The Pennies From Heaven Announce the Coming of Nibiru and Our Ascension

by Dorie  Bowlin, June 2, 2013

Hello Georgi!

I am feeling a little better, thank you for asking, but I’ve been going through a huge cleansing since May 28th as well. On May 30th I had an amazing day and even commented that a huge shift in energy must have taken place within me because I was experiencing increased euphoric energies that I had never felt before. I even commented to a friend that they must be 5D energies.  And from what I am reading from you and Jahn in your new posts this morning, I feel that on that day I must have also anchored myself into the 5D energies!

Even though I am feeling better emotionally, the physical symptoms of joint pain still persist off and on. Today I am experiencing severe pain in my shoulders and knees and these symptoms are all very similar to what we experienced during the most arduous portal openings and ascension test runs. While asleep last night, I once again experienced another ascension test run. Whenever this happens, I know things are gearing up and we are preparing to make another attempt with all members on board!

I can’t say that I’ve had much input from HS. I’ve been so busy taking care of my friend that I haven’t had a chance to listen. But what HAS been happening is that I’ve been receiving some amazing signs in the form of actual “pennies from heaven”. (I attached one of the pictures!)

On May 22nd I was standing outside on the small patio of my friend’s apartment feeding the new gosslings from the nearby pond. At that time there was nothing unusual on her patio. The next day when I looked outside to see if the gosslings had returned, I noticed a group of 3 or 4 pennies on the patio that were not there the previous day, and, while I was curious, I did not ask my friend Laura about it. On the 25th, when I went back to take care of Laura for the evening shift, she told me she went out to feed the geese that day and then she asked me about the pennies and if I had seen them there the day before, and I said yes, I saw 3 or 4 and she said, “Oh no Dorie, there are more than 3 or 4,  go look!” And I became so excitied because I knew immediately then that this was a sign, so I ran to the door and opened it and now there are nine pennies!! They were all lined up in a row! Yes, these were definitley pennies from heaven! I knew 9 was the number of completion, and HS confirmed that this was a sign that we were almost home! But HS was telling me, there was still more to the message that I didn’t grasp.

The next day I was catching up in an email with Eugene and told him about the pennies. He said take a picture and show me. So when I went out to take a picture of the pennies, I noticed that they were no longer in a straight row, that they were slightly moved out of alignment. Eugene’s intuition told him this looked like a star alignment of some kind, maybe Pleaides, but Pleaides has 7 stars in it’s alignment. Also, one of the pennies came out from the rest like the arrow of a compass.

I looked at the pennies again, they were pointing at the door to the apartment, and the arrow seemed like it was coming from the west going east. Next, Eugene said, “maybe this represents Nibiru (the nine moons of Nibiru)”.  BAM, that was it Georgi! I knew it immediately! I looked up and found pictures of Nibiru and it’s tail. There were nine points of light in the picture and in the exact alignment that I had found the pennies in on the previous day!

I asked HS about this and she said,

“Nibiru is at your door – the copper pennies represent the “red planet” and the tail of Nibiru which leaves a fallout of copper colored dust behind as it moves through the galaxy. The trajectory of Nibiru has been controlled by the HR – what has been seen in the skies thus far, and the effects that have been felt by this ‘Twelth planet’ are what has been allowed to be seen and felt. Nibiru will be put into full motion to add to the grand finale of events. The time is at hand for you to come home.

Since then Georgi, I have had dreams of the separation of 3D that confirmed Jahn’s and Carla’s messages as well. And yesterday, June 1st, there were 3 more pennies added to the collection of 9. We now have a total of 12 Pennies. HS tells me this represents the number 3, as well as the numbers 6 + 6 which = 12. She is confirming her previous message to me in regards to the dates of 6/3 and 6/6 (June 3 and June 6) that were given in her last message:

“We are going to give you four important dates:

May 23, 2013, May 25, 2013, June 3, 2013, June 6, 2013.

Let’s take a look at that last date. In numerology you can write this date as 6/6/6, or 6+6+6 which equals 18. The numbers 1+8 equal 9, and the number 9 is the number of completion. In religious text 666 is known as the infamous mark of the beast. Understand that we do not give you this little numerology lesson to say that there is ‘hidden power’ in numbers, we give you this only as knowledge to the fact that there was a ‘hidden agenda’ by the forces of darkness to take this auspicious number combination, an important ‘date’ in the future, and infuse it with fear. It is our plan to take it back and fill it once again with Light.”

I am feeling, as Jerry, that we have entered the last ascension wave and this week will be of utmost importance.  I am hoping to check in this afternoon with HS once again this afternoon after finishing my shift here today with my friend to give you an up to date report!

Btw, I am so glad Georgi that you were able to spend time with your soul mate. What a lovely gift to be able to do so at the end of times! I have not heard from April in a couple of weeks, after we exchanged photos of one another. My sense is that she is definitely moving through a difficult time right now and taking a much needed break!

I hope you are feeling a little better today Georgi! I’ll be in touch soon, hopefully with a new message from HS, but from the looks of it Jahn is doing a great job and we are so fortunate that he can share with us when the rest of us are so busy with what’s left of 3d!

Much love to you!

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