this has made my life socially and professionally rather difficult. But since I know my soul, she would have not spared me this experience anyway, so it was better to go the straight way, if it was planned for me to overcome these hurdles.

I could have also said that one should never betray himself, but in reality most people do not even know that they have betrayed anything, namely their soul, as the discussion with Anthony today (June 19) proves.

I agree with you that the “confusion of tongues” has assumed colossal proportions in the esoteric scene and the critical judgment was abandoned entirely.

This is nothing new to me. But the power of the knowledge that emanates from this message, has also blown me away a little bit, now that I have finally realized that the dices are cast, and that the said errors have already led to tangible consequences for millions of souls that we will see very soon, when the change will come – according to my latest information immediately after June 21st.


Lieber Björn,

ich danke dir vielmals für die sehr schnelle Übersetzung dieser wichtigen Botschaft, die einen Schlussstrich zieht.

Ich muss gestehen, dass ich nicht sehr bewandt bin in den Indischen Lehren, nicht zuletzt deswegen, weil mir meine Seele es ausdrücklich verboten hat, mich darin zu vertiefen, da diese Beschäftigung mich nur ablenken würde. Aber mir ist es bewusst, dass man viel daraus lernen kann. Ich habe nun aus diesem Video nicht ganz verstanden, welche Erkenntnis in dieser Schlacht steckte, und auch in Wikipedia habe ich nichts Näheres darüber erfahren.

Aber es ist eine esoterische Grundregel, dass es eine Harmonie, eine Einvernehmlichkeit zwischen Denken und Handeln geben muss, wenn man spirituell wachsen will. Ich habe selbst diese Regel bereits als Dissident sehr früh verfolgt und ich habe es bis heute nicht bereut, obwohl ich mir dadurch das Leben in sozialer und beruflicher Hinsicht nur schwer gemacht habe. Da ich aber meine Seele kenne, hätte sie mir diese Erfahrungen sowieso nicht erspart, so dass es besser war, den geraden Weg zu gehen, wenn schon diese Hürden überwinden werden mussten.

Ich hätte auch sagen können, man soll sich nie selbst verraten, aber in der Wirklichkeit wissen die meisten Leute nicht einmal, dass sie irgend etwas verraten, nämlich ihre Seele, wie die Diskussion mit Anthony von heute beweist.

Ich stimme dir zu, dass die Sprachverwirrung in der Esoterik-Szene  kolossale Ausmaße angenommen hat und das kritische Urteilsvermögen gänzlich aufgegeben wurde.

Dies ist nichts Neues für mich. Aber die Wucht der Erkenntnis, die aus dieser Botschaft  heraus strömt, hat mich auch ein wenig umgehauen, da ich nun endgültig realisiert habe, dass die Würfel gefallen sind und dass die besagten Irrtümer bereits zu handfesten Konsequenzen für Millionen von Seelen geführt haben, die wir sehr bald sehen werden, wenn die Wende kommt – nach meiner neuesten Information sofort nach 21. Juni.

Liebe Grüße

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