The Energy Work With My Dual Soul Since May 22

by Georgi Stankov, June 11, 2013

This information is entirely based on what I and my dual soul have experienced since May 22 when she arrived in Bavaria. During her sojourn in Germany we were in a very close contact with our HS and other sources from the HR. At the beginning we were not fully aware of the actual energetic mission we were supposed to accomplish on behalf of humanity and even hoped for a respite to enjoy the pleasures of normal human life. But the ego-mind thinks and the soul rules.

In reality we experienced the most intensive energy bouts – cc-waves, severe broncho-pneumonitis, horror trips, etc. – that finally culminated in the ascension of my dual soul and my dramatic rescue operation to bring her back on the earth as to fulfil her mission together with me. To this I shall say much more below.

My dual soul came to Germany on her way to the Middle East, precisely to Istanbul. Initially she intended to stay in Turkey for a week – from June 1 to June 9. But her HS told her to shorten her journey to the 4th of June. My and her premonition was that a major earthquake may hit the old metropolis on the Bosporus as this is geologically the most vulnerable place in this region and has already suffered many huge and devastating earthquakes in recent years.

As it happens in such situations her HS provided a single free place in the airplane for her to change her return flight from Istanbul to Munich from June 9th to June 4th in the last minute. There was a great urgency from the higher realms for her to make this alteration in her initial travelling plan.

At the beginning we interpreted this as a strong possibility that we may both ascend from Germany around June 6th as this was announced by April’s and Dorie’s HS. But by the end of May we realized that the ascension scenario has been changed one more time and that we were scheduled to stay longer on the ground. Only after that we learnt step by step about the introduction of the parallel 4D earths scenario and received more precise information as to how this new energetic approach will unfold in the coming days.

When my dual soul first arrived in Bavaria, we immediately strengthened my portal by merging our energy fields on the spot. This was a planned action as my portal is the most powerful portal on the earth as confirmed one more time by the higher sources, which my dual soul channels all the time.

I knew about this fact since 2009 when my HS began to send me persistently future images of the rural region, where I live, as a prototype of the new ascended earth. At the same time I was made aware of the fact that through this portal all the new technologies such as free energy and anti-gravity vehicles, will be transferred onto the new earth. I must say that at that time I only considered a higher dimensional earth as the three-earth scenario we developed in 2011 and the latest splitting into seven parallel 4D earths were non-existent as astral probability alternatives in 2009.

Back at that time I was urged by my HS to start an incentive and try to win some CEOs of  big financial institutes in Germany to begin sponsoring this new technological project. I wrote many exposes and economic master plans based on this new vision, which I would like to summarize at this place as they will become very soon reality, though with a substantial delay.

The key idea was that the area of Munich is already the biggest and most advanced technological centre in the world and is part of the most industrialized country in the world – Germany. We have in Munich 7 of the ten most advanced technological international companies in the world – Siemens (electronics, transport, including the development of the only anti-gravity magnetic train in the world, which only operates in China as all projects to build it in Germany failed due to exorbitant high costs), Infineon ( biggest producer of computer discs/wafer and semiconductor technology), MAN (machines and transport technology), BMW and  Audi, the two most sophisticated car producers, Aerospace (with Mercedes bigger than Boeing), Bosch and Linde (leading engineering companies). In addition, there are numerous middle-size German companies in Munich and surroundings that are worldwide leaders in their fields.

In other words, Munich as a “standort” is already the technological centre of the world  when considered by conventional standards. It is also a financial centre next to Frankfurt, where the ECB has its headquarters. And it is geographically in the middle of Europe and a major crossroad. This all makes Munich as the ideal place for a future technological centre of the world.

This is one aspect of the far-sighted plans of the HR for this city. At the same time Munich was the birthplace of the biggest atrocities this humanity has ever experienced. The new Illuminati movement was first founded in Munich and its vicinity by Adam Weisshaupt, the most insidious Orion entity that has ever lived on this planet in recent centuries. I have written about him in my previous articles. He was extradited from Bavaria in the 19th century for his Illuminati activities and went to the USA where he founded the Illuminati order there. All present-day dark ops in the USA go back to this man.

When he returned to Europa, he commissioned Karl Marx to develop the doctrine of communism and another, less known German professor in Berlin to establish the doctrine of fascism. Both political teachings led to the First and Second World Wars, the most brutal and devastating wars this planet has ever experienced since the Fall of Atlantis, that also led to the division of humanity into two bellicose systems during the Cold War. At that time many attempts were made to start a third nuclear world war, but they were always successfully prevented by the forces of light. Hitler also started his Nazi movement from Munich, but this city also experienced the first socialist (workers) revolution after WW1 in the West, similar to the October revolution in Russia, that was brutally suppressed by the oppressive Orion forces in Germany.

From this short survey it becomes cogent that Munich has also a lot of karma to cleanse and that is why my portal is on this previously darkest place in Europe. At the same time Munich is the esoteric centre of Germany, although you may not sense much of it when you visit this city as this is part of the global failure of the New Age movement to evolve to a true spiritual force of social transformation as it was planned to be in the End Times. Many old and adult souls, indigo and crystalline children have incarnated after WW2 in Germany and thus constitute the avantgarde of the souls on the new earth after its ascension – both as upper 4D and 5D.

Given all these facts, it seemed rather logical to me when my HS urged me in early 2009 to begin with the initiative to win some influential CEOs to participate in my project to establish a “foundation of the new earth”. It was more or less an ideal project, an attempt to promote the new idea of ascension.

It must be said at this place that in the summer of 2009 (July 22) I had officially finished with my LBP as announced by my HS and had a chance to ascend as written down in my initial soul contract. But then came the second light conference (harmonious convergence) in the higher realms and it was concluded that only a few of us have finished with their LBP and that most of the star seeds will not make it if we ascend in 2009 as initially planned and that the project “ascension of Gaia” has to be wrapped up. Hence we decided to stay and go through the LBP one more time in an accelerated fashion in order to open the energetic pathways for the many laggards (star seeds) to follow us with less stress and pain.

I have referred to this pivotal meeting in many previous articles. This was the reason why  the HR decided to push a new, I would say “desperate” offensive through me against the dark forces by urging me to go forward with my incentive to establish a new foundation of the ascended earth. All my previous ideas and forecasts as written down in my five gnostic books were then developed by myself one more time as economic and financial master plans. I delineated how all the big Munich companies will participate in a new form of technological transfer from the higher realms, how they will be exempted from the current Orion monetary system, how a new emission- and investment bank / institution will be founded and how it will operate.

In addition I developed a detailed master plan how to reform the German and European Patent Office, which also have their headquarters in Munich into a new spiritual organisation that will promote new technologies the world over. This was a very rewarding intellectual activity when I practically established the new social and economic foundations of the current upper 4D based on a higher ethics as derived from the new theory of the Universal Law. I have not spoken much about these activities on my part on this website as they were not successful in the 3d reality. But they will of course play a central role very soon in the upper 4D, which we have created in these last days.

This project was essentially dedicated to the development of an interim solution how to overcome the gridlock of the current Orion financial system. One must bear in mind that I developed this project only half a year after the bank crash in 2008 when the whole investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out from the map within one week in October 2008 and the repercussions of this huge financial crash reverberated throughout the whole world.

I fought a severe battle during the whole summer of 2009 to win the minds of the said CEOs, who were in fact star seeds, but were deeply embroiled in the Orion system. At the end their fears prevailed and they retrieved from the project after many sleepless nights and painful urgings from their souls. In fact this was a cosmic battle that was fought at the higher dimensions between the forces of light and the dark archons for the souls of their incarnated personalities. During this time I was an object of the most severe archons’ attacks from the astral plane I have experienced so far. In 2009 the archons were at the height of their power and they could have wiped out any light gestalt from the earth. But I was also protected by legions of angels. However even they were unsuccessful in convincing the CEO-star seeds to support me in my plan.

At that time I was also given the information that this initiative was a major, epic attempt of the forces of light to turn around the course of the events in their favour and to speed up the ascension process. Our failure to establish a modest symbolic organisation representing the future, new earth changed the whole ascension scenario in a profound manner.

According to my understanding, after that the HR decided to implement the cautious approach and refrained from huge revolutions, the way they were planned for the beginning of 2011 when the Egyptian revolution erupted all of sudden in January. I can now say with certainty that all these peoples’ revolutions that were planned for 2011 and 2012 were deliberately mitigated by the forces of light as they feared that such chaotic events and upheavals will only play out into the hands of the PTW and will enable them establish the NWO.

Obviously, the HR realized at that point in time that humanity is much more dumbed down by the Orion /Reptilian empire than they initially estimated. Shortly thereafter it was decided that I should end my 10-year-boycott of the Internet and I began to scrutinize the New Age scene and how it has developed since the late 90s when I stopped using the Internet. I wrote a sixth book on Gnosis in English end of 2010 and began publishing on the Internet in the spring of 2011. In the summer of 2011 the decision was made to connect the dots among the members of the PAT as the last option, and the ultimate back-up plan of the HR for the ascension of Gaia and humanity was put in place.

All past, present and future events and timelines are closely interrelated. Very soon they will emerge on the new 4D and 5D earths and will build its intricate energetic structure. We are now re-writing the history of mankind by eliminating all dark timelines and incorporating all positive events and past efforts that have had no chance of materialization in the waning, past 3d-holographic model of the earth. Most of our cleansing activities in these last days are dedicated to this effort – to converge all positive past timelines and link them to the already fully functioning crystalline grids of the new upper 4D and 5D earths.

As it eventually happened, this was the core of our mission, which my dual soul and I had to accomplish in the few days she visited me in Bavaria and during the four days she spent in Istanbul, Turkey. I have already reported that during the first part of her stay in Bavaria we split irreversibly the 3D earth from the 4D timeline on May 24/25. This was associated with a massive descent of source energies through our fields and accompanied by the obligatory cc-waves and headaches. Then we received the information from our higher sources that Gaia has firmly moved to the 5th dimension and that our timeline now dwells in the upper 4th dimension in terms of vibrations. But that there are still many 3d-overlays that hinder the ecstatic experience of these higher frequency level. This fact was subsequently confirmed by Jahn’s and April’s messages.

Then on the 28th of May came the MPR on 3D earth B. We were on the way to Freising when the wave hit us with a full force. Especially I was so knocked down that I almost lost my consciousness and could not drive the car for a while. After that I was trembling with my whole body and could barely stay on my feet. We then sat in a restaurant outside on the main street as fortunately we had the first warm and sunny day since many weeks.

At this moment we visually and physically experienced how the whole town of Freising was moved all of a sudden to a higher dimension and the whole scenery was enveloped in a miraculous light and vibrations. It was as if all the people were touched with a magic wand and stopped moving as in a fairy tale. This dreamy state lasted for an hour or so and during this time my dual soul entered in a very intensive dialogue with her higher sources and we received a lot of answers to the many questions we had at that time.

It is needless to say that we were also rather confused what was happening as many other members of the PAT have also felt and reported on this website during this time. But we were tremendously helped from the HR and most of our questions were answered very precisely and to our full satisfaction. It was obvious that they no longer kept us in the dark to figure out by ourselves what is going on, but that there was a sincere effort from the angelic realms to help us as good as they can. All archangels were there on that day to support and protect us.

On the next day I was knocked down by another massive cc-wave with the most severe pharyngitis (very painful sour throat). The inflammation then moved downwards into my lungs and the classical severe broncho-pneumonitis had a grip on me. This was in preparation for the mission of my dual soul in Istanbul which commenced on June 1st. Each time when there is such a massive episode as around the Lion’s gate in the summer of 2012 or during the opening of the two portals 12.12.12 and 21.12.12, I am hit by massive source wave 3-4 days earlier. This pattern is invariant throughout the last several years.

Before my dual soul flew to Istanbul, we were informed that my portal encompasses the whole Europe and when the MPR took place on 3D earth around 11.00 CET on May 28th, we also cleansed in one fell swoop the whole of Europe, including the Balkan peninsula and Bulgaria in particular, where I have also established my portal in the 90s and early 2000s.

On this occasion we learnt that my soul has incarnated two more times in two Bulgarian boys, 15 and 7 years old, which is another back-up plan of our higher selves. They did not specify what kind of back-up plan this is, but I got the telepathic information that my soul was not sure if I would physically survive the cleansing activities in the next years and wanted to make sure that she is incarnated one more time on the earth for the grand finale.

Then my dual soul was informed that her mission in the Middle East is to cleanse this region and to expand our mutual portal to this darkest place on the globe. As this work would be very exhausting, she was urged to shorten her stay to four days. In this context I must explain that my portal has a kind of a dome with a radius of about 10-20 miles around where I live and as soon as we enter it with a car, we immediately notice a positive difference. My place is highly protected and this is one major reason why I so reluctantly travel to other places as I feel very safe and uplifted in my home. There is a light city over my place and all the time there are motherships from the GF that protect the dome. When there were chemtrails in the past, they were so high because they cannot enter the space of my portal dome and have no effect on my place. This all was confirmed one more time by my dual soul, who also felt very comfortable in my portal space.

The bigger her shock, when she arrived in Istanbul in the middle of the revolts when the city was in a state of siege and tear gas and smoke were rising from many places in this  metropolis of 20 million inhabitants. It took her three hours with a taxi to reach her hotel in the old city of Istanbul on the Golden Horn.

The next day she went to Hagia Sophia, which is the first cathedral in the Christian world and the centre of Christianity for more than 1000 years before Byzantine was conquered by the Turks in the 15th century. Only then did the Vatican took over the power in religious matters. All major European kings have been coronated in this Church under a Byzantine ritual based on the principle of Caesaropapism – the unity of secular power of a king/emperor with that of a head of the church – as initially introduced by the Orion entity Constantine, the Small (Great) in the 4th century. One can state with a great degree of precision that all famous and legendary European kings were first coronated and accepted as such by the Byzantine emperor as the ruler of the Old World in this famous cathedral from the 5th century, before they were allowed to expand their power to the rest of Europe.

Only many centuries later did the Vatican assume this same function and began to coronate the catholic kings in Western Europe, while Eastern Europe remained orthodox under the influence of Byzantine. In other words, the whole Orion aristocracy in the Old Continent has its origin in this cathedral.

When my dual soul stood at the very place in Hagia Sophia, where numerous kings were coronated for more than 1000 years, the darkness that surrounded this place was swept away by a huge ball of light from the source that flowed through the field of my dual soul. At the same time I was backing her up from Munich. I cannot relay the intensity of the energies that were transmitted through our body fields and portals, but on that auspicious day, June the 2nd, I was not consciously in my place, but hovered all the time over former Byzantine and present-day Turkey in close proximity to my dual soul.

I must also add that I am closely linked to Byzantine and Turkey as my birthplace Plovdiv is only 300 km away from Istanbul, former Constantinople and was an important city in both Byzantine and the Ottoman empire. I myself have been several times in Turkey (Istanbul) and have had some extraordinary experiences during these visits that defy any human logic. In addition, I am an expert in Byzantine history and I know very few other people, except for a few old-fashioned professors, who know anything about this biggest and only empire in the Western world that has existed for more than 1000 years (actually 1500 years when one considers it as the heir of the Roman empire).

Anyway, after this tour de force my dual soul was so exhausted that she had to go early to bed. Immediately she has been contacted by the soul of Apollonius of Tyana. He told my dual soul that she has released /liberated all souls from our monads, to which the PAT belongs, that have been trapped between the dimensions for eons of time and that now our ascension is guaranteed. But before this mission has been accomplished, we could not have ascended due to these past energetic hooks. She has also cleansed all past timelines of our monads whose souls have incarnated for many generations in Byzantine. Let us remind you at this place that the history of Christianity is to a large extent the history of Byzantine, the first and only truly religious state on the Old Continent.

The next day my dual soul continued with her energetic mission by expanding our common portal to the Middle East, which was used as a portal in past years by the dark archons to stir wars in this region and keep humanity in a state of perennial danger. Our portal was then extended to the rest of Asia, which as you know does not harbour any members of the PAT, in particular not in China, but also not in Asian Russia. Even in India we do not have a true member of the PAT except for Pinakini, who was also in Bavaria these days and has now permanently moved to Himalaya in North India.

When my dual soul returned from Istanbul, she was so exhausted and weak that I was worried that she may not make it, but she quickly recovered under the protection of the 5D energies in my portal. During this time we had the century flooding in Bavaria and our higher selves told us that such events will be the norm on the 4D earth, but that they will not be too devastating and will not cause huge death tolls. These floodings have a great cleansing effect for the region.

The next day we were urged to visit Regensburg on the Danube that had the worst floodings of all rivers, especially in the cities of Passau and Deggendorf, not far away from where I live. We could not visit these cities because they were evacuated and closed. In Regensburg the Danube had only flooded some minor ares along the riverside, in particular a small island with several houses on it, but the old town was spared. We did our cleansing there and also connected with the past history of this city. Regensburg has been in close contact with Byzantine since the 9th century and many European kings also came from this region.

It was built around a Roman fortress on the Limes in the 2nd century A.C. but this whole region has been populated for many thousand years B.C. It is also the place where the Bavarian nation has most probably emerged in the 7th century. I say “most probably” as there are 50 scientific hypotheses about the origin of the “Bajuwaren”, as the Bavarians are called. In particular, Regensburg was closely related to the Habsburg dynasty that governed from Austria to Spain and Holland for many centuries and was connected through marriages with the whole European nobility. And last but not least, I presented for the first time officially the discovery of the Universal Law at the Annual Conference of the German Physical Society, which was held in Regensburg in April 1998.

This excursion in the history of Europe gives you a glimpse into the huge cleansing of layers upon layers of historical timelines which I am doing since many years in Europe and in which my dual soul has also been engaged. She has lived in Germany and Europa in many previous incarnations and felt immediately at home when she arrived in Bavaria.

On June 7th we decided to travel to the Lake of Constance, to the town of Lindau on the border to Switzerland. This place is also of great historical importance as many late synods of the Church took place there and led to the first burnings of free thinkers by the  Vatican Inquisition.

After that we went to Austria at the “three-nation-triangle” (Dreiländereck) and stopped high in the mountains. This evening we were warned in advance about the coming of a major event. We did not realize at first what kind of event this would be and related it to ourselves. Then the most dreadful wave I have ever experienced in my whole life began around 22.00 local time and then we knew it all of a sudden: It was the MPR that occurred at this very moment in the worst 4D timeline in the night of June 7th through to June the 8th. We were told that as future Elohim (creator gods) with a key mission in all earth timelines we will fully participate in this event.

The sensation of dreadful fear, coupled with inhuman physical vibrations, that then came through our bodies and lasted for more than 24 hours exceeded any human description or imagination and was the worst nightmare I have had so far, and I have gone through numerous severe cleansing episodes in the past. We descended in hell on that night. It would have rather died than going through this experience when you feel how the whole world is coming to an end.

The MPR was a planned event, just as it was planned for us to be in the Alps at that time, where I have established a huge portal since 1993 when I discovered the Universal Law in this energetic environment that is hugely augmented by these powerful mountains. There is much more background to this, which I cannot discuss at present.

For instance we also cleansed some other 4D timelines, including this one, with regard to the German population in Central Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Austria), where about 50 – 60 millions, roughly 20% of the whole population on upper 4D earth (300 million) were heaved by us on that day. About the same number of humans will ascend in North America (from 370 millions now), So we did in practice a cleansing work equivalent to that for the whole USA and Canada put together.

This process was commented all the time by our sources from the HR, just as the expansion of my European portal to the Middle East and Asia by my dual soul between June 1-4, when millions of souls from our monads (of the PAT ) were liberated and aligned again with the source, including the soul of Apollonius of Tyana. An additional aspect of our cleansing mission in the Alps was to eliminate the dark energies of a worldwide ring selling organs for transplantation from poor people in the Third world to rich patients in Western countries that is run by Reptilian financial institutions with a location in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, near to where we were in the Alps.

There is so much more that happens now behind the veil that escapes your attention as most of you, who are still fully embedded in the plots of the US-empire, do not even consider as existent, but these processes are of greater importance than the cleansing of the current timeline, as they tackle previous pivotal timelines that have determined the recent history during the last 100 years of human civilisation, which is essentially Pax Americana only after WW2 (70 years).

I give you all this information only as a background to illustrate the complexity of our cleansing work and also to inform you about the intimate information we have received from our HS /the source in these last days of our heaviest mission.

And this mission could as well have been offset by another dramatic event that took place in the night of June the 5th. At that night, after her return from Istanbul, my dual soul ascended to the source (and I could have easily followed her, as we have already merged our soul fields) as her soul contract ended on that date and I had to bring her back with the help of my wife, who also belongs to our monad and works closely with me as a soul guide from the astral planes, but also with the additional massive energetic intervention of other forces of light. In order to do all this, we were given glimpses into processes, which I do not intend to discuss currently on our website as they are not related to the rest of the PAT at this particular point in time.

But I can assure you that not only did my dual soul ascend (and then returned as I wanted her back), but that many other souls have already ascended – some through death experience as Ella and some by physical transformation and disappearance.

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