The Divine Game

Atos Tu Nah
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 7, 2013
first published in English on June 10, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


Logos of many galaxies and ubiquitous awareness of the worlds that are now breathed out by the Creator into a reality. Galaxies rise and the universe expands to infinity. New stars are born and take their place in the sky, and in the middle of this your earth is encompassed by the pull of the divine light until it is fully embedded in her new environment. 

A new universe of holograms is created, new realities are born and all life finds its expansion in Being. How does this fact influence the reality on the earth that you know – at the levels of the different realities of 3D-5D?

3D will be fed by the experience of separation from the spiritual light. This fact has already been made known to you. It is important that the 3D hologram of the earth, after it has been detached from the other holograms, will receive a magnetic field that almost completely absorbs the spiritual light, which means that the people who inhabit this plane, have created an environment, in which they will be able to ascend through massive experiences of suffering very quickly to new levels of being.

Once these people leave their body, they will have the opportunity after each incarnation to either incarnate again on the lightless 3D earth or after completing the appropriate cognitive processes in the subtler levels of existence, on one of the many not streamlined 4D earths (4D earths still in turmoil). This plan of the Creator provides especially these people with an “escape route” to flee from the “dog’s planet.”

For the turmoil 4D Earth(s) the divergence of the holograms means the arrival in the reality of their own energies. Unaffected by the overlays, especially from the higher levels of vibration, this means to see what is.

Discharges will be common, riots, wars, and social upheavals. And each redeemed energy, every fear, which is set free, will find resonance in the magnetic field of this earth’s timeline, which is set up, so that the more the dark energy is released by the people, the more spiritual light can flow back to this earth. This fact is a growth accelerator, and is set up in such a way that the people can, within all their desolation,  experience a portal of light that gives them the life force and the stamina to survive.

For the balanced 4D earth (upper 4D earth) the new hologram means above all, peace. The magnetic field is almost free from all destructive influences and the people can achieve their completion in order to be able to ascend to 5D. Long life spans make it possible to achieve ascension after a single incarnation on this earth. Social change is progressing very well and the spiritual light is directly accessible to all people. This hologram is the precursor to the 5D and finds the proper conditions for this end.

The level of the 5D is reserved for the enlightened society. There, the masters of many timelines and many worlds will meet to explore new levels of the world or to assist their brothers and sisters on the new balanced 4D earth described here. The number of people on this earth cannot be precisely defined yet, because the awakening and the deep slumber of the people continues to unfold in an unpredictable manner. Many factors suggest that the announced figures to you will be very well exploited to the maximum on the one hand, and  to the minimum on the other.

Beloved son, beloved daughter! Free of all these scenarios and descriptions of the great drama, the birth of new worlds, your only concern should be to meet your individual tasks in this great holy game. All the knowledge that is given about your ascension should serve you to assess the great arch, and to provide you with the necessary life energy, so that you never refrain from acting and performing – within yourself and for the planetary, interplanetary and universal community, to which we all belong.

I am the one who shows up, when galaxies change, dissolve and connect again. I am the consciousness that now creates new worlds together with you and new levels of being. For each new universe is created by a selected band of tried and tested light warriors from the existing universes.

You are being called by name. I am who I am, the Logos of many galaxies, and welcome you who have ascended as the Logos of new worlds in my universe.

I am


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