A Milestone in the Finalization of the Ascension Process for Gaia and Humanity Has Been Reached This Night, June 16, 2013

by April Bender and Georgi Stankov, June 16, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Happy Father’s Day!!

Wow, I woke up this morning with again the feeling that somehow, there were less souls here where I reside. It has been strangely quiet and still all morning, no activity from the neighbors and just this pervasive sense that everyone has left or gone somewhere.

My husband came in the bedroom shortly after I had awaken but was still laying there looking out of the window, and he complained of terrible dreams all night long. He couldn’t sleep much.

Once I went into the living room and checked your website, I read your very synchronistic post, which gave me the chills! In a good way, smile. I then went back and read it to Tony, which seemed to give him some comfort and explanation to his experience last night.

I then felt strongly compelled to check in with HS because something BIG definitely happened last night. Below is her message, which I’m still wrapping my head around (I haven’t had my morning coffee yet), but am eager to hear what you think. It seems, we are almost there indeed! I feel wonderful today.

Much love and light,

HS Update 6-18-13

Therefore today should indeed be a moment of pause, reflection and great celebration!! The facilitation of the movement/ alignment of souls to their correct 4D timeline placements is a huge feather in your caps and indicative of the final, miraculous migration that is yet to come, very soon! Things will only get sweeter from here!

HS: Congratulations! You have reached another important milestone in the finalization of the ascension process for Gaia and humanity. What has occurred in the last 24-48 hours was the completion of the migration and magnetization of souls to their correct, harmonious 4D timeline.

Let me explain. Prior to this, many souls were aggregating on various 4D parallel timelines, but these were not necessarily to be their proper and/or rightful timelines. Such as with any energy influx, many souls were catapulted to various 4D timelines, but some were catapulted to levels that were too high for them to maintain vibrationally. Granted they were attracted to the vibration of the timeline, but not necessarily able to hold that resonance consistently. What has since happened, was a slowing, a settling of portal energies, in which all souls could settle more correctly into their right and proper timeline resonance.

So in essence, what you experienced this morning with a sense of less souls inhabiting your space, is absolutely spot on. The portals have in a sense down-shifted to allow a stabilizing effect, to allow the energies to settle and be sorted (migrated) to their correct and harmonious place.

In keeping with recent computer metaphors, because of the recent influx of ascension energies, giving all souls the opportunity to be catapulted even higher amongst the timelines if they could maintain that timelines frequency/resonance, many were able to maintain and many were not, therefore a sort of defragmentation program must be run for optimal position and alignment of all, before the next larger, influx/ upliftment/ shift or mass movement can be undertaken.

This defragmentation and harmonization process follows the initial birthing of the parallel timelines as well as the energetic thrust/ influx that catapulted/ migrated souls to various timelines as a result of that surging/ lifting process. Therefore, the defragmentation and harmonization process is the culmination of this larger endeavor and the close of one major ascension phase and the beginning of another.

With all souls now within their rightful timeline, whether temporary or permanent remains to be seen (how far they will climb is strictly up to each soul). Obviously the PAT will continue raising/lifting much higher as will others, so where you find yourself now is only temporary, and your ascension experience will only deepen and expand as each gradation and/ or level is visited and then surpassed by you. In this way, you the frontrunners and wayshowers are carving out and lighting the pathway for others to follow. You are facilitating in every sense, these ID splits/ parallel realities. This also helps to clarify the need for parallel 5D earth timelines as well. You are creating each foundational stepping stone for those who can follow, up to the point in which they can.

All souls have now been placed in their proper timeline of resonance in regards to all 4D parallel timelines. Therefore the PAT will now begin to walk the pathway of 5D, again in gradations, and if you thought the walk within 4D held some neat things, wait until your full journey into 5D. Most of the PAT has been flirting with 5D levels for quite some time now, and some have even begun to take up more of a permanent resonance there and beyond, however, the time for deepening into that experience in a much more intimate way is close at hand.

The catalysts for this next leg of the journey will build upon those catalysts already in play. Meaning that upper 4D will very soon manifest the Revelation of the Illusion and MPR as mentioned before (and this is in preparation of 5D movements/ migrations), but they will be experienced much differently on this timeline than those of the lower 4D worlds. There will naturally be less upheaval, less conflict, much less devastation. But these events still need to happen and happen soon, in order to complete the reordering and restructuring of energy necessary for Gaia to sustain 5D human forms upon her, and this of course includes the ascending human form, or 5D crystalline form. And of course executing the divine plan in this way allows the souls of the masses to gradually grow and acclimate into the different ascending levels.

Please try and understand/ grasp that yes, while it is correct to say that 5D Gaia already exists in the eternal now, in your specific moment of still linear time this must be manifested in steps/stages and gradations. This is why you could not just move or ascend directly from 3D to 5D, assuming that 5D Gaia already exists. Of course she does as a potentiality and also as a firm outcome, but because of where you are in linear time, you must LIVE through and facilitate the actual birthing and movement/upliftment to 5D in increments/stages.

Therefore today should indeed be a moment of pause, reflection and great celebration!! The facilitation of the movement/ alignment of souls to their correct 4D timeline placements is a huge feather in your caps and indicative of the final, miraculous migration that is yet to come, very soon! Things will only get sweeter from here!

There of course is still work to be done, but it should in the main be of a much more joyful nature. You’ll still have days until you ascend, where it can get rough, but know that is only because you carry the weight of the web of light on your backs, but hopefully you noticed that your load just got a lot lighter in the last 24 hours! And it will continue to do so, as less and less souls will be following you now, destined for 5D.

Again, let go of all expectations and prepare to be amazed for you are truly entering the days of miracles!


Dear April,

Excellent! Excellent explanation. And so timely at the same time. It brilliantly confirms what I felt this night  – a huge recalibration and migration of souls between the timelines as well as stabilization and harmonisation of the various 4D earths, which led subsequently to a further separation and solidification of the seven 4d timelines and a concomitant huge thrust of the upper 4D earth towards the 5th dimension.

I personally felt this latter movement as extremely powerful and overwhelming – this was my major experience. But this may be due to the fact that I reside most of the time in the 5th and even higher dimensions with my bodily vibrations now and have a direct connection to the source. That is why I participate now more in the upward movement and less so in the calibration of the lower vibrational 4D earths.

This message is such a fine validation of my nightly experience first hand. I do also confirm that the burden has become much lighter now, as there are definitely less souls in the basket of our web of light that we must heave to the 5th dimension. Although I still have a dry broncho-pneumonitis with coughing today from the huge nightly energy wave, it is nothing comparable to the physical predicament in previous ascension test runs.

Also the soul moods that now flood my emotional field are much more hilarious than only yesterday and there is definitely a significant shift to more harmonious energies today, where “things seem to get indeed much sweeter”.

Only this morning I discussed with Henry Bizon the ongoing energetic situation in connection with the latest message from GaiaPortal (June 16). This is what Henry wrote to me:

Dear George,

My eternal gratitude to you for the perennial lifeline, which your website provides for me and facilitates the means through which I can keep pace with the almost unfathomable developments of these final days.

I have just read the latest Gaia Portal message (16th June) which initially had me puzzled. I wondered if I might appeal to you for an interpretation, as you have done for us on many occasions. I was wondering if part (underlined) of the first paragraph was implicating the PAT in any way.


Shifting and reversal of selected gateways and portals occurs at this moment. Required to accommodate slowing of some Light worker’s ascension patterns, some of these will revert to prior energetic states, whereas others will retain the new configuration. Much occurs during the 6-15-13 (a 6-6-6) to the 6-18-13 (a 6-9-6) period.

Immediately after seeing this I went to your website and read the latest message from Jahn/Sai Baba in which he writes:


“This dream shows in relation to the unsolicited light reading visitors in summary: that the so called “4D-free-riders” may reach the top ranks, but eventually they will be removed. These copycats are primarily beings originating from the esoteric scene, which is declining deeper into errors and these beings now try to match the Highest Level, although they never awoke to these vibrations within their being. Therefore they are not able to recognize the „rules of the game“ of a light reading and hence play their own game. In addition to that is their intention to hinder or at least delay the ascension of the humans to 5D-Earth.

It seems that this passage answers the question I have posed for you. Do you agree with my consolidation of these two quotations or is there maybe something more to understand here?

With Much Love and Light,
Henry (Bizon)  UK

And here is my response to Henry which points to a further demand for clarification that has been now fully satisfied by your message:

Dear Henry,

I think that your interpretation of the GaiaPortal’s message in relation to Jahn’s latest message is correct. What puzzles me somewhat is why GaiaPortal does not mention the huge shift I have experienced this night. Was it part of the present “shifting and reversal of selected gateways and portals”?

Are these processes part of the announced separation of the upper 4D from the other catastrophic 4D earths as announced by Sai Baba? Seems to be the case. But as usually these messages are so cryptic that one can project anything onto them.

My assessment of the actual energetic situation is given in my urgent energy update of today.

With love and light

Dear April, all in all, a superb job and I will publish your message immediately as the PAT needs to know what has happened this night and where we stand now – indeed “ante porta” to the 5th dimension, where everything will be much more exciting and miraculous. This is what I sense all the time today.

With love and light

PS: Also my previous question whether there will be a MPR on the upper 4D earth has been answered positively by your HS – there will be as it has already occurred in all catastrophic 4D earths but less devastating. We should expect exciting times ahead of us.


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