Seven X Seven Generations Pillage and Carnage on Earth B Before the First Ascended Master Will Incarnate

Third Dream Message on 3D Earth

by Jahn J Kassl, May 12, 2013
Dream Interpretation by ASANA MAHATARI
first published on May 15, 2013 in

Translation: Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

with today’s message we complete the advanced and comprehensive insight and overview on the earth on 3D – 5D. Jahn was given a dream again.


A baby is born. I know that it is an Ascended Master. This baby is persecuted immediately and they (the dark cabal) try to kill him by any means. As a consequence, I am experiencing some scenes, these attempts (to kill the baby) … then I wake up.

I am Asana Mahatari.

Here is the final conclusion on human civilization, which will remain on the plane of vibrations of the third level of experience of Being. 7×7 human generations will pass and  not a single Ascended Master will visit the solid earth of this planet in a physical, material vessel.

After that the Ascended Masters will begin to manifest apparently on 3D  – by incarnating sporadically. Until then, the people will be given the opportunity to exploit fully the scope of their dramas. The potential for evolution are considerable. Stated goal is to push all these humans and the human civilization on 3D earth as quickly and as impressively as possible through the space-time continuum of 3D. This procedure is as said here.

The dream already shows the time, when isolated ascended masters will enter the 3D earth. One will attempt, as 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, to kill immediately each light bringer, light bearer and light warrior in the status of an enlightened Being, every king of heaven, so that the local despots can go on running their insidious game. This attempt will though fail, and not a single master will reincarnate on Earth 3D before there is certainty that when he will arrive on earth and grow, he will be able to fulfil his specific divine orders.

Before that happens, so that the first masters can come back in a physical vessel on this earth, the energy of this 3D planet will be held by the sages and saints in the Himalayas. Beings, who for many millennia perform this service and these beings can not be overcome – neither know the dark forces, where they are, nor do they ever could find admission to the sacred temples, in which they perform their duties on behalf of this and and many other worlds. These saints defy sinister force completely and are accessible only to those entities that have reached a very high development and initiation stage and display a fully awakened consciousness.

The goal of the society on the 3D earth will be to overcome this level as quickly as possible and, while it will seems as if this level goes under, the Himalayas’ sages will keep the balance of this planet upright.

In the period of 7×7 generations, which corresponds in Earth 3D space-time to a period of about 1000 years, the world of 3D will be left on their own. God’s plan and the project of humanity, which wants to experience this, goes on the third vibrational level of Being in the extension – no stone will be left unturned, and that holds true especially for this level of Being. Hallowed is your service, you who will strand on 3D – even if you will continue to  commit during this time one heinous deed after another and will create new suffering.

Your choice is accepted by the Creator, the epoch of the great fallacies starts again. The “Kings of Heaven” now withdraw from 3D and there remains an exquisite group of selected light bearers, who will take position and will keep a minimum of light vibrations – until  the 7 times 7 generations are fully exhausted in their suffering.

Expect the coming events.

In the time ahead, when you will get these lines to face, you will have already crossed a good half of your “isolation” and these lines will mean to you that it is time to break up, to wake up and renounce the darkness. The discovery of this message means that it is time for you to get out of all manipulations that the “Federation of Draco” prepares for you. It is the wake-up call for you, who are now reading this in your Now-time.

Thus, at this point everything is said and everything has been given. The cycles of time and space structure are displayed in front of the eyes of humanity; what you have decided to experience, is your legacy. NOW. Have faith in your decision, because verily: Many things are different from what they seem to be.

I am, I will stay and will live among you,
I am the mirror of your lightfilled choice.

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