Advocates of Light

Jesus Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on June 2, 2013
first published in English on June 4, 2013 in

translated by Björn Kurt

What was true yesterday may have already become an outdated potential by today!


What is meant by this? That humanity and especially those who have been standing at the forefront in the last battle, before this world is entirely conquered by the light, that those need qualities like vigour, flexibility and willingness to accept changes in a quantity that is way above average. Like a river incessantly flowing around every tree trunk, every stone in a unique way, so it applies to you, the Masters on Earth, for the Galactic Federation of Light, and for all levels of light, which push on this transformation on this earth, to be attentive and tune in to every new potential and adjust accordingly.

The great changes, the great arc is established, but the pathway to there still holds lots of new features and adjustments in store. I would like to emphasize on this point.

Many light warriors put their sword down, many give up, many remain despondent and emaciated from the huge efforts it took to cover the distance through the vast plain, standing at the roadside until they sink down into a long sleep. The time of sleeping is coming to an end, now is the moment at which you are awakening to the reality and this time is close, very, very close.

And as your knees buckle and you are about to stumble – we are ready. We carry you along the path until you have recovered your forces, put back your light sword into the sheat and keep going on your path and go further beyond your belief how far your feet shall ever carry you.

For everything and everyone is taken care of, so you keep focused on your work. So, even if you stagger and fall, as long as you do not stay down, but keep your willpower to get up again like a living fire.

In these decisive days of humanity and in the last days before the final Ascension, it is about remaining calm and staying focused on the light. It is about being centered within yourself and having faith in God because by his grace everything is possible. You shall be amply rewarded and you will get your share of the inheritance of the heavens and the Glory of God.

Currently, the different hologram levels are disengaged to allow the overlay of the space-time-levels to attenuate. A specific operation that involves the work of many galactic teams. And yet some uninvited forces are interfering! And we need to keep a close eye on this fact for a few weeks. Although you shall remain completely untouched by the 3D events, you still may be stirred up by the 4D events. Stirring you up emotionally if you suspect another drama to reach out for you.

So watch out for those moments in the timeline and you will see how volatile and short lived they will be, just as a single cloud does not make rain yet, so some outbreak of the dark powers does not make darkness. Keep going – hang on! Day after day – your desire to flee from this one earth and to arrive on the new, purified and enlightened earth and to realize your own Self shall be fulfilled in these days.

The powers of darkness, which try to keep themselves alive on 4D by maintaining the fear based patterns of men. are planning a major coup to take over control on this level. This means that countless false prophets will be unleashed, so that humanity falls for their fake promises or that at least a few are able to see through the humbug and realize what they really are – emissaries of the Prince of Darkness.

A great learning process is about to unfold. For those, who discern this, will inherit the life and those getting caught in the web of lies of the impostors will get an opportunity to be liberated at a given time. All attention now lies on the people who are awakening. And there are many and getting more by the day – and even on 4D earth nothing remains the same way and nothing is as it seems.

As previously announced, the new sky does this magic and there is more to come: The complete purification of the air, water and the earth has begun on 4D. An operation that is now happening and brings new opportunities for growth and awakening.

The mission of high 4D souls to receive assistance from the light realms of Being is being fully answered and we will meet these requests until completion.

From today’s perspective, no guarantee can be given how far the events on 4D earth can be mitigated. There are many scenarios of change and we especially want to employ those scripts that create a minimum of disasters. The process is in full swing – the worlds are shifting and will touch again, so time-, space- and time-portals will graze each other.

Some weeks yet, then we will have clarity. Until then, we are on course to the 5D earth – a fine band of light warriors (the PAT) has already arrived there.

I thank to all of you who read these lines for your devotion, who follow this change and keep going inspite of all those rearrangements and carry on your way into the light. From the limited human perspective it is a great momentum in time that millions of people full of devotion and allegiance to the primordial source of all Being have dedicated their lives to this change.

It is truly a unique and sacred fact that will bring healing, completion and heaven to this and many other worlds. The promised kingdom of God is taking shape. Never in the history of mankind, we were closer to the primordial source of all Being than now, as the humanity has decided to get rid of the yoke of time.

Sightings of spaceships, sightings of new celestial bodies, sightings of new energy portals all over the world will increase. The levels are transparent even if they are detached from each other more than ever. Look out, remain steadfast advocates of Light, for verily: You are the rightful heirs of heaven.

I am omnipresent among you. I need neither sleep nor breaks. Come to me at any time, submit your smallest worries to me, because this time requires one thing: A liberated soul free of worries and doubts, so she can stride unwaveringly step by step on the path into the light.

God is with us, we are one in Him – Verily: We have arrived.


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