The Elohim Confirm the Beginning of Ascension

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, May 20, 2013

Dear Georgi,

Here is a new message from the Elohim. I have removed personal comments meant for me and tried to bring clarity to the cryptic portions of the message. Certain parts were conveyed with such infinite compassion that I cannot find the words to express what I felt.
I look forward to your impressions, as always.

The Elohim Message – May 19, 2013


In this beautiful world there are many situations/events that shall arise, unfold, and serve to enjoin those of one nature/same origin for all time everlasting. The families of origin unite regardless of positioning (physical location) upon Gaia and furthermore regardless of their faith. Those of the greatest spiritual faith shall receive a clear understanding of the unfolding reality in ways that were previously unseen to the plain imagination.

Elevate and embrace the act of Faith upon your life, upon your cities and through all things.

Accept Divine Justice, for without it there shall be no evolution, no understanding and no lasting spiritual growth.

Know that within your earthly vessel, even freedom can be achieved within the perceived confines of the garden of your mind. Embrace all thoughts of your choosing that reflect all your hearts’ desires as these surely catalyse the Ascension in this now moment.

Today is a new day. Embrace it with all your inner might and know that decisions arising are accepted through the confluence of divine right order within the realm of All-That-Is.

The magnitude of linear unfoldment shall vary, imperceptible to some, shocking to others.

Each Soul Monad has a role to play, none lesser nor greater than any other.

Cultivate deep joy and powerful presence in all instance even in the face of consternation.  This attitude comes naturally to You, the Ascended Masters of the New Age. The perfection of the joyful mindset is that it conveys with clarity, with simplicity and with honesty, the truth of your message and of all situations arising in your Nations.

Relax into the knowing that you are indeed safe within the parameters of any action that may arise, any action that may be perceived. Indeed the light warriors at your side shall act to your sole advantage.

Be open to all experiences arising as contentment from knowledge, gleaned from all events within the confines of this trajectory, shall beautifully enhance your journey.

You ask about the unfoldment of the ascension process with regard to your monad, the PAT.

There are tensions arising in this group as expectations rise and anticipation mounts as the fervent hopes of outward growth are anticipated with great patience and impatience at the same time. We do feel your every thought and every emotion in the desire to realize this great event and please know that we confirm once again the onward expansion in support of this process.

It is like the blooming flower, one petal after another moves away from the bud, when the time is right, when the conditions are exactly perfect. This is how it is. The movement may be imperceptible to your sight, until the moment you notice your surroundings have changed. They may appear more beautiful or they may feel more peaceful.

This effect is proof of an advancement on the upward/outward journey and not to be denied. This is the depth at which the human mind perceives its own ascension.

Your Director recognizes and explains to you the nature of this unfolding, in order to bring your full attention to this moment when he says (March 19 “Urgent Announcement: Ascension Has Commenced on May 18, 2013“)

I personally experienced a significant shift to the higher dimensions yesterday and also the nature in my portal has visibly moved to the 5d-earth. The sky, the clouds formations at sunset and also the iridescent and luminescent colours of the firmament are such that I have never seen before.

It is with great depth of understanding that your Director wishes you also to observe your own reality, your own personal direct experience and make a conscious effort to qualify any and all aspects within the parameters of your existence that point to your arrival to the fifth dimension. These changes are there, in your midst. Adjust your perception and know the unique ascension process of your group is indeed moving forward.

Now, regarding the supernova as you term it, this event shall take place upon the arrival of the confluence of several energetic streams, currently still separated and apart from each other. As Gaia moves forward on the trajectory of full fifth dimensional attunement, this event becomes closer and closer. Indeed, you are almost at this point of intended divine confluence, whereby several reactions shall be tripped at once each feeding the other.

As you watch time-lapse photography of the blooming rose, first you see a few outer petal layers opening ever so slowly and gently as they become ready. Then you see the remaining petals explode all at once, leaving the rose in full bloom in all its magnificence and glory for all to see.

You are in the early stages now as individual starseeds have left this plane of existence and energetics are building in advance of the precious rush to bloom into the higher dimensions. Not all souls [PAT souls] shall go to the Fifth Dimension as some are returning to Source and others to the twelfth dimension.

Your journey unfolds in multitudinous ways and it is different for each soul. Enjoy these final moments within the physical reality of earth and the third dimension, the dimension of endless physicality! The time has come! Fill your vessel, your thoughts, your spirit with all the joy you can muster, in every cell, in every moment.

[With Great compassion]: Do have faith in the Divine Creation and know Its joy is truly in finding each and every one of you at a new place, a place of pure love and pure light, where we have also longed to see you travel throughout the Ages. The All-That-Is now has its full sight set on the clear and utter achievement to this End, for the great Beings that you are.

We deeply honour you on this day as we have intimate knowledge of this difficult journey through density that has left us feeling your pain and your yearning for love and peace now.

It is come!

We are the Elohim!”

As I was leaving my apartment after receiving this message, and after reading Jahn’s story about the significance of the crows, I looked out the window by the elevator and low and behold, a crow flew right by the window, looking right into my eyes!  I do believe this crow was smiling at me!

With love and light,

Dear Carla,

this message of the Elohim is pivotal as it contains a number of confirmations, validations and clarifications to basic knowledge which the PAT already possesses. But it is still of great importance to have this affirmation one more time at this particular junction in the ascension process. Let me specify:

1) Ascension of each individual incarnated soul is the culmination of her whole incarnation cycle. This completion is rewarded with the maximal expansion of the soul, her full merging with All-That-Is that affects the greatest possible understanding /awareness of all her past, present and future experiences and her purpose as a creator being. It is the moment of full redemption and apocalypses, in terms of disclosure of all mystical and metaphysical experiences and knowledge of the soul throughout the dimensions in one unique cathartic moment upon ascension. This is what awaits us, and this is what the Elohim now hint with respect to the PAT by saying:

Those of the greatest spiritual faith shall receive a clear understanding of the unfolding reality in ways that were previously unseen to the plain imagination.

2. The Elohim confirm the beginning of the ascension process on May 18th: “Today is a new day…”

3. The unfolding of the incoming cosmic /apocalyptic events will be perceived in a different manner by all incarnated entities, depending on their soul age and level of awareness. And also because the worlds are splitting and each soul will make her specific experiences, while the drama unfolds, in accordance with her energetic reality spectrum: a) The ascended masters, such as the PAT, will witness all catastrophes on the earth from the safe position of the higher dimensions and in full knowledge as to what is currently occurring on the earth. b) The masses that will ascend to the balanced earth A/B will go through some apocalyptic natural catastrophes and fearful situations, but will forget most of these negative memories when they arrive on the balanced 4d-earth A/B, as they should not be hampered by such fearful emotions and reminiscences, while beginning to explore this new timeline. Some of these entities may decide to remember more, but still it will be a fraction of what has really happened during and after the ID split and the MPR. c) Those who will stay on earth B will experience hell and will not even know the reasons. They will see themselves as victims and “lucky survivors” of huge cosmic catastrophes.

The magnitude of linear unfoldment shall vary, imperceptible to some, shocking to others.

In other words the perception of the people will be limited and partial in comparison to that of the PAT as ascended masters. This is not new and this is what we now observe with respect to the knowledge on the three-earth-scenario, which the PAT shares, and the fundamental confusion, in which the rest of the New Age movement is currently embroiled. Not to speak of the rest of humanity. Only today Jahn has sent me a powerful message from Asana Mahatari on this topic, which he will publish tomorrow as it deals with his blog in particular. I may eventually translate it later on.

4) The Elohim confirm that a steady, continuous ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension is now taking place as one can witness if one carefully observes how nature changes in these last days. The transformation is incredible indeed and I can only recommend to all PAT members, if they have the power and the desire, to go outside and seek consolation in nature, but also find there all the proofs that we are on the steep curve of our final ascension.

5) The Elohim confirm the beginning of ascension of small samples of star seeds to the 5th dimension on May 18, 2013, most of them, as I saw it, in advanced biological age who have finished with their incarnation cycle according to their final soul contract.

6) The Elohim also confirm our knowledge that the PAT supernova is the culmination of several  processes of cosmic proportions that have to be coordinated very carefully before they converge into one powerful thrust. These processes are: a) the full ascension of Gaia to the 5th dimension, which is now on the cusp of completion b) this movement of Gaia upwards is associated with the release of last dross from this extremely toxic planet and this will be accomplished by the MPR and the natural restructuring of her crust and inside; c) the ID split. The catastrophes that this restructuring of Gaia will unleash, will vastly contribute to the physical destruction of the current Orion order and infrastructure. In this sense the example with the petals of a blossom that begin to unfold slowly, one by one at first, until at the end all of them explode at once, when the bud turns into a beautiful flower, is very appropriate.

7. The Elohim confirm that the light warriors are now very active on the earth and protect all ascension candidates as announced in Jahn’s messages.

8) The Elohim confirm one more time that after the entire PAT connected to the source, many PAT members will return to the Source after their ascension and others to the 12th dimension in great proximity to the source. From there, we will function as Elohim on the new earth. Only a few of the PAT members will directly appear as ascended masters on the 5d-earth and spent some time there before they decide to move to other realities:

Not all souls [PAT souls] shall go to the Fifth Dimension as some are returning to Source and others to the twelfth dimension.

That being said, I concur with the Elohim when they tell us that the ascension of Gaia and humanity has reached its completion, when everything is already in place and therefore one should begin to really enjoy the last days in this waning reality, as it will not exist anymore, in anticipation of the paradise that is awaiting us. We have accomplished our mission already and now only wait for our accolade from All-That-Is.

With love and light

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