Final Detachments Prior to Ascension

by Kari, the Sunshine Girl, June 29, 2013

Hi Georgi,

I am in Vegas visiting my sister for a few weeks. I feel like a different person since the Solstice/ supermoon. I feel like good aspects of my old self are merging with good aspects of my new self, if that makes sense.

One thing that is very different is that I have found it easy to not drink alcohol even in social settings. I used to rely on a drink or so to lower my vibration, so that interactions were at least tolerable, but now it doesn’t seem to bother me. I feel more powerful by not drinking and I can really observe all the neurosis that is going on in the human minds around me. Although, I feel very bored and done with it already.

Anyhow, I’m writing because what you’ve been posting about people close to us and family members trying to get a free ride, is something I have experienced a lot lately. I feel inside of myself, so excited about my future, but then when I get around certain people, they are almost resentful of my positivity and they feel they must take me down a few pegs or something.

My sister is worried about finances right now and today she had a meltdown about it. I reminded her that in this present moment, she is absolutely fine and needs to remain calm and confident that it is all working towards her good. Well, she lashed out at me and saying that I’ve never been where she’s at, even though she’s absolutely insane because I’ve been there several times and she’s seen me struggle first hand. It just really pisses me off how their egos totally make up lies out of defense.

I caught myself ready to remind her of how I’ve been down to my last few dollars many a time and had a car nowhere near as nice as hers, etc. but then I just stopped and went and took a shower. I told her that I’m not drinking now and I need her to respect my sensitivity to her emotional breakdowns and not drag me down the corridor of fear with her because that’s not why I flew here from Hawaii on an expensive ticket. I came here to celebrate life with her and to be energetically supportive of her process, but not to be lashed out at, as if I am the cause of all her crisis.

Today, a thought came to me: I have to stay far away from the haters. I am doing better than ever, personally, but there really is no one to be happy for me. Everyone is bemoaning their own situations and it seems almost cruel for me to talk about how good I’m doing. Something about their fears hooks into me and makes me feel like maybe I am delusional and I’m not supposed to being doing OK and that it’s all going to fall apart for me soon. Then I feel very panicky and think maybe these next lines pertain to me:

It happens that those who, contrary to their expectations, find themselves on the lower vibrational levels of the 4D, must be taken care of in a state of emergency, as they will not be able to endure this (dire) reality at first. For verily, these people saw themselves ascending and realize in these days their true descent. A fact that makes many people physically, mentally – in short, energetically – collapse.

Like maybe I am not ascending and I have missed the boat and now I am surrounded by these victims that are trying to tell me, hey! Wake up, you’re still in hell with us, girlie. Life fucking sucks and it’s always going to suck and you are only doing good cuz you’re playing the system and it’s all gonna come unraveled here, shortly. That is the exact subconscious message in their words to me, I feel it. It’s horrible. And it makes me feel like I must pack everything and just head for the nearest mountain if I’m ever to get where I wanna be. No matter how much I still help them, they slightly despise me for it and it’s quite disgusting.

The worst part is, I fancied all these same people rising to a much higher level by now and sometimes they seem to make a lot of progress and then in one instant, they display that the intrinsic level of their consciousness has not altered much at all. It’s pretty disappointing, but even worse is me feeling like somehow, I’m stuck with them, since they are still in my reality.

Thanks for reading this, Georgi. Thank you for all that you do. I hope you are getting plenty of rest and are able to recharge yourself enough in these times.

Love, Kari

Dear Cari,

you are now witnessing and experiencing the separation of the souls first hand and many of the people you meet have already moved with  their soul fragments to lower catastrophic 4D earths. Their empty holographic images /bodies perspire their frustration of what they now experience on these timelines, but in a subconscious, unreflected manner as they themselves do not know the cause of this mood. They are just soulless beings, but, as we were told by Sananda, they can still experience emotions and evoke the superficial impression that they have also a brain and can think. This is however illusion and as soon as you feel a cold, chilly emanation from such a person, then you know that they have no soul anymore and then you must disconnect.

Next time come to me to Germany if you do not want to be dragged down and you can bask in the 5D energies of my personal portal.


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