How to Create the Optimal Timeline of Ascension

by Björn Kurt and Georgi Stankov, June 14, 2013

Dear George,

the quality of your article “Multidimensional Model of Ascension” – to use the words of Debra – blew me away. It is the best way how to describe the inherent power of your “revelation” or explanation, which brought me forward to a new point of realisation, as how the world, the various layers of consciousness and reality are related. In my simplistic view of the world, conceived in linear time, Ascension was so far a happening which was spontaneous and sudden (which will still be the case) and it is like a “beam-me-up-Scotty-type-of-moment” where you disappear from this world falling to peaces.

I also loved your article about the “Ancient Wisdom and Joy” which is rooted in Greece and where the effect of the dark minions is becoming apparent again in the fact that they shut down the only public television due to lack of funds. This is a deep blow to undermine democracy once more. It is rather fishy subject that in the cradle of European Democracy and where the deep roots of our culture grew that in that very same place the voice of democracy (public media service which is the only one which could speak for minorities and guarantee a freedom of speech) is being muffled by shutting down the place. I see it a true synchronicity that you talk in your article about this theme and the very same day the values of democracy are being treaded on. What is next to come? Is this all happening on our 4D upper layer or do we simply still see all the bad stuff happening down there.

I do know by reading Jahn’s messages that we are not even half way down the rabbit hole and the darkest moments are yet to come…

Personally I feel very exhausted and I could sleep in everyday…

in love and light

Dear Björn,

thank you very much for your appreciation of my latest articles, which are indeed a further step to a new multi-dimensional thinking. But that is the only way how one can grasp the complexity of the current events.

And as we see it with Greece, there is a remarkable synchronicity between the topics we discuss and the actual political happening on the ground that immediately follows our discussion ( I prepared this article on the Golden Age of Ancient Greece before the closing of the Greek national TV was announced and only published it yesterday).

In my latest energy update, I have forwarded my brand new evaluation of the financial markets that tells me that we are now on the cusp of a worldwide financial crash. This will eliminate with one fell swoop the whole Orion matrix on the upper 4D timeline. To my expectations, this will occur without any major revolutions and unrest, but in a kind of social implosion that will leave this portion of humanity (800 million) with only one choice – to follow us as ascended masters to new horizons. Therefore I am very confident that once the financial crash will come, we must ascend.

Let me quote in this context the latest message from the Elohim (May 31) that announced this scenario in a veiled manner. Thai is why  I wrote to Carla (seeenergy report of today) that one has to read their messages several times as they relate to numerous events and multiple layers of reality that manifest sequentially in our linear timeline over a longer period of time:

As ascended masters you shall find your abilities to be strong in that you are able to manifest that which your soul knows, and in fact even de-manifest that which your mind thinks it knows better. It is once again our recommendation to drop the thinking mind, the reactionary mind and instead engage the imagination. After all, your true power lies fully in your understanding, acknowledgement and acceptance of your own imagination.  See it. Feel it. Hold it. See the New Earth A/B as cleansed and purified on every level.  Allow for the creationary events that you feel are needed in order to awaken humanity.  Humanity must now awaken, for it is time. 

This is exactly what I am doing now with my publications. I outline the most probable ascension scenario for us on the upper 4D timeline after all other timelines have been separated from this one. I would recommend all members of the PAT to do the same and envision the bright future of this timeline and if they come to a better solution, to propose it and I will publish it immediately.

With love and light

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