“You Are the Chosen Ones. You Are the Fail Safe of the HR”. Why the PAT Are so Very Special

by Dorie Bowlin, May 9, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I just read your BRILLIANT article “The Dialectics of Ascension“. I was smiling to myself the whole time, Georgi, as yesterday, after reading the prayer channeled by Jahn J Kassl, I sat down and asked HS why were WE, the members of the PAT, among the so few of so many Lightworkers who had awakened. And then today you answered my question! It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are communicating telepathically now!

I thought I’d quickly share with you what I received from HS, just to show you that I was in the process of asking what you were answering! I was not able to finish it as I had a tremendous headache yesterday. But then I really didn’t need to finish it, as you finished it for me, and what you shared with us was so much more comprehensive!

With much love,

Message from my HS – May 9, 2013

Yes, it’s true, you are SO ready to go! And yet today you seek to understand why there are so few of you among so many lightworkers to be the ones who fully awakened and ready. While it is no secret that many millions of Light Beings chose to incarnate on earth to participate in the grand ascension experiment that is now in its final stages of completion, it is also no secret that those same lightworkers became caught up and mired in the programming of 3d reality that they came here to change. You see, it wasn’t just that you chose, it was that you, as the members of the PAT, were CHOSEN. You were the chosen ones.

Oh yes, we feel your hesitancy in accepting that, for in 3d reality, ‘chosen one’ connotes those who are more special, held in high esteem, that you are better than others, and, while it is true that you are special and held in high esteem here in the higher realms, you are no better or less than anyone else.

BUT, let it be understood that you were ESPECIALLY chosen for the mission of ascension on planet Earth. And why were you chosen? Because it was not only understood that you would get the job done, but it was a certainty that you could do it and not fall back into forgetfulness – it was known that even when the veil of forgetfulness was placed upon you, that you would remember who you really were and what you had set forth to accomplish.

And so you were placed and scattered all over different parts of the earth as anchors, and portals, and wayshowers. You were the backup plan to the back up plans. And eventually the call was put out, so that you could find your way back to each other.

From the time you all were very young, you KNEW there was something different about you, that the world you lived in did not match the world of your dreams. Even those who do not have the visions, knew that something was not right and searched for the answers to the questions that would not be stilled in their minds. It was because you held memories of ascension in other places and times, and though you were not cognizant of these memories, it was those very memories, those inner nudgings, that drove you to delve deeper and deeper into your own spiritual awakening and remembering of who you truly are and what you came here to do. It was your fail safe. And you, the PAT, were the HR’s fail safe.

Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for this synchronistic validation of my latest article “The Dialectics
of Ascension”.

Have you asked your HS by the way where we stand now?

I for my part can confirm that I am exempted since several days from the severe cleansing activities of the past. I have the feeling that all ascension candidates of the first wave have now connected as we, the PAT, have done this months ago and now the rest cleansing is done through them, respectively through the new web they have created and interconnected between themselves as the latest missives of the Manuscript of Survival and also GaiaPortal messages announce.

While writing this response, I checked GaiaPortal one more time and found its latest message that is very significant and hence I will attach it in full form as I somehow telepathically expected a similar announcement to come around May 10 (partial sun eclipse):

Steadiness amidst chaotic moments is key to Gaia progression through coming days. Energetics of Gaia, in particular, humanity-general of Gaia, is set for impressive changes. Also may be stated as “changes which impress”, or “changes which create an impression”, upon each individual human consciousness. These changes cannot be avoided or swept aside, as they encompass all of Gaia, all inhabitants, of all kinds.

Each Hue-man has prepared for these moments, and will embody the changes, and rise above the chaos of the moment, when it arises.

Out of chaotic moments, comes Higher Order.”

The ominous calmness in the last several days  was combined in my inner space with a growing impatience and attentive awaiting for something to happen, even in my neighbourhood, which is ridiculous as nothing happens here. But I just want to describe to you this inner tension, coming out of nowhere in my mental and emotional space and yet clearly located to the long expected huge changes that must finally materialize this month.

Now we have this confirmation from GaiaPortal and I would like you to check one more time with your HS, where we stand now and what should we expect next week, respectively till next eclipse on May 25.

With love and light

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