In This Moment!

by Skyler Newman, June 22, 2013


I just published a new short message called “In this Moment…” if you’d like to share it with others. Here is the message:

“In this Moment!

You have the choice to be whoever you want to be, and to experience whatever you want to experience, because within this moment lies the potential for infinite creation. You’ve spent enough time in your stagnant state of dissociation between temptation and salvation, so make your choice NOW!

Because within this choice lies the power to shift your consciousness, and since your consciousness is connected with the collective consciousness, you are creating a universal spark, a catalyst for change throughout the entire collective, but this can only occur upon making a distinct commitment that forces you to take a leap of faith off the proverbial cliff without a net beneath your feet to catch you if you fall.

It is this transcendence of fear that eliminates darkness, but you will only allow yourself to take this leap of faith once you BELIEVE with full confidence that no matter what happens next, you are making the right choice, because you feel the LOVE in your heart and the blood pumping through your veins as your soul calls out to you from Heaven saying, “I AM ALIVE, AND I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!” as you plunge into the heart of darkness only to find there is nothing but WHITE LIGHT on the other side—the heaven that you created with your own conscious intention, and the LOVE, OH YES, THE LOVE just bursts from your heart exploding into an orgasmic detonation of BLISS, and you find that all past fear, all past doubts and worries and complaints are gone, and there is nothing but the DIVINE PROVIDENCE OF GOD left in its place!

But it all comes down to this moment right now. Are you ready? CHARGE!”

With love and light,

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