The Dynamics of Ascension

Jesus Sananda
chanelled by Jahn J Kassl on May 20, 2013
first published on May 21, 2013 in

Translated by Georgi Stankov

Loved ones,

To you who are excited about the end of the times and you, who are now fulfilled in your longing. I am the guardian and regent of the world, which now ascends to the fifth light level of Being and I stay among you, I am with each one of you, humans, while this time comes to an end now.

You have already been informed about the begin of your ascension, today we continue with this proclamation, so that the image and the variations of the ascension process can fully appear in front of your inner eye. First and most important prerequisite for you, masters, who have chosen ascension and will ascend, is that your life contracts for this world have been fulfilled. Once a person has completed his individual contracts, which have led him to this space-time line, in a perfect manner, he is ready to ascend in the light and then it happens. This is the key criterion for ascension and this is already met by some people..

The great flock of ascension candidates will be led to this completion. The goal is, for as long as possible, to keep the energy of the ascending light warriors on the earth 3D and 4D and to anchor it! This is a duty of love, to which all of you have dedicated in order to make sure that your brothers and sisters of the light, who remain at these levels, will be offered good opportunities for evolution after your departure. Although it will take up to 1,000 years, until the truth will first bear small fruits on these levels. This means in summary:

1)  Ascension  has begun on May 18, 2013 and continues now.

2) Ascension is taking place now for all the people who have lived up to their soul contracts on the earth and have completed them.

3) Ascension for all other people in the preparation will take place as soon as they have accomplished their work on the earth, and thus may withdraw their awareness from these levels.

This message is a small disappointment for all those who wished to be already lifted up with the first wave.

Loved ones,

you who have longed for that day! Your time has come and is very, very close. Still you have to do your job, it is,still needed that you, even if you are tired and disgusted by the events, to persevere, for verily: you have so much more to give, create and to anchor firm in the ground, so that these seeds will bear great fruits at a later time.

Furthermore, I am announcing that all the people who are now prepared for ascension, already live on the 4D energy level. Even if the 3D issues manifest repeatedly in your environment, as long as the separation of the earths is still in progress, all of you are now dwelling with your energy fields,in the electromagnetic vibration of 4D. This makes miracles possible, of which was already spoken. To be invisible, to go through walls, to be simultaneously in different places or to be displaced from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

The small miracles are now beginning to appear permanently in your life – and you shall be amazed how sheltered and supported you will be maneuvered through this time that now breaks loose. It is important to understand that a large part of the people who are ready to ascend  to 5D have  made the decision to stay until the very last minute, at least with a part of their consciousness, on these earths 3D and 4D. On the one hand, to anchor their energies here, on the other, to witness this spectacle of big and small miracles. At times as a silent and invisible observer, then again as a protagonist in the last game of all games, where the final scenes are already rolling out as empty patterns that have been taken out of service.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there are different ways of ascension. Some entities (like the PAT) have been preparing their physical bodies for decades and they will ascend, like once the prophet Elijah, directly to heaven (personal ascension to the source). Yes, in fact, this miracle has happened more than once on the earth.

In the vast majority of people, who claim ascension to the 5D for themselves, this will happen while they rest, during sleep. This is because in the phase of sleep each shock due to a sudden rapture, which brings about a certain degree of disembodiment, should be avoided. It will a quiet and
gentle glide over to the new world in the new mansions in the sky. It comes close to the previous death experience – but is something fundamentally different, because many will change the dimensions in their bodies.

After that the transformation of the physical body takes place into a subtler, light form  in an intermediate level of Being in order to meet the requirements of space- and timeless realms of Being. Many, and this alternative will be often used, will simply drop their physical vessel and will be taken directly to the higher dimensions for master training and to be introduced to their new tasks.

Overnight the world will be a different place to live, overnight will those, who have chosen ascension, be moved into new spheres and the ways to do this are infinite, as infinite as the spirit and the consciousness of each human being, who has awakened.

Here we will describe some possibilities, not all of them, and not in detail. You should always have an overview of the events, but detailed information is superfluous, then all the actually incoming events are dependent on the underlying, ever-changing energetic potentials.

In summary:

The ascensions will continue, please wait patiently until you are called, you will be called by name. And you should know that you were born into this time, so that you remain on this earth until the very last day. It is necessary to impress on this auspicious time your personal footprint , It is the seal of your awakening, with which hundreds of generations will gauge themselves, should gauge, and will gauge. The love for humanity and the love for the earth has brought you to this world. This love makes you say farewell today, knowing that you have done everything, that you have fulfilled everything, have seen everything – because you know the “Ending of Time” is the only true reality for you.

Finally, one last point should be illuminated. All negotiations with the dark powers (parasites) have failed, as it was announced to you – indeed!. What  does this mean in detail?

1) The objective of the heavenly realms of light, represented by the Galactic Federation of Light was to create an orderly transition of the Worlds.

2) The objective of the long negotiations with the princes of darkness on this earth and the civilizations that serve the dark aspects of this earth, was to convince the dark forces to seek repentance by themselves, a strategy which was crowned with great success in many regions of the universe and with other forms of life creation.

3) The goal was to do everything possible to protect the level of 3D from the greatest disasters, as the spiritual light realms know that for many who have chosen the 3D level, the degree of suffering has been exhausted to a certain degree and new epic, painful experiences are unnecessary.

These objectives were not achievedThe orderly transition now takes place without the participation of the dark forces. Individuals who have chosen 3D, have behaved exactly in the same ignorant manner as their dark lords, and, although they have been reminded by dreams, serendipities and clear indications to turn the course, they let unheard countless calls. Now the consequence is that these entities were banished with the ruling dark forces to 3D – the process of exile is already in progress.

This banishment displays all the consequences that have already been announced to you – it means the total separation from the light of God. Few dark forces turned to the light during the negotiations. These were heaved to the 4D or even to the 5D, depending on their maturation and degree of spiritual awakening.

Disasters, upheavals that are now reaching the 3D earth, are founded in the fact that these people have chosen these epochal experiences in order to get  as quickly as possible out of this hell. The method that the spiritual levels of light chose in order to make this experience cogent to these entities was by warning them and by letting them participate in the future scenarios on a god forsaken 3D world  (through dreams, visions, and spiritual messages and messengers). Now it’s done and the planet earth 3D is left to the darkness, and a planet of darkness that is left to itself, creates the greatest experiences of suffering.

It is a curiosity of this creation that all the cultures serving the darkness in this universe have turned to the light, and that on the other hand mankind that remains on the 3D earth, with all its might stubbornly refuses to accept the light, even the slightest spark of light is refused by these people to enter their hearts.

Here  a “super negative-3D earth” is born that creates a reality that is beyond imagination and every possible nightmare. So much about this timeline. It is a sobering and a necessary outlook.

Joy to those who have chosen the light – and this in abundance. Misfortune to those who want to serve the darkness, and this in excess. Be sure that  the dynamics of ascension to the 5D will not be infringed upon by any of the events that will occur on 3D or 4D! Be sure that your service to the earth will end at the time that is ordained and blessed by God.

The sky has opened – the host of Ascended masters encounters the light. I am the one who will wait for you to honour you with all the accolade and dignities, which the sky beholds ready for you.

You will take a seat at God’s table and will receive the key to eternal life for your service on earth.

I am the love and the life,
at all levels of Creation
Jesus Sananda

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