Why the Hippie Movement Failed, Where The PAT Prevailed

by Debra C., May 9, 2013

Hi George,

Another fabulous article that I wanted to add to. This one really struck a chord with me, and actually, I wonder if there will be a backlash to it, even though it reiterates the same meme – that the average sheeple will need the rebel LW (Indigos, Crystals, Awakened Starseeds) to assist them in the transition to their new homes & holograms.

But first, about the 60s…

I’m sure you’re aware of Hunter S. Thompson, an American rogue journalist who became disillusioned with the 60s movement. He criticized the hippies from that time, blaming them for getting lost in the bliss of free love and drugs. Instead of capitalizing on the insight that LSD or even Tim Leary imparted, they whittled away the momentum of this movement towards change. He talks about the wave cresting, building, but never breaking.

Naturally, this was the intention of the Orion empire and the CIA, who crafted LSD and similar hallucinogenics in their labs for the purpose of mind control. LSD is designed to break the personality into shards, to weaken the will of individuals, even if at the same time it can provide glimpses to Higher Realms or allow breakthroughs of spiritual insight.

My personal experiments with LSD became so terrifying that once I figured out that I was losing my mind and not just having a trip. I vowed to never take another chemical again. I’ve since done lots of research on these drugs and even teach an English course on this topic.

By the same token, some marijuana strains have proved to be similarly detrimental to certain chronic users; not only do they become lazy and apathetic, unable to achieve goals or regain the ambition they had before they became users, they may become prone to demonic possession or prolonged schizophrenic psychotic episodes. No wonder the 60s movement never quite brought the change that was anticipated.

And yet at this point there was no interference from the HR. Kennedy, King, and Lennon were assassinated. Things were allowed to continue to snowball in this negative vein because the hologram here is that the people do their own waking up, their own saving, right up until the proverbial last minute. And the incarnating starseeds have to pick up the slack where the others dropped the ball for the sake of the entire mission.

I remember back in 2001, right after the towers fell, when I was writing a spiritual essay on the nature of evil and why it was allowed to exist in such force on our planet. I think it is a very basic concept that evil feeds goodness in a karmic cycle. I’m not saying it is the only path to goodness, but it is often the case, and especially with the sleeping masses, that the more stubborn one is to the lessons of this incarnation, the more intense do the lessons become as our souls try to permeate that veil of unconsciousness.

I remember when I first started waking up in 1998. I would later tell others that my soul had hit me over the head with a 2×4 wooden board. The lessons were so blatant, so harsh, I had no choice but to question exactly how my external world was reflecting my inner one. To this day I thank my guides and my Monad for waking me up. I’m sure it wasn’t such an easy task – but it worked. And here I am.

The role of these parasites on our planet is precisely for this same reason – in my view they are in service to a higher power – their injustice, their greed, their violence and psychopathy is allowed to exist for the purpose of waking the masses up. The PTW are like a big 2×4 over the head. These idiots think their free will and inflated sense of power allow them to commit such crimes when in fact they are being used as peons by the higher realms for a higher purpose. Ha! That must really get their goat.

So, if any silly LW now writes in and says the same old crap about how the masses cannot be saved externally and must save themselves, I say, what world are you living in, my friend? How much time do you think everyone has down here to save themselves? While there are always ascensions ongoing, there is THIS one, now, requested by Gaia herself, and humanity does not have infinity to make the jump. This is a precarious window of opportunity; people need to step up now and figure their shit out.

Many of them will not make it. And the ones who have, can thank the awakened Starseeds for processing all of their karmic garbage on a HUGE emotional and energetic scale, and for bringing in the genetic codes that tip the scales in the gross population as to even allow their ascension. So many times when I was consciously clearing programming at the DNA level, I viscerally knew this clearing related directly to the masses’ future biological / genetic ability to ascend when the light would come in years later (now).

We are not passive observers, we are the silent warriors, and we will be needed in future to help those transitioning. There is nothing wrong with this idea – of mentors helping those with less ability or knowledge or whatever. I don’t know why some LW resent it so much. It’s like they are blindly chanting some adage they learned from when they first woke up: “I will not give my own power away”. “No one can save us, we must do it ourselves”. Yes, you’re right, in general. But now you’ve learned that, stop chanting it blindly and look a bit closer – it doesn’t apply here. We are not taking anyone’s power away! Most sheeple don’t have any power to take away, as they’ve already given it to the PTW. Bollocks.

Those LW, who think that things will continue forever as they are until the masses eventually create their own heaven on earth, are deluded. First of all, it’s like they’re unable to see the world around them the way it really is.

George’s last article summarizing the current global political situation was brilliant, yet many LW can’t even observe properly and have no inkling how these events and stalemates tie into the ascension plan! Especially the ones who still extend their power to that fiend, Obama. And then they claim to know how Gaia’s ascension will take place!

Secondly, if they were in tune at all with their HS and their missions here, they would not be making such broad and superficial comments. The reason I am a proud PAT member is because I know in the very center of my being what my job is here and that I incarnated for more than just to “play house” and buy shit and have superficial earthly experiences and/ or wait for first contact or a new money system. It is from this fulcrum (as George often says) that I operate. Not out of some inflated sense of importance. Jeez!

My work here is mainly energetic and I resent any LW (and I know a few) who insist that Gaia and her peoples (!?) can ascend on her own at any time without anyone’s help. It’s not that we want to be revered as saviors or that we have these huge egos that only “we can do the job”. That’s absurd = NOT the point! But to negate the PAT’s role in this process is to reduce a hugely complicated ascension like this one to some simplistic star-trek fantasy.

In reality, for it to succeed, It needs people working on it constantly and in an orderly fashion. In any project there is hierarchy, with some at the top, some further down, and some just piggybacking on the changes.

Anyhow, please forgive my rant here George, but just wanted to offer a little support. This was a topic that strongly resonates with me. Plus, it feels good to get some writing down after a long absence. Today there was a strong wave in the morning that knocked me out; I assume that this writing is partly helping to process it. Hope you haven’t been hit too hard.  Wishing you a lovely day,

love Debra.

Dear Debra,

I can only say: “Woh”, this is such a powerful writing. I will publish it today as a separate article as it excellently explains the receipt of success (Erfolgsrezept) of the PAT compared to the rest of the New Agers, beginning with the Hippie movement. Why don’t you write more often such articles?

With love and light

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