Why The “Lightworker” Movement And It’s Marketing Schemes Don’t Move Me.

by Madge Midgely, June 29, 2013


Cheers and good day to you, Sir!  Hope all is well across our fine ocean to the mass of land you call home.

I wanted to share with you a piece of writing inspired by all these people, whom are lightworkers, who I thought, perhaps had a similar agenda; infiltrate my facebook page with advertisements for themselves.

Granted, it all looks nice and jolly, pretty and pepped up… but WTF…  Obviously those among the PAT understand that one of the biggest grips on humanity is our monetary system. And the same people who “want to heal the world” still rely on one of the biggest burdens in such work – money.

The “light workers” who have much influence right now, have sort of shifted into glossy magazine centerfolds. Looking beautiful and touting themselves as one thing… but yet still asking people pay for their knowledge.

I much like you, have free sourced everything that I make, in hopes of inspiration and growth through the experience, opportunity or exposure.

Money even makes people seem unattainable…

I am slapping my head right now as the idiocracy.

Okay enough said… here’s a link.




Why The Orion Monetary System Will Collapse This Summer

Dear Mandie,

I read your article. It is excellent and addresses a key issue that will loom high in the very next days when the events will begin to unfold with an astronomic speed. When the financial crash and the total collapse of the Orion monetary system will expel the slumbering masses from their current pecuniary hell, which they have self-proclaimed to be the only paradise they know, in order to be able to enter the real paradise of the 5th dimension, where there will be no money.

The abolition of money this summer will be the single most important event in the history of mankind and when the debris from this act of pure destructive creation are swept away, the eyes of the people will open for the first time to the true spiritual hierarchy of all existence in All-That-Is.

I have been impatiently waiting for this cathartic moment of humanity that will unfold this summer on the historic stage with an unprecedented sweeping force since 1997. Since then I have predicted and lived through three major depressions – 1997/1998, 2003/2004 and 2007/2008 that is still ongoing – where each one of them had the potential to crumble the old, dysfunctional Orion system.

This did not happen, much to my chagrin, because the people were not ready – emotionally, intellectually and creatively – to cope with the total loss of money. The immense collective fears, which an event of such gargantuan proportions would have unleashed, would have pushed the masses worldwide in the hands of the dark perpetrators of the NWO.

Now this time has arrived as this timeline (upper 4D) has fully moved to the 9th level of the 4th dimension and we, the PAT, have firmly ascended to the 5th dimension as a group, so that your article is very much en vogue.

Let me say a few words on the hypocritical pecuniary mentality of the blatantly failed New Age movement. It is exactly as you see it. The very fact that they sell spirituality for fiat money, worth less than toilet paper, in the preposterous assumption that their alleged spirituality, which as we all know is a mere illusion, will somehow make them immune against any form of pecuniary corruption, is the biggest spiritual confusion of all times – and in particular of this auspicious End Time.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that currently many New Agers, respectively their soul fragments, have already found themselves on the lower catastrophic 4D earths, while only their empty holographic images are still flickering on our upper 4D earth (9th level), but their faked rosy light is now rapidly waning away.

You can observe this trend very well when you scroll through their Internet websites which are now in a total disarray and expose all LW as absolute ignorants, as people who do not have the faintest idea what is currently ongoing on this holographic planet shortly before ascension.

Was it intended to be so? I doubt myself, but this is the logical consequence from the fact that all those belonging proudly to the  “lumpen proletariat of light” have stubbornly rejected from the very beginning any intellectual effort to grasp the true nature of money – namely that it has no value as you reaffirm in your article (and I have extensively explained and discussed in my books and articles) –  so that they can detach once and for all from all bogus announcements about hidden St. Germain’s fonds, NESARA and other P&A humbug (Prosperity and Abundance) that are still propagated and believed in numerous channelled messages coming from the dark aspects of their already lost souls and abandoned higher selves.

Sancta Simplicitas

This is not the way how one can open the doors to heaven and this bitter truth will be soon revealed when money will cease to exist this summer.


Madge Midgely


Money only moves me through some sort of necessary need when required because of the greater whole which subscribes to such fiction.

Guess what? I wanted a nice bike… and some one ditched a sweet 1968 Schwinn 3 speed Breeze in my alleyway near my trash. All it needs are some new break cables and some break pads, a little polish on the chrome… and shit… it even has a basket. A bike in this condition though old and salvaged, could easily get about 300 bones. Not bad, for something I neither stole, liberated, or bought. I look the local lost and found everyday, just in case someone else stole it and ditched it. It’s been about three weeks and nothing. Quite frankly, I don’t feel terrible about it.

I’m not trying to get all “The Secret” on you… but I have wanted a bike like this for a long time… with out some psychotic wanting. There were no “dream boards” in this “Mandie-festation.”

The “Light working” community say all the “right” things… but, they have given up the dream that ANYTHING can happen… with out money.

What is innovation? A great idea manifest. People are innovating new technology all the time. Sometimes the prototype is made from this and that, and isn’t the highest in recent tech… but it still stands for innovation in evolution.

People who want things to happen, do not require money to make it happen, they just do what they have to do in order to manifest the vision. All things start as an idea, and that idea requires participation. Even big ideas, sometimes only have the participation of one person. That person will participate all their resources to make it real… but at the end of the day, if they are looking for mass production it is going to cost money.

It may help the world; but it will cost some and benefit others. In fact the benefit of it may even monetarily drain the same people it is “helping” while floating those who monetarily supported the project…(i.e. pharmaceuticals.)

Did money invent electricity? Did money design the first plane? Did money grow the trees that build the house you live in?

NOOOOO dude… people with good ideas created these things. And these ideas were gifted on them for free by experience and participation.

Money is fiction. Money is our sour middle man. Money pretends to offer luxury that is actually afforded ALL, because innovation is a spark of the mind and spirit, and the things we create come from what we know already exists. Money is the buffer that keeps us from believing we are worth more, or that we can attain the unimaginable.

Everything has a price tag. Our services, our goods, crafts, foods, and creations. Gosh, it even costs money to do the most natural thing on Earth…procreate. Nestle’ wants EVERYONE to pay for their water…

Nothing is “free.”

Except ideas and drive… and those aren’t necessarily free as your conscious must be working to attain them.

The “light workers” were not called here to jump into the system in hopes just their presence there, would change the game. The Light Workers were called to change the game and redefine the standard.

I am sorry to say that they have failed their task. They have jumped down the Orion hoop and sold out. In; Cause, Reaction, Solution… their solution was to join the ranks and pretend that what they have to offer is some how different whilst still selling themselves (out) the same way as everyone else.


Money, is the blood on our hands. Money is what has usurped the people who were called here to change the world; with the lie that money DOES MEAN SOMETHING. That we need to love it and use it because it is “energy.”

That’s like me doing all your work, and you getting all the benefit. “Here is a shilling for your time.”

“Oh your fucking, bucket full of shillings is more worth while than me, though you did nothing? But it’s your business, so this is suppose to make sense?”

“Oh so I have to lick shoes and ass in order to prove my obviously great idea is great and sellable?”

I don’t care if it is fiat currency or gold… it is useless. It does not show YOUR WORTH or the worth of anything which you may find “sacred.”

When you try and figure out, “what you are REALLY worth” and “what life/experience means to you”… money really doesn’t define worth or much meaning. In this day and age, it is a “means to and end.”

It is what we use when our innovation and passion have been sucked dry by the leeches who desire what we have… free will and creativity.

It is the nasty hurdle which keeps tripping people up mentally, physically and spiritually. Every time you feel passionate or potential, this nasty voice comes in with a crippling excuse…

” I can’t do it because I don’t have the money” becomes the mantra of a victim.

Maybe it is knee replacement surgery, maybe it is the trip you want to take, maybe it is the speaker you want to hear…

Always leading back to the biggest and fictitious excuse known to man… Money.

People buy products which are crap because they are cheap. People buy beliefs posted on mainstream because they are repetitious and funded by crooks who don’t give a fuck… People buy the hype… because it is trendy, or new, or different.

But from my point of view it just makes those exact people seem cheap, repetitious, crooky and superficial.

It seems like these people are trying to figure out their internal space by buying into the external and therefore selling themselves. Much like a prostitute guised under the title “Good Marketer.”

And I’m sorry, but that isn’t Spirit. That is Sales. That is the effect of a sell out based on the hurdles of illusion.

Maybe my bike in the alley means nothing to you. But this is just one story out of thousands I have which relate to desire, manifestation and the fact money is fiction.

Money didn’t make that bike. A designer, and potentially a team of people did. And money didn’t make it’s metal handle bars… they came from the earth and some one fabricated the mineral. Money doesn’t make things happen… WE DO. If resilient and driven… WE FIND A WAY, REGARDLESS!

Good ideas NEVER DIE! Sometimes they just take a loooooong time shifting hands because of suppression.

If your innovation is good enough, people will want to jump on board, regardless of what you have to offer them… this is why people take internships. They are willing to work for the experience, lessons, and opportunity.

EVERYTHING is the same way.

When “Lightworkers” tell me that my problem is with money and that is why I keep it from me… well I know better. I don’t want money. I want the change everyone else wants. The difference is I don’t think money will make it happen, and in fact it will actually create more hurdles and frustrations for those who are actually looking to make a change, with out worrying about the change they make.

Think about Tesla. Think about all that suppression of technology. Tesla spent all he had and lost all he had… but he was novel and genius. We still speak of him, and want what he had to offer.

How much longer are we going to allow the derelict others to usurp our innovations and cloak them under the need of fiction called “money”?

As long as people continue to justify and compromise their real purpose here on earth, and as long as they continue to sell out for far less than their actual worth.

The system you loathe continues it’s grip on you, because of the excuses you make for it. The justifications for the unjust things it does.

For me, it isn’t that I hate the system, rather I hate how we have been so lackadaisical in recognizing the only ones who can change it, are ourselves. From the inside out.

I am saddened by the justification and lack of action in changing it.

Funny thing too… in order to change it, we have to abandon what we have for something else… because obviously what we have is not working for everyone and is getting out of control.

Step back a moment and look at money… for REAL. Would life continue with out it? Will trees still grow, water still flow? With out it, would we finally start to explore ourselves and what we have to offer?

Money keeps the stock market moving. Beyond that… it is a puppet, and the same master has his hands on you and the money.

Cut your strings. Think for yourself. Make the unimaginable happening by the amazing reserve of energy you have been given by the gift of life given by an abundant source which never runs dry. The only thing that keeps you from stepping into the unknown is fear. The only thing that makes you pad your bank account is fear… seriously, fear is no state of mind to teach your children… and fear is no mindset for making decisions.

Let go of fear, and see what happens… because fear like money; is fiction.

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