My Mantra: I Am God, I Am Sovereign, I Am Free

by Alice Bitetzakis, June 23, 2013

My Dear Georgi,

I have not written in a while, but I have actively sought solace in the daily messages that you have diligently posted, no matter what you, personally have been experiencing, through your LBP or your meeting with your Twin Soul. You have held our hands and our hearts through these messages, and I will forever been in your debt. My appreciation for your role in these times, is unparalleled. Thank you for your guidance, your patience and your unrelenting belief in our Ascension.

I am writing now, because of your last post, “Urgent Message”. Upon reading it, I noticed that you specifically stated that what you experienced energetically, we in the USA, were experiencing in the AM.

I have been writing these last days, and on this day, June 22, 2013, I wrote the following at 8:43 A.M. I only realized this upon reading your message. I re-read it and it had quite the impact on me for I had not read it after writing it, but it spoke to the experience that you highlighted:

 “A further major expansionary event within the upper 4D timeline arrives that leads to another level of enrichment of Humanity where new energies shall flood in,  releasing new avenues of expansionary advancement that shall unfold into beautiful divine levels of new truth, new light, new vision and new  understanding”  

and therefore wish to share it with you.

With love and light,

I Am God, I Am Sovereign, I Am Free

If I were to die today, I would want my mantra to be written on my gravestone. If I was to be cremated, I would want it said that, “she was God, she was sovereign, she was free“, and then release my ashes as a confirmation of my existence on this plane.

But, I am not dead, though this 3D plane is dead for me, and it is this exact mantra, that has facilitated this death for me. I take this mantra with me, as it has become much more than that. It is my life force, my protection, my state of Beingness. It is Me – as nothing else has ever been or will ever be, for there is nothing more than, “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”, that will ever fit me, clothe me, protect me, nurture me, grow me as those words – that Logos, that formula, that food. For through these words, this mantra, I have been fed. My Soul nurtured, my body lightened, my mind released.

It is through this glorious mantra, that I have released myself from the 3D constraints which would, had I allowed it, to swallow me whole. Instead, these three simple words, coupled with my I AM Presence have allowed me to flourish, to grow into my Spiritual Aspect, My Light Body, My SELF.

The SELF of Divinity. The Self of Patience. The Self of Knowingness, Love and Peace. Without this mantra of protection, I don’t know that I would have made it out of this 3D existence, for I began as the antithesis of these three specially coded Logos.

Initially said as words that would keep my mind out of the proverbial “loop”, or that would be my protection through moments of crisis, they became statements of KNOWINGNESS. I began to wear them as truth. They began to fit me. I began to allow the elixir that fell from these Statements to nurture and guide me. They were my food, as my cells yearned for the light that came from them to feed me – to acknowledge me, in my truth.

I began to live them, to truly live them, as they were Me. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. The simplicity of these words, began to shine the light on their true greatness, their immortality, that power, and the ultimate truth. Our ultimate TRUTH. For am I not just an example of what is inherently a part of each and every one of us. Am I not the one who has taken the path, initially, where others fear to tread? I too was fearful, until these
words gave me power beyond measure.

The power to be my true Christed Self. My power was that of Love. Though I am still working out some 3D aspects, like anger, judgement, I find that that is less and less within me. I have been able through this mantra to flush, to face, to experience for the last time, that which no longer fits into my lifestream.

I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE.. That saying, given freely to me from another was my life jacket, the armor that has saved my Soul. Simplistic, though creative, they have altered my life, my existence, my perspective. They have saved me, altered me, healed me, nurtured me, during these end times.

I remember hearing, reading a phrase, (that I must paraphrase at this time) which goes something like: “As humans, our greatest fear – is living into our greatness“. I didn’t understand it then, but I do now, for we are all Ascended Masters – aspects of God, sovereign Beings, free to choose and not be held back from this greatness by Fear.

And therefore now I end as I began: I AM God, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE. And since I know that WE are UNITY – As I speak this mantra for myself, I speak it for each and every human, lest they forget it. I speak it for them, until they remember it. I speak it for them – so they can BE it. WE ARE GOD, WE ARE SOVEREIGN, WE ARE FREE. So Be It, So It Is.

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