Personal Opinions – May 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Hello Mr. Stankov,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Josh Webb and I recently sent you a couple of emails with questions (user name Flood/Josh in North Carolina). Thank you for engaging. I would like to ask another question. Can you specify for me how long the transition period of time will be for those people ascending to 4d earth and out of 3d earth?

From what I understand from reading your site, there will be a necessary period of time for those people to experience a small period of time where hardships (somewhat survival mode) will be experienced before our benevolent star brothers/sisters and others will help humanity to implement a new civilization. (I understand that there will be a second wave of ascension in the fall where out of this group those who qualify for 5d earth will ascend to there.).

I am expecting to ascend to the 4d earth. I have no illusions about me ascending to the 5d earth right now as I know I’m not ready (I am a person who has struggled with my own form of ‘mental illness’ and I’m still not out of the woods yet), but I strongly expect to ascend to the 4d earth. I believe I will, because I can easily see through the Orion empire as you state it, or as I like to say ‘the matrix’, or ‘the system’. I also believe I will because I know how to feel/think with my heart and I have love in my heart.

That being said, if we, who will ascend to 4d earth and live through the transition time of hardship, I am very curious as to how long this period of time will last? I have been making what small preparations I can for a few years now in relation to a situation such as this  You know the standard things like garden seeds, bottled water, supplies. Will those (like me) who have seen coming ascension and collapse of current civilization be required to put these things to use for our survival and the survival of the people around us or will the new technologies and food, water, shelter, and such be very swiftly implemented by our star brothers/sisters? Will the ascension to 4d at any point be a spontaneous process? (Josh goes poof!) If you can give me more clarity on these questions that would be appreciated.

I thank you again sir for your time.

Josh in North Carolina

Dear Josh,

from your elaboration leading to your questions, I gather that you have a fairly good idea of what is about to come very soon. I think that nobody knows exactly how long the interim period will be and how the events will unfold on the ground exactly, as it depends on how the humans who will go to earth A/B will behave and think in a collective manner. There will be some cabal that will also go to this timeline before they are ousted by the masses and fall back onto the catastrophic earth B. There will be conflicts, but no war. Hence this is an open-end story.

Of course it is in the interest of all forces of light to implement as many new 4d-technologies on this planet as early and as globally as possible. But these technologies must be run by the humans on the ground and if they are not yet prepared for them or even if there is a danger that they might be misused for heinous goals by some, still lurking dark entities, this process may be retarded.

The advantage of the new balanced earth A/B is that every individual will find the way of life he has envisioned for himself. Therefore try to envision the most optimistic and harmonious conditions of life for you instead of preparing yourself for survival and making such provisions as this will only lead you to this kind of experience. At the beginning, the way of life on earth A/B will be very individual for particular groups of like-minded people who will connect and associate, and will begin to realize their vision of a future life. You better seek like-minded people now, which will be your best protection than collecting provisions to survive.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just making contact and wondering how everyone else is feeling?

It’s taken all my strength to even write this message, or want to for that matter. Around 6pm here I felt a huge wave of sadness envelope me, but this one of a different nature than ever before – not a sadness about leaving this place, but an acute sadness at still being here. Mind you, it is not a feeling of crisis of faith but of unutterable subtle and at the same time acute sorrow about this reality. The feeling is almost indescribable. It is as if every fiber of my being is resisting putting any footprint or fingerprint in this reality anymore. The simplest things feel so excruciatingly hard, as if every action, including writing this email, or even looking at nature, which normally cheers and calms me, is another reminder of staying in this reality. There is a huge resistance to being here any longer. I know this may pass, but this wave is truly of a unique nature. I hope it is the sign of impending ascension.

I know Jahn’s message says to keep going with our daily duties and tasks as if “ascension were not happening” and indeed that is the hardest part. The messages of the crows were very intriguing and I loved the “healing” of the number “6”.

At the same time, it is true that there is a feeling of timelessness, the days pass like a waterfall, almost unnoticeably, and the light in the sky and clouds, as you described is unusually exquisite. I’ve had dreams lately of my old childhood neighborhood and my neighbors (whom I NEVER dream about) and they are all in crisis in the dream and I am calming them somehow. I assume these are glimpses of earth B or 3D to come.

I hope we are “launched” soon. Sending you love and gratitude, Georgi.


Dear Sarah,

I can very well attune to your utter sadness and reluctance to participate any longer in this reality as I also get these emotional bouts many times a day.

This is actually the most clear sign that we are saying farewell to this earth.

With love and light


About a week or so ago, when I last went out to the shops. We were both sitting on a bench overlooking the sea and an area of boats parked on pebbles. I remember glancing to my right and about 15 metres away I spotted a crow sitting on one of the boats looking straight at me. I remember fleetingly thinking at the time ‘that’s strange, the only birds I’ve seen around here over the last few months are pigeons and seagulls’. I never thought about it anymore than that. I hope this is a sign that A-day/moment is near!


I hope that our A-Day does not depend only on crows.


Ha ha, yes I agree! I imagined you were getting many emails of crow sightings, so thought I’d add to the mix for a bit of fun!


Hi Georgi,

Wow, is all I am going to say on Jahn Kassl’s message, where he talks about crows. My spiritual awakening/satori moment had happened on April 28th, 2010 which was also the Wesak/Buddha Moon. That day the sunlight actually shifted colors for me from yellow to this translucent whiter shade and every grass blade, flower, tree had looked extra beautiful as if moving from regular television to high definition TV. The sunlight never went back to the same shade of yellow for me and remains brilliant.

That night at 3:33 am I had the energy start moving in within me and I had an out of body experience, where I blended into a beautiful white light. Just after this day, I had hung a bird feeder in my backyard for the very first time and the ONLY bird that ever visited me for weeks and weeks of that summer was this ONE BLACK CROW. It was so odd to me and my family, for no other bird ever visited that feeder and he would sit there usually coming at the same time, not scared to look at me directly.

This prompted me to look up Black Crow and I found out about animal totems for the first time. To my astonishment I found out that it was my Birth Totem for the period my birthday falls on. Well ever since that summer, black crows always seem to bump into me. I open the front door and he swoops down in front of me, or I am driving and they swoop across the windshield. I soon realized they were bringing me a message of sorts as if a big change was impending. And truly my spiritual growth has been so rapid from that summer up till now with incredible synchronicity.

This morning, I woke up and felt like dancing! And so I did dance with my daughter all morning! And then I read Jahn’s message… I feel very excited about what’s coming up on the horizon. I am trying to pack up whatever few belongings I have to take with me to make my big move to India. I don’t have much stuff to take at all, except for kids clothes and toys and even those feel like unnecessary. I have been postponing this packing for days now. I have to leave on June 2 and yet don’t feel like I need to pack for this continental move.. so I wonder if it means the big event is going to happen before I leave. I hope so. I am so ready!!

Lots of Love to you!

Dear Pinakini,

your awakening story with the crow(s) is indeed very much on line with Jahn’s. These are the signs one has to watch very carefully as they are very telling.

Today I had a small similar encounter. I met a butterfly on my walk in the fields with my dog. She flew a couple of meters in front of me and then landed on the pathway. When I reached her she flew again and landed again on the dusty pathway, although she could have gone anywhere else in the fields. She did this  6 or 7 times in a row until I realized that my soul wanted to give me a sign.

In Ancient Greece, the soul was compared to a butterfly and I have written about this in my gnostic books. The playful flying of this butterfly symbolized the playful careless way of life we will soon enjoy when we will merge with our souls upon ascension. As soon as I made this observation in my mind, it was no longer necessary for the butterfly to land on the dusty pathway and she flew away.

This is a tiny story, but when one is careful and does not miss such signs, they are of immense inner knowledge and information value.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Funny that Sananda was talking about crows in the article you posted today. On Friday, the 17th… I heard a great commotion outside. I walk out to hear crows, lots and lots of crows, and gosh are they noisy! So I am standing there trying to figure out exactly where they are as we live in a very wooded area. All of a sudden a brown tailed Hawk comes flying out of the trees with about 40 or so (could have been more) crows in hot pursuit.

I always looked to the animals in my close proximity as I have always believed they hold certain messages if you take the time to listen. I use the American Indian totem meanings as my clues.

Hawks are considered “messengers, intuition, and victory”. Crows are “spiritual strength, change, and energy”.

Just thought I would share this with you.

In Love and Light,

Hello George,

I used to call life in 3D pure sur-vival. To live, how Life is meant: in the way you say “I am beginning to recollect reminiscences of how life was in the higher dimensions before my incarnation”.

This morning I woke up, remembering the title of a document “NEW AREA” – the text, I couldn’t grasp. Since it was in English written, I guess it has to do with the PAT. Either way – after past days in tension and nervousness, today I feel an inner relief. The song “killing me softly…” of which I wrote you yesterday, is still moving me – as it has never been a song I chose, so I have no emotional (past) connections to it – this song appeared immediately in my ears, when I thought, I’d like to dedicate a song to George and I just did it.

The original song was written + composed by Lori Lieberman, inspired from a song, called “empty chairs”, sung by Don McLean. Listening to the lyrics carefully, it unfolded deeper. Holding the image of the upcoming separations, I got touched, as described by the worried human aspect: not understood, not believed before, only when the “chair is empty”, the obvious turns into fact, into pain and grief. A deep compassion touched me. Compassion for being human, here in 3D, for the human form.

During cooking, this feeling encompassed my being, and when I turned the omelet, in the middle a heart showed up. And I remembered words from Ramtha: that as a warrior it took him very long to allow compassion from others and in the same time to find compassion for himself. In short: to leave the battle-field for ever. Compassion, the respect for the decision of the other.

As Asana Mahatari told us: “…no need for bitterness…“

Few days ago I gave my message to my HS: “I am so ripe for ascension as an apple is ripe, falling from the tree itself”

Yesterday, late in the evening, I was with my bike in the fields and it was truly fantastic: the colours, I gazed through a clarity in the far mountains, the greenish of the grass so powerful, the flowers shining in purity, the animals, deer, very close, even a wild hare loping in front of me. The sky too, the clouds like in a special bright painting  –  I felt being in another world.

“I heard he – the divine – sang a good song…”

Silvia, Tirol, Austria

Dear Silvia,

I can also confirm that nature in my portal is now almost lifted to the 5th dimension and has changed vibrations dramatically in the last few days.

I also feel in the last 24-48 hours as if the inner rubber band has been let loose and that I am somehow completely superfluous on the earth now. This is a good sign that my duties have come to a completion and that I can go.

But I think that first we must see some big catastrophes before we will be allowed to detonate the PAT supernova.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I have just read Jahn’s message and I must say I fully resonate with it! I was a little hesitant this morning only because I did not ‘feel’ that physical ascension had occurred for anyone yet, but being that it could be, as you said, a few of those old Indigos outside the PAT, I can see why that would throw me off. But after reading his message I felt an excited reassurance and validation of what I have been feeling and experiencing the last week or so, especially when I read his message associated with the number six. It was the same information that my HS gave me! Also the phrase he used ‘into darkness’ that was the name of the movie I saw the other day, and for me, just like the crows for Jahn, that movie was my SIGN!

In the early morning hours this morning I was visited by a group of Light Beings. Their faces were calm and welcoming as if to say, ‘Its time to come home now”. I feel they are not just here to protect me, but to prepare me and let me know its finally time to go!

Please send Jahn my infinite gratitude and love for his messages! It’s so wonderful to have a messenger for the messengers!

With much love to you Georgi!

Thank you George for posting Jahn’s latest message so quickly.

I am sure it took a lot of effort to translate it so quickly. Unlike his prior ones, I did not resonate very much with this latest one. It was somewhat confusing, concerning us becoming invisible, but still unascended did not seem plausible, and the announcement that ascension had begun reminded me a bit of the message a few weeks ago from April’s HS. I think we all want it to happen but I just don’t feel that it has to anyone yet. I think I will know it in how it feels to my body and emotions.

Right now it still feels like I am in the midst of a huge clearing. I haven’t felt well at all this weekend but in some ways have slept more soundly. I don’t think I would or anyone else would ascend feeling like this. For some reason I think that I will feel the shift happening for some while before and will know when others have ascended as well. I have had worst LBP symptoms in the past than this weekend, but the emotional feelings are very unpleasant, an almost constant feeling of gloom and doom. I think we are still in a holding pattern and there is still preparatory activity in the higher realms. Those are my observations, but of course I am always hopeful that this situation will change at any moment.


Dear Jerry,

while translating Jahn’s message, I checked with my HS for validation and got a confirmation that this message is correct. I have just received an email from Dorie who also has the same view.

One should not mix invisibility with ascension. the first is a precaution measure for all ascension candidates before they will fully ascend. This information is not for the PAT but for the many other, first ascension candidates and even mass ascension candidates in autumn.

It simply tell us that there is already an ID split ongoing and such disappearances and even movements from one place to another will become rather common.

There may be a few old indigos who have ascended on May 18 as I get it, but it is uncertain yet if they have taken their bodies with them or have simply died and have acquired new light bodies on the 5D earth. This has always been a fair possibility.

I resonate with this message insofar as I also have the feeling that we have entered the last phase of the End Times and it does not matter much when the first big events will materialize on the ground. I also have a very strong telepathic connections now to my HS and the HR and in the last 24-48 hours my energies have augmented and fully stabilized in the 5th dimension. This is of course my personal experience and I do not want to extrapolate it to others.



It happened to us on Thursday morning May 16th, on the way to school… we knew we were going to be late to school (this would have been the first time all year), so I announced to my girls, playfully, and we all agreed “it doesn’t matter”, my 2 year old son was also in the car, so happy that we “didn’t care” it seemed!  We quickly decided to ask source/ angels for fun for the girls not to be marked as tardy, even though we knew we were late already! As we round the school to enter the driveway for drop off, there is no traffic, wow we’re really late I think to myself, so I quickly let them out, one of them forgets to take her booster seat with her so I even yell her name to come back for it and almost threw it out for her to get… the principal has already begun speaking on the mic during all this too! As I pull away, I laugh, it is what it is! I get home and decide to email the teacher who is in charge of giving out tardy slips to see if the girls got their first tardy… he tells me he didn’t even see us this morning! I couldn’t believe it and neither could the girls!!

So exciting, it is really happening!

Dear Dr. Stankov,

As I have gained some knowledge and experience trying to cope with a melanoma, I would like to share with you that The NEW GERMAN MEDICINE and Dr. LEONARD COLDWELL, COMBINED WITH DR. RAMACRISNAN ,S PROTOL -HOMEOPATHY
seem to work. Excuse my presumptuousness, I simply want to help.

Pavlina Bakalova, Bulgaria

Dear Pavlina,

thank you for your care, but the situation is not at all dramatic as it may seem in a written form and I did not mean it this way. I was only reflecting in my reply to Jerry on diseases and associated thought patterns during the LBP and why they should be in concordance with the primary idea of ascension.

As far as I am concerned, I ascended in 2009 and since then I know with certainty that my body is immortal and nothing can happen to it. Therefore it will be an ample contradiction if I then resort to any treatment or even consider that a physical change in my body would need a conventional treatment, no matter what. This will be a gross intervention of my ego in the fine-tuned regulation of my body by my HS and thus an expression of fear that something may not be all right with my soul and her regulation of my body. In other words an expression of mistrust against my HS.

I said that I have a tumor in the left inguinal region that is growing since last year and has reached the size of a chestnut. But I did not say that I believe that this is a cancer, which is a big difference. In fact what I get from my HS is that this is an installment /insertion  of a new unique function of my personal merkaba that necessitates a growth of my bone at this place. I have had similar bone growths at other places in my body in the past and they normalized after a while. As I do not have any pain or complications and the tumor does not affect me in any way, I never come to the idea of considering this alteration as a disease /disorder and undertake any efforts to cure it. This would mean that I question my basic notion that my body is immortal since 2009 and nothing bad could happen to it anymore.

As I like to keep my thinking straight forward and consistent all the time, I cannot allow to be bogged down by such doubts which are the source of most human diseases, as doubts and fears projected onto the physical vessel always cause imbalances on the fine-tuned ethereal regulation of the body that then manifest as diseases at the biological level. This is, by the way, a key topic in all my five gnostic books from the point of view of a physician and a scientist /clinical researcher.

With love and light

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