My Personal Choice – 4D or 5D?

by Anthony Scarpulla and Georgi Stankov, June 18, 2013

Dear Georgi,

After reading Maria Alice Carneiro’s message to you on her worry about the young people, I was immediately inspired to finally write my energetic update that I’ve been neglecting to write for the past few months.

I too currently find myself in the exact situation that Maria described when talking about the youth of Brazil:

“I see a lot of young people finishing their universities and facing a “work-field” where they can not express their individual abilities, their spontaneous expression on “how to do” or “how to work with” the challenges of their experiences … Those that have artistic essence/inclination are the ones that are most affected, and, the most sensitive.

I just graduated from the University of Miami, with a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism. Miami was an extremely difficult place to undergo a spiritual awakening. Much of the student populus was blinded by materialistic consumerism, and nobody seemed to notice the world beyond their iPhone. I only managed to meet one person there who knew anything about ascension, and for much of my time there, I felt as if I was an alien in a strange land.

Fast forward to today, my twin flame and I have plans to attend various transformational festivalsthis Summer.

If your not aware of what transformational festivals are all about, this masterfully done documentary series, Bloom, can give you an incredible look into what they’re all about. It looks to me like the closest thing to an ascended culture or environment I’ve ever seen
here on 3D Earth.

Here’ a quote from Jett- Kei, the creator of the Bloom series, on what transformational festivals are all about: “These co-creative and participatory environments are producing immersive realities which – instead of being defined by opposition or resistance – are inclusive spaces for practicing a holistic, new world. They are infused and spilling over with vibrancy and inspiration and their model is one based on the actualization of individual and collaborative potential, where love, connection and healing are values by which everyone abides with ease and familiarity.”

This is where our head is currently at. Following our hearts for now, not knowing entirely what the future may bring. We only have about $2,000 saved up for our Summer travels, and we aren’t planning on actively pursuing any type of typical job afterwords. Part of the reason we are travelling to all of these festivals is to meet like minded souls, and to make connections, so that we can possibly find a job that is in alignment with our spirit and our heart.

That being said, I am currently hanging on a thread for a few more days until I leave my homebase in Rochester, NY, as my parents have been bombarding me with all the negative energy they can seem to muster up, claiming that I’m “running away from the real world, I need to get a real job, what am I going to make of myself, how are you going to make money” etc… Having to repeatedly defend and attempt at defining myself to them has been like trying to explain the color blue to a blind person.

While I know in my soul that the reality structure that they are attempting to impose on me is not only outdated and irrelevant, I still have my doubts and fears, because despite the fact that we’re in the 4D now, we’re still bound up by the limitations of the Orion money system. Life still feels like, well, life. We can’t travel without having to pay for the necessities, like food, shelter, and transportation. We feel alone, scared and terribly uncertain, but a huge part of us feels intensely secure and safe in knowing that we are indeed on the right path.

I feel like I’m being torn into two, as my old way of being, feeling and thinking is currently being released, while the new is undergoing some intense birthing pains.

I don’t know whether or not to worry about money, or to worry about having to secure some kind of job and “security” of some kind, because not only is that all I’ve ever known and been told what to do, that is what all of my friends around me are opting for. The external pressure drives me nuts at times, while at others it doesn’t seem to faze me at all. I feel like I’m having a hard time deciding how much energy I should dedicate to trying to make money, and how much I should devote to doing things that I know will further my spiritual growth. While I understand that you are much older than I am and better off financially, what do you suggest we do in our current paradoxical situation? And how, if we are now in the 4D, can we still be living under the same physical conditions of 3D life?

I still have my lingering doubts in ascension, as I have yet to have any direct and overwhelming experience in the upper realms to assuage my personal doubts. I want to experience the things you seem to talk about on a daily basis, but I don’t know how. Perhaps it’s not even a matter of knowing, it’s something that my soul has mapped out for me whenever it is that I’ll be deemed ready… but I feel like I’m ready NOW more than ever to experience a connection with my higher self and the higher realms that exist within/without!

I apologize if I’m ranting, but I guess I had a lot more to get off my chest than I originally thought. Ascension has been delayed, and delayed and delayed, and like you and all the other members of the PAT, I am tired of this shit. I want the freedom that I know we deserve. I want to co-create a reality based on bliss, love, creativity, truth, while living in harmony with Mother Nature and her bounty of life. Here’s hoping that we all discover this as soon as possible.

Much love to you and the rest of the PAT,
Anthony Scarpulla

Dear Anthony,

let me be completely honest with you. While I understand your dilemma based on your deep seated doubts:

“Should you follow the pecuniary American way of life and vote for an illusory security in an already crumbling Orion system or should you follow your very weak inner voice that whispers you that you should reject this reality and opt for a new world. ”

However I must admit that I have no particular compassion for your problem and I will explain to you why:

You are now torn between these two divergent alternatives that have created an artificial crisis in the core of your personality, which you could very easily solve by changing your pattern of thinking and not by external actions and participation in weird social events. This would say that you should resolve first and foremost your personal doubts about ascension and the finality of this world.

Nobody else can help you to solve this perceptual problem in your inner realm. For instance I can only publish information confirming ascension and the end of this world, which I get from my HS and from other members of the PAT, including some external selected and reliable sources. But I cannot convince anybody like you, who in the presence of so much overwhelming evidence about the finality of this world prefers to cherish his doubts and considers in earnest viable solutions for his young life within the old Orion matrix at this auspicious time. Your presentation is full of such obvious contradictions and paradoxical statements that you as an educated journalist must have immediately stumbled upon them, while reading your email before sending it to me.

I watched the video “Bloom series on the transformational festivals” and my honest opinion is that these happenings have nothing to do with true spirituality, but with the way the majority of young souls on the verge of entering the incarnation cycle of adult soul age will gestalt their collective life on the future stabilized upper 4D after the collapse of the old matrix has been overcome. To my estimation this will happen by the end of this summer.

Most of these incarnated souls that feel so attracted to these transformational festivals will not ascend to the 5th dimension as they are not ready yet. That is why their festivals look very much like another rosy, fluffy New Age version of Las Vegas. Also the environment they have selected for their events is identical – the American desert. This choice is not only of a symbolic character, but also prophetic – it gives you a clue, where these souls will remain on the Jacob’s ladder of ascension – on the 4D desert and will need like the Jews during their Exodus from Egypt eons of linear time before they reach the promised land.

If this is your alternative to finding an Orion job – then follow the advices of your parents and seek a proper job for you. You will most probably not find one, but you will be saved from the illusion that attending such empty, colourful festivals and mass spectacles is the right spiritual path for you. It is not! You will never find the right path, unless you find the courage first to make the proper basic decisions in your inner space and to challenge in a credible way all premises that drive you now in this crumbling society.

If you have followed my website regularly, you must have read the contributions of many other crystalline children and must have appreciated their indomitable dedication to the ascension process as well as the steadfastness and resoluteness of their uncompromising decisions and endeavours – most of the time at the price of huge personal sacrifices.

Your letter to me perspires none of these true human virtues and I must openly tell you that you must go a long way before you reach this level of spiritual clarity, determination and personal courage. However as the energies are now much more conducive to such a rapid evolution, I can only recommend you to disregard both, your intention to visit these non-transformational festivals of the “one hundredth monkeys” as well as your fearful desire to find an Orion job and secure your life.

Especially being an educated journalist, you should know better than anybody else that creative writing in the current Orion dominated mainstream media that is controlled by a few moguls is not only undesired, but simply does not exist. So much discernment should I expect from you after spending 4–5 years (?)  studying journalism at the university of Miami.

Finally let me assure you that I am worse off financially than you and have been ever since two decades. But I have never made my decisions based on pecuniary considerations as otherwise I would have never edited this website for free and spend twice as much time daily than when I worked as a head of clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry and belonged to the top paid specialists in this field.

With love and light

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