I Am Ready! Prayer to Call Upon Ascension

Jesus Sananda
channeled by Jahn J Kassl, May 4, 2013

first published on May 8, 2013 in

Translation: Björn Kurt

I have decided to publish this prayer for the simple reason to demonstrate to all PAT members that you are all ready for ascension, that you have accomplished all your duties on this earth, have climbed up onto the highest rung of the Jacob’s ladder and do not need to do anything anymore, but simply enjoy the marvels of the 5D-landscape that is rapidly unfolding in front of your inner senses. And also to appreciate and enjoy the dramatic spectacle of the collapse of the old Orion matrix and the current 3d-reality, to which we have made the most decisive contribution among all souls.

These are unique moments in the whole incarnation cycle of any soul, no matter how evolved she may be. Experience is everything and the ascension of this small, dense and most toxic planet by the PAT was the most hazardous adventure we have ever dared among the many ascensions we have accomplished throughout this universe.

In this sense you may consider to read this prayer loud as it summarizes very well what we dearly want and long for. This may open some last channels and connect us fully and for ever with All-That-Is.



My father, my mother,

I will hand over my life into your hands. I surrender my life in your care. I will leave you all the care for my ascent. Let happen what may happen now and what’s next to be happening.

Let it become true what my heart longs for since eons.
Let the reality of the new world unfold before me and let me enter into this reality.

Oh, father, Oh, mother of all life.

I am born of You and I have died infinitely many deaths in You. I have returned to you, again and again. Now let me return into your arms forever.

I renounce this time.
I renounce this world.
I renounce any continuation of my life on this world bound to time and space, in which way unique experiences were created.

I am nourished, my God.
I am fulfilled by you, my God.
I am ready to return to enter the Community of Archangels, the Community of Masters and Ascended Masters, the Community of brothers and sisters in the light, the Community of my Family of Light from being.

I am ready, my father, who art all powerful.
I am ready, my mother, who art all loving.
I am ready.
Take my word for it.


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