Personal Opinions – May 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hi Georgi,

I was just thinking that I do not like this word “Disclosure”. It implies that one expects the government to change course and open up. The correct words are Global First Contact.  All at once all over the world. That’s what is needed.

At this point in the energetic state of being it would do little towards awakening the masses to have such a criminal class of elected officials make disclosure.

Another thought came to me about Mr. Obama. We can all agree that there are several factions at war with each other. What if, each side had it’s own Obama clone? It is not such a far fetched idea really and it would explain a lot of things. Not that we need to get caught up in such thought at this point. But it was just a thought that came to me.

More importantly the earth changes and increased solar energies are being felt by all even if they cannot express it in cosmic terms. Plate movements are increasing for various reasons. The magnetic pole reversal looks more and more imminent.

Either way, I can’t wait for this Act to end so that we can get on with the next one.

Much love, peace and joy to you and PAT

Dear Charlotte,

I fully agree that the LW community uses the term “Disclosure” in the absolute false connotation. If Disclosure comes from the ruling cabal, the only possible disclosure they can make is about how much they have lied to the people in the last 70 years.

That is why I always say that after our ascension we will officially show /present ourselves as ascended masters in front of the masses and not “disclose ourselves”. There is nothing to disclose.

The idea that many rivaling factions in Washington have their own Obama clones is hilarious and worth an Oscar for the best film plot. At the end of the film all clones appear together in the oval office and make an official statement to the nation that they were only clones and that Obama has been murdered immediately after his election. The clones have rented their Obama’s family from Hollywood as actors, but as the US state is bankrupt, the White House can no longer pay the rent for the Obama soap family to Hollywood and now they have no families. As their dark masters have fled away and disappeared in their underground bunkers, they, being simple US-President’s clones, do not know what to do and ask for a nice US family to adopt them as they are not able to live a normal life and need a lot of protection and somebody to tell them what to do and what to says.

We will see us at the Oscar nomination.


Dear Dr G-

Just wanted to share this with you from Suspicious Observer’s Youtube Channel:

This Youtube channel  is a scientific one, published daily as a watch/recap of space weather, geo-weather and quakes… he’s very good at it.

We had THE LARGEST EVER Gamma Ray hit earth yesterday per this video.

Keep up the good work, Georgi; fuck the trolls… oooh I don’t know how you have the patience for some of these folks.

Am always with you all -The PAT. I watch and read our Journal – thanks to your editing -everyday, my friend. Thank you so much Georgi for providing this incredible – actually ,critical – service to our mission.

Love, Light-

Dear Lisa,

thank you for this link. The sun energies are peaking indeed and we feel them in our bodies. These energies are also driving the MPR.

I am actually very content to observe the erratic behaviour and peaking nastiness of the Internet trolls as it is a very good indicator how helpless their paymasters are now and that it is their ultimate end and probably physical death. They are so scared that they are no longer able to hide their angst in their idiotic emails to me and this amuses me highly.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I just realized you posted my letter to you and was wondering why you didn’t post the entire letter? Especially because I sent the letter, which I had received wishing  to give the information specifically on Obama’s “Meet The Press” Interview. His last cryptic comment was a real “heads up”….

Love and Light,

Dear Tiqvah,

because it was too much text and irrelevant to our discussion. I do not want to make our website a platform of distorted US Christian propaganda. Their accusations that Obama is not a patriot are so ridiculous and out of touch that I did not see any need to publish them (read also Kari’s essay and comments on love for humanity versus stupid patriotism). He is guilty of crime against humanity for his wars and less so to the Americans who voted for him and that is sufficient.


Dear Georgi,

I have not written as late as I am sure It is difficult enough  for you with all the letters you receive to edit your site as it has been for me, and the rest of PAT and some whom I am sure still haven’t found this site going through these damn waves which are some days quite unbearable. I have been always the calm in the storm, but it feels in the past 3 years I have become the storm with full awareness of the crap on this planet. I am of two thoughts at times (perhaps it can’t be different on this earth), as I sit in nature, to see such amazing beauty, and color and how naturally it works without the dumbasses destroying it, by greed and ultimate ignorance. This causes me such sadness.

After reading your posts this morning, it was so refreshing to hear you say, the members of PAT are sovereign and do not need a Master outside of themselves. I sighed a pure breath of gratitude because this is what I have come to know, and this is truly the first site that I have come to that I actually I feel I have anything in common and awareness with-of its members.

As mentioned above I feel you are inundated with so many letters, and in any case I feel that we are all connected collectively, and telepathically but I would like to share with you a dream I was given a few nights ago of my ascension in physical body. It was without pain, and very smooth. It just showed me the how, but not the where or what the New Dimension would look like. When I woke back up to this paradigm, there was light and peacefulness at first dawn, but it didn’t take long for the heaviness and another wave to set in. It has been a nonstop barrage of waves.

I had to deal (Apr. 29) with a financial adviser (whom I made very nervous I must say, and he could not wait to rid of me from his office, which was clearly evident in his un-ease). Aware of the delay of ID split & ascension, I am in of need monies for basics. I was left with the only option from a retirement plan which was stored not by choice from my enslavement in earlier years, in which the government has told me I am not eligible for until they say (control). It is evident I would never see all of it whether or not ascension is a factor, as they are skimming off the top of it, have been for years, and the courts have said they do not have to pay it back.

I have also seen many seniors over the years as well who are being robbed blind. It is disgusting. This would be the same (Canadian) government that is missing $3 billion of tax payers’ money from its budget. Yes $3 Billion. Hmm….more writing on the wall.  Perhaps my silence and staring him (f.a) down, whilst he was blathering on and on about my future (which I informed him I wasn’t concerned about the future, but NOW) made him squirm. Snake oil salesmen we call them here.

When the opportunity arose I brought up to him about the fall of the financial system in Greece, as he is of Greek ethnicity. He got quite upset, and spewing on how they were victims of USA greed from an abused housing market (eye roll), which I said yes I am aware, but this is not all it is, and is only the start, and it will have far reaching realities, and one is blind to think that it isn’t going to have its ramifications here, as I familiarized him with many things that our Canadian government is up to, which he said he was not aware of.

Ha ha, as I said, couldn’t get me out of his office fast enough, but alas, not my place to make him see. One would think that a financial adviser would be abreast of all of these situations, when working smack in the middle of it, unless of course he is in agreement with them. Mission accomplished. I am sure with the help of the HR I was able to get unlocked enough funds under the banner “hardship” to get me through till ascension and ID split.

For years I have spoken of this broken financial system with friends and family to deaf ears.  I have also been in this experience with the PTB on other occasions. Give her what she wants and shut her up. Huh!!… ‘fear’ you think? I walked out of that office into the streets of Toronto shook my head of yet again the ignorance and blatant lies I had just witnessed and this peace came over me. It truly was this peace & clarity with full awareness that we must have the MPR.

Perhaps I was questioning it because of my compassion for the underdog of humanity. It is not just about monies, but everything in the basics of human rights and freedom  that have been stripped from them, and held them in shackles of enslavement and injustices through the years and eras at the hands of a few. It is apparent to me now it will take a shake up to wake up the masses. Enough is enough.

This is all for now Georgi. I read the site daily, and again thank you and PAT for your continuous work through some trying waves till we begin anew.

With Gratitude and Love to All Members

PS One other little thing. They tried the bomb scare in Toronto at railway station, one week after Boston. There was a big eye roll. My response was with the great comedians we have here, it won’t take long to turn this BS around and remove the fear from it. One liberal media very shortly after reported that this report that was being shown including the footage was over one year old. Didn’t take long for that to spread on FB and other engines. Also my friend went into Toronto that day completely unknowing that this was on the news, and reported that nothing of the sort was going on at the train depot. Another attempt but our PM is a dumbass and a copy cat follow the leader kind of grey, which is more pathetic than the original monkeys. We can’t even give him credit for his own insipid stupidity.

Dear Wendy,

thank you for your very colourful and vivid account on the last idiocies on this planet and how they come to us, but without really affecting our lives anymore, more like ghosts, and how now the masses are beginning to go through this compression from the high frequency source energies that are about to squeeze all their rotten ideas and fear-based habits out their dumbed down minds.


Dearest Georgi:

Just finished reading the article about stupidity of American people and I state one more time that: You are Awesome! Brilliant!

Marco, Colorado.

Dearest Georgi,

Brilliant response, as expected! If one is blind and does not know it, there is no other way to respond.

Some time ago when you stated that one of the most dangerous times for the world was from 2003 to 2006, I knew that your spiritual barometer was perfect.

Few people knew what the Dark Orion Cabal had in store for America. Not just the destruction of their finances but the physical destruction of their military and infrastructure, so as to blame it on others (Iran) and start another war. Of course it did not happen as the light was victorious in stopping it.

But for those engaged in that battle, nothing was more hurtful and frustrating than the blindness and dumbed downed Americans in positions of authority who failed to see that the actions of the Dark Orion Cabal were targeted against ALL Americans, not just those “in the thick of the battle”. Had they shown the courage to expose the plans of the Cabal at that time, it could have changed the course of history and sped up Ascension.

These people find the stark honesty of the situation to much to handle. They want to be mentally coddled like babies. They cannot handle the sheer diabolical truth of the dark Orion cabal. It is easier for them to either look away or discredit the messenger.

Truly enlightened beings would not care about the “popularity” of their site and the acceptance of others, else they would be forced to tailor their message to the suitability of the masses and then the “unvarnished truth” is lost.

Thank God you don’t bend to these misguided souls. During my prior battle with the minions of the cabal, I regularly ran website statistics. The majority of my hits came from Langley, so I knew what was going on.

If Desiree takes your advice, she may come to a more honest understanding.

But at this point, we are so close that those in her group will have to experience some “forced dramatic event” in some form, either MPR or disclosure, in order to achieve awakening for their group.

I see her comments as a subconscious acknowledgement of their need to know “why” they must experience as so. And so you have satisfied her and all in that group with your answer.

This is a very good sign. We are indeed very close.

Much peace, love an joy to you,

Hi Georgi

Just wanted to shout out kudos to the way you’ve been handling the latest correspondence. You are truly superhuman.

Are you still in telepathic combat? Things have been quiet on my front.  Although I still run into a troll in the U-bahn now and then.

Thanks for being our toll-bridger and for the things we don’t see. Hope the horses are treating you well. How often are you able to ride?

Give a shout out to the captain, everyone!


Dear Debra,

I do not ride anymore, but only sit on the gig and let myself being driven by the horse and my wife as a coachwoman. This is very relaxing indeed.

Last night I could not sleep and had a medial breakthrough. I saw as a sudden vision how the political events will unfold in the coming days. I am now trying to elaborate the various aspects of this simultaneous vision and I hope to get some new insights in the coming days. But there is already an energetic breakthrough in the political stalemate and the dark US cabal are beginning to realize that they have lost the battle for ever.

I cannot tell you now what surprising point events may still occur, but the broader picture, regarded as a balance of political and military force, has been won by the forces of light and the USA have been ultimately defeated in the higher realms and also on the ground. It is difficult to translate this vision into words, but all their petty plans fail now before they even begin with their realization, as the energies are no longer conducive to them. The catastrophic 3d-timeline is now rapidly separating from the rest of humanity as a A/B timeline and there are no interceptions anymore to manifest their plans on humanity. They are operating in an energetic vacuum.

The last futile attempt was the Boston terror act as to appease the Russians and bargain their OK to invade Syria. The Russians are not making this deal as they have now all the trumps in their hands and have cleansed last week in a huge operation the Caucasus region from terrorists without any objection from the West, so that the USA are losing all their cards and ground for negotiations. There is much more to this.

I sense that Germany, France and other continental NATO countries are now distancing themselves from the USA and GB as the two last war monger nations in the world and will no longer support any war adventures. NATO will de facto disintegrate. In addition comes the fear that the bank crash can come any moment before the political plans are realized and thus will hit the dark cabal establishment first instead of the masses, so that they will suddenly lose all their power.

These and many other imponderables make them shit in their pants out of animalistic angst. To this evaluation I have not added yet the natural catastrophes they expect watching Nibiru approaching earth like a paralysed rabbit in front of a cobra and do not know when and if they should make an official announcement on the impending catastrophes, knowing that this news will make their life very nasty as the masses will begin to ask questions and demand responsibility for the cabal’s secretiveness so far.

This is just a glimpse of what I sense telepathically about the deplorable situation of the dark cabal now and I am connected to them very intensively, especially in the dream state which is now for me almost daily consciousness in the 5th dimension.

With love and light

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