Earths 3D, 4D, 5D

Asana Mahatari
chanelled by Jahn J Kassl on May 16, 2013
first published on May 19, 2013 in

The scenes of the respective, in the transition involved earths (3D, 4D, 5D) were recorded for mankind. Well, now clarity, guidance and certainty should reign for the coming period. What is the essence of the message? What does this knowledge mean, how does it apply to the individual to cope with this knowledge?

For the people, who will soon become familiar with the conditions of the third dimension of creation, these messages have little meaning. The reason is that these people cannot be reached by them. And the few individuals (like the Internet trolls), who read this “by mistake”, will quickly and unimpressed repudiate (suppression of truth) these messages. That is, the train rolls on to new experiences until they can gradually create valuable and life-changing insights.

All the people who remain on 3D, have one thing in common – they all have knowledge about this at the soul level that generates fears, with which those beings (star seeds), who still live on 3D earth, but will ascend to 5D, are very often confronted.

This period ends in brief and abrupt!

For those people, who will gather on 4D and are now being prepared at the soul level for it, this would mean to continue doing their homework. That is to say, to take care of their own home day by day, what is yet to redeem, what is yet to perceive, what is waiting to be released into the light. Where do I refuse persistently to look at? This is the central question that these people should ask themselves. For it is this refusal to face one’s life issues in an unvarnished manner that has thwarted for now their passage onto 5D.

For all people, the new masters of the time, who will ascend to 5D, these messages on the earths 3D, 4D and 5D will mean solace and confirmation. The waiting comes to an end. These beings of light have now the task to pursue their divine orders persistently up to the A-Day.

And you have also the task to continue doing your daily activities every day on the solid earth ground, as if there were no ascension, as if you would set up on the earth again. Why is this? To be better grounded. That is to say, the most important feature now is not to lose completely connection to the ground, is to fulfil dutifully your daily occupations and obligations and not to neglect them in the joyful expectation of the coming Ascension.

Provide your family, go to work, meet friends, enjoy Nature, spend time with your loved ones, enjoying a glass of wine, visiting the cinema, doing what you would often like to do and what you have postponed so far because of your ascension. Do it now, because this is the last time that you have this opportunity as a human Being. This is the means to stay grounded till your last day, which means to be connected to the earth as it is currently.

You do not necessarily need profound meditations, for verily: Who has done his homework to date, he has completed, he has dropped out of the cycle of death and rebirth, and is liberated for ever from it.

In all these activities, as here described, it is mandatory to be aware of – to be aware of What Is. It is important not to slip into the low-conscious state of the vibrational levels of 3D or 4D. For it is not what one does, that defines a mature soul, but how one does it, this is how the degree of consciousness is manifested.

Remain attentive observers of your thoughts and your environment. Pay attention to the many small miracles that are given to you every day, now that you are on the cusp of your ascension. For the everyday miracles point out to the great wonders that await you, during the separation of the earths and after that – especially after that!

This remaining time is the time of expectation for all people. For the ones – the happy expectation, for the others – the anxious expectation of the unknown, which is now emerging when one is able to follow attentively the reports in the world mass media.

The world is now turning into light, while another world falls into darkness – in accordance with the Creator, in the knowledge of the appropriateness of all events and in the trust that this day, when all children of God will merge with the primordial Source of all Being, will eventually come in each one’s life, I bless the children of God in all worlds, for verily, your choice is holy.

I am, amidst you
I am the love and the life
I am
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