The Rapture of Humanity: Ascension Has Already Started on May 18, 2013

Jesus Sananda
chanelled by Jahn J Kassl on May 18, 2013
first published on May 19, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

It’s 5:55 PM as I sit down in front of the computer. It is exactly 6:00 PM when the channeling begins. In the number of “enhanced 6”.

Loved ones,

I am Jesus Sananda, the regent of the world, which is now heaved into light. I am in the time of all times in your midst. In you the purpose of God is realized for the whole human race, for verily: Today you will be taken home by the Creator, who had missed you infinitely. For His children seemed to be lost in the vastness of Being and many pointed out that they no longer remember back to the starting point of their journey and that they can no longer return to the primal source of all Being. The big game of the Maya is over as enough people have made the choice to ascend and enough people will complete ascension at a later time.

Now and in this particular message, the whole attention is dedicated to those, who since yesterday, today and in the coming days will ascend, who will bridge the time and space, to reach beyond the space-time as awakened gods of creation, who will recognize themselves in the full regalia of all awards and in all the dignity that is appropriated to such gods.

Departure and Arrival! The time of times is now! Now I ask you Jahn, to give a brief overview of your observations from yesterday and today, so that we can make a clear and insightful assessment of the current and upcoming events.

Report I:

I went yesterday on May 17, 2013 with my beloved son NOAH to drive on a train. More specifically, it is the Lilliputian railroad in the Prater, which draws its rounds through the green Prater in the warm season with its small locomotives and open wagons, and with the typical Viennese, usually a bit grumpy conductors. We are often there and enjoy these trips very much. The monotonous rattle of the train helps us easily slide into a lucid state, while watching the environment, nature and the itinerant people, and has become a repetitive ritual for us several times a week. So also yesterday. When we got to the station, a single crow awaited us. Clearly, she walked up and down in front of us, until we paid attention to her. Then she flew over the trees. Still, there was no evidence of a permanent and key symbol.

Today, on 05.18. 2013, in the morning  I and NOAH go again to drive on the Lilliputian train. We are waiting just like yesterday on the same station for the train and behold, today two crows are expecting us, just like the single one yesterday, pacing in front of us until we see them clearly and memorize them. A short time later, the train is in full swing, I see in the woods again another crow, as she has placed herself in a clearing, so that I immediately have her in my view and could not miss her. Minutes later, when the train just makes a large loop and begins with the return trip, two further crows appear on this same clearing. Overall, we saw these two days six crows that brought us a message.

Jesus Sananda:

A truly unmistakable symbol and the interpretation that was transmitted to you as follows in spoken and written form is absolutely true:


Crows are messengers between the worlds, they are highly intelligent all pervading beings that come from the invisible into the visible world, to remind the people of their infinity and to bring messages. Their black plumage indicates the dark, but this does not describe the darkness alone, but also the divine NOTHING, and demonstrate that the darkness can not see itself as dark as long as it remains in the dark. The darkness always needs the light to recognize itself as dark, just as the people need the messengers of heaven, in order to recognize themselves as light. These messengers are the crows / ravens, which have the property to memorize a human face that they have seen only once and to remember it all life long, With such a unique memory and a unique intelligence, these birds are the true masters of all spiritual processes beyond and on this side of the visible.

May 17, 2013 is the current time window for the approaching ascension of the humans – the day before May 18, 2013, which was announced by various sources. This potential is correct and the first crow confirms this. This marks the “Heralding of Ascension”. The messenger between the worlds has arrived on Earth and has announced ascension. The two crows on May 18, 2013 signify that the ascension of single persons has already begun. The second crow increases the force of ascension. Ascension will occurs in “waves” and is not in itself a linear and uniform process.

The only constant is that Ascension obeys the rhythm of the Creator. Which means that it occurs constantly in waves, sometimes with full force, and then again with a weaker force  – like the tides, so to speak. From May 18th onwards, the ascension process gains momentum and involves some more individuals and groups as the pair of crows that now appeared symbolizes. Then again, the single crow means that the pace of ascension is diminished somewhat, so that the people can gather new strength.

This also applies to changes on the 3D and 4D earths. The “disasters” occur not at once, but obey the pulse of creation and represent the birthing pains of the new 3D and 4D earth. This in turn means that all scenarios, which now run on all the earths (3D, 4D, 5D), have a sine-wave-like dynamics. A perennial ebb and flow, ebb and flow, until everything has come to the light or falls back into darkness (3D).

In the coming days one should reckon with upheavals and events on the 3D and 4D earths that will have an unprecedented magnitude.Meanwhile, the ascension process continues unabated for all those who have chosen the 5th dimension. A crow, then two, one, then two …

Jesus Sananda:

Indeed, truly, this is how it will be! We should also add that the appearance of the crows means that God himself has an open eye on the people. Because God knows, as the crows know the people, each of his creatures by name, and they will be now called by their names. Indeed, truly: this is how it will be.

Furthermore, I would now like to address in more detail the fact that every master who will now ascend, is accompanied and guarded by 144,000 light warriors. This fact was revealed to you by our eternal brother and Master ASANA MAHATARI and it will happen that you experience how you will become invisible, as Jahn has experienced it and will please tell us now.

Report II:

About 8 years ago, I was in the middle of the intensive processes of transformation of my being – in “training” so to say, when the following occurred: In Vienna, a very large subway station was closed. This often happens as to catch the so-called “free riders” (people who travel without a ticket). This is done by the police, sometimes with police dogs and with officials of the Vienna transport company, who block metro exits so that no one can get through without being controlled.

All in- and outflows to the subway are hermetically sealed and everywhere the law enforcement officers are awaiting for the passengers to check the validity of their tickets. This is what also happened on that day when I ran into this part of the metro. All the people before me were already monitored and this at the rash hour, around 17.30 o’clock when the people came from work back home. At the end of the very long line of people that formed at the exits, I stood and looked into the eyes of about 10 officers who stood before me. I decided to show my season ticket in the hand to two officers.

When I stood before them, face to face, less than a meter away, I greeted the policemen and looked directly in their eyes, while wavering my ticket. The two policemen looked right through me and continued with their private conversation as if pretending that I did not exist, even though I was standing right in front of their noses and heard them breathing. Also the officials from the transport company and other officers, who stood near by did not register me, I was so astounded that I “stayed there with an open mouth” (German saying for being very surprised). I briefly watched this strange scene and went simply, without being stopped by anybody, through the dense corridor of officials. No one ran after me, no one tried to follow me as I looked around again to reassure myself of the reality of this scene. I also noticed clearly that I was not registered by the people at the train station – obviously: no one could see me.

After that the Ascended Master EL MORYA announced himself and confirmed to me that this was an action of the spiritual world, to illustrate to me what is possible and what it feels like to be an invisible-being. (End of the second report)

Jesus Sananda:

Indeed, with regard to you, the people, who still belong to the 3D and 4D earths and are involved in the events afterwards up to a certain degree before your ascension will be fully completed. For God and the powers of heaven,everything is possible! You will be invisible, so it is necessary, you will walk through walls, so it is necessary, you will be moved from one to another place by an invisible hand, so it is necessary – the dark forces will lose your traces as if you had never left traces on this earth or lived on it. Everything, absolutely everything is possible and will be made possible for you, so that you can safely arrive on the luminous side of the veil.

Karl, the brother of Jahn, experienced a confirmation (of a miracle) these days, after he drank some 1/8 bottles of wine during a visit to a beloved soul mate to celebrate the day. While walking back home he decided to go to a police officer and be voluntarily tested for his alcohol level. The policeman could not help but comply to this unusual request from a pedestrian. The surprising result for Karl was 0.2 per mille of alcohol in the blood – which of course was not at all corresponding to the amount of alcohol actually drunk.

Such miracles now happen on many levels – and this lies wholly in the responsibility of the 144,000 light warriors, who were put to your side to guard you wherever you need protection, so that you continue fulfilling your tasks and finally fix your ascension.

To conclude this message let us return one more time to the messengers of the light, the crows. There were six in total that accompanied Noah and Jahn. Here, the number of 6 comes into play, as well as the dates at the beginning of this message that relate to this same content. Figure 6 will be restituted to its original value. As the divine number of fertility and the merging of opposites. Hence the occurrence of pairs of crows. All opposites, such as male and female, good and evil, darkness and light; in short, every duality dissolves and is reborn in the Six as a newly created unit.

This message indicates that healing happens at all levels. The number 6 was desecrated by the Prince of Darkness and abused and reinterpreted for his sinister goals. At the fifth dimensional level of being this will no longer be the case and the 6 will regain its original value and actual meaning. That is to say, by this healing the dark ones are losing their influence at the level of the 4D, because everything is interconnected and the closer the levels of the holographic universe are, the more they influence each other. This should be a relief for the people, who will remain on 4D in anticipation of the coming events, because the events themselves are not affected by this.

The “healed 6” is the last key with which you will close the door to 3D and 4D, before you ascend to 5D. The “healed 6” is the first key that you will use when you will unlock the doors to your new mansions in the sky and as soon as you begin to encompass the scope of your choice. God is infinite, eternal and omnipresent  – and now it is happening, what is announced to you.

Although shifts and changes are on the agenda until the very end, the fact that change and ascension of some human souls into the light of 5D has already commenced, is unalterable. Everyone will be  “ruptured” in accordance with his orders – and the possibilities for it are truly infinite.

The people, who are now on the verge of a new fate with old experiences, those, who have chosen the 3D and 4D earth will soon freeze in a scream of anguish, for verily: the withered crops, fields full of weeds, vines which have been left to the elements of dire nature and source water that has transformed into cloaca will bear consequences that will resemble a nightmare and which these people will have to endure now.

The 6 crows show the way into the light to the ones and to the others – the path into darkness that is still not exhausted for them. The heavenly messengers show up on all earths. Properly understood and correctly interpreted  they will be where the maturation of the human race has progressed, overlooked and with ignorance met they will be where man can not see what he has decided, nor want to see or be allowed to see.

Far, far, far, have you stridden – infinitely far in time and space. Arrival and Ascension. Rejoice, time loses its meaning, because the time- and spaceless Being wins the upper hand and prevails – in the lives of those who have chosen this and have recognized this reality.

The Gods come back on the earth, they say. I tell you, the gods are already on the earth, for verily, you are the ones. and I am amidst you, until the end of all days.

Jesus Sananda

Time at the end of the message: 7.23 PM. Is 12, twice the 6. Twelve – in which by the devil abused 6 (“sechs” in German = sex) is lifted to the light-filled, living and life-giving number and thereby the miracle of completion takes place. Completion and Arrival.

Jesus Sananda

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