We Must be Indeed on the Cusp of Consciousness Singularity = Ascension

By Georgi Stankov, May 17, 2013


After I published the dragon’s article on quantum computers and the coming singularity / leap in human consciousness upon ascension, I bumped into the latest article from Juliano (the group of forty) which addresses this same issue with the same intention. We are used to all kinds of synchronicities since long time, but even I was surprised as to how precisely such external higher sources are now coordinating their information policy in order to prepare humanity for the impending ascension which will be in the first place a singularity in human consciousness – an unlimited expansion of the cognitive, telepathic and processing capacity of the new crystalline mind, which will merge with All-That-Is and will thus transform humanity to a completely new sentient species.

Although this is cogent from all previous discussions among lightworkers and on this website, my impression is that the New Age movement has not yet grasped intellectually the incredible revolution which humanity can enter virtually any moment from now as soon as  the PAT detonates the Supernova and triggers the ID split and first ascension wave.

Therefore enjoy this latest message from Juliano as it has become a tradition for this website to publish the monthly channelings from this source that follow a consistent line of higher information.


Higher Consciousness, Supercomputers and Singularity

by  David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Let us look at the concept of consciousness and intelligence with a special concentration on the computer world and the computer revolution. We are going to look at the relationship between consciousness, computers and the subconscious. There is an expanding field of consciousness and computers. However, it is equally important and significant to look at the relationships between these two factors and the human subconscious. We have made references to the importance of the subconscious. In fact, it is the subconscious that is very similar to a computer function. There are beautiful metaphors that already have come into your languages which capture the essence of computers and the computer’s relationship to the subconscious.

We also want to talk about the relationship of the computer’s codes and the Codes of Ascension. On a brief overview, I know that many terms used in the computer world relate directly to how your subconscious works. For example, in the computer world you talk about downloading files. We are working with the fifth-dimensional energies, and we take you up to our Crystal Lake and return you. Then we also talk about downloading the energy from the fifth dimension into your third-dimensional body. In the holographic healing chamber we talk about memories and images. We also talk about files which contain instructions from significant authority figures that were imprinted or downloaded into your subconscious. Some of these downloadings are on a time system that would only open under certain circumstances or open up at a certain age.

Now there is a powerful development in the computer psychology called singularity. Singularity is the study of the interaction between Man’s consciousness and a computer whose purpose is to produce a super-intelligence that is so powerful that it is beyond even your imagination. What is this super-intelligence? And how can the super-intelligence be described and experienced? And what effect does the super-intelligence have to do with the fifth dimension and with your Ascension?

The term “singularity” is a description of a merging of consciousness, that is, that your consciousness merges with the computer’s consciousness. We talk particularly about our space technology and have described to you how we travel interdimensionally and interstellarly and even intergalactically. We have also described our dear friends the Pleiadians and the methodologies that they use to achieve this technological breakthrough which allows them to travel throughout the galaxy. I will briefly review this technology because it has a lot to do with the concepts of singularity or the merging of mankind’s brain with a computer’s brain.

In the Pleiadian and Arcturian technology we and they have developed a thrusting system in the spaceship. This thrusting system has a unique computer that interacts with the space and time components of the mechanical aspect of the spaceship. These space-time aspects interact with the computer, and the computer then interacts with the people onboard the ship. There is an important concept here. When the ship reaches a certain speed, then many things happen to both the body and also to the spaceship. We and the Pleiadians have developed a technology which allows the mind of the space traveler to merge with the space engine and the computer (this is what you call singularity) that is running or operating the spaceship. At that point, when there is a total merging of consciousness with the computer, a very unique phenomenon occurs. Space and time are merged and are shaped by the thoughts of the occupants of the ship. In this case it would be the captain of the ship. And when this merging occurs, the captain can think where he wants to go and the ship goes there instantaneously. This phenomenon is actually a duplication of the phenomenon on the fifth dimension. On the fifth dimension you think of where you want to be and you are there. On the fifth dimension you think who you want to be with and you are there. And incidentally, this also includes being closer to the Creator, Light. There are certain restrictions which are important to describe in becoming closer to the Creator. But there is the ability on the fifth dimension to think, to thought-project, and you are there. This is why we are speaking and teaching quite often to you about thought projection, because thought projection will eventually be a process which will enable you to merge with your computers.

Thought projection, or the ability to send your consciousness to other places, or even other dimensions, can be used as a way of interaction with the computer where the mind merges with the computer and the space vehicle and the space engine. Remember, we use the word engine as a description of the operation, but it is certainly not any type of engine that you would recognize. For example, there are no moving parts in our space engine, so that by itself would be an aspect beyond your comprehension. How could you have an engine that has no moving parts? Think about the merging of the consciousness and think about what you know about computers. Perhaps you can appreciate that with the miniaturization of the computers and how this has occurred in the past twenty to thirty years. The actual components of the computer are spoken about in terms of nanotechnology, technology that is so small that it is far beyond the ability of most people to comprehend. We are talking about aspects of objects that are perhaps one-millionth of a millimeter. Yet that type of nanotechnology is also involved in the engines of our spaceships and also in the merging of the consciousness. So the ability to merge your consciousness or our consciousness with the space vehicle is critical for making the spaceship go anywhere you want to in the galaxy. The technology is such that it transcends the space-time continuum, and this process of merging consciousness with the computer on the spaceship is actually more powerful and efficient for space travel than your concepts of the wormhole.

In the wormhole you think you enter a space corridor and then you imagine that you go can any place in the universe. However there is one problem – you won’t know where you are going when you enter the wormhole. It is not like there is a sign on the wormhole. There is not a sign at the entrance of the wormhole that says “You can go to Arcturus. Go through this wormhole.” If you could go through to the wormhole, then the wormhole might take you to the other side of the universe. That is, assuming that there is a side to the universe, but I have to at least use your terminology. You could wind up traveling a million or a billion light years away.

But this technology of thought projection and merging with the computer and engine of the spaceship is actually more effective than traveling through a wormhole. You are now very close to this type of technology on the Earth. You are duplicating rapidly advanced computer technology. Even the primitive computer technology that you use, for example, in biofeedback, is an aspect that has moved you closer to thought projection and to the merging of consciousness with a computer.

I would like to clarify an aspect of this merging of consciousness so that you have a better grasp of it. I want to compare the merging of your consciousness with computers with the concept of spiritual cohabitation. In the concept of spiritual cohabitation and, especially, positive cohabitation, you are having a greater spirit, a higher spirit, from a higher dimension come into your physical space, your energy field. When a positive spiritual being comes into your space, they are able to interact with you on multi-levels. They can interact with you on your subconscious level, or on the intuitive level and on the mental level. In fact, in positive cohabitation they are able to telepathically communicate with you and direct you. But what is beautiful is that in the positive cohabitation you do not give up free will. In negative cohabitation, on the other hand, the entity tries to take over your will. But in positive cohabitation you never give up your free will. The energy, or entity, or spirit, which comes down to you does not have any desire for you to give up your free will. In fact, what the energy or entity wants to do is enhance your functioning, to make you perform better than what you would do without their spiritual guidance and cohabitation.

The word “enhance” is very important when we are talking about the merging of consciousness with computers. In the discussion of singularity and the merging of consciousness with computers I want to propose to you that your spiritual energy will be able cohabitate with the computer! You can send your consciousness and you can allow your consciousness to merge with the computer’s consciousness. This may sound hard to believe, but it is already happening! Even the simplest experiments in biofeedback are showing you that you are merging your consciousness with the machine, even though it is a small, little computer. In your daily lives you are attaching yourself to the computer in so many different ways. In your daily lives, your consciousness is in the computer already. But in the higher level of consciousness, which is called the singularity moment, your mind actually merges in a more direct way with the computer producing an intelligence beyond what you would be able to do on your own. But merging with a computer offers more than intelligence. It is also offers an increase in psychic abilities. It also can offer an increase in telepathy. It also can provide an increase in how you can go into the future and predict things. Merging your consciousness with a computer can increase your abilities to download information from the scientific galactic mind, from the Central Sun.

Part of the process of this downloading is done in binary codes, which is another term for the computer language, but these codes are so complicated that you would not be able to immediately process it. The computer can process it for you. Incidentally, this is one of the bases of the Torah, because the Torah is actually a coded communication that has numerical interactions with binary systems, and it is actually a demonstration of the merging of consciousness with a computer. The Torah is a beautiful and sacred attempt to merge your consciousness with the Creator Mind or a higher source that is based in codes. So we can say that even though the Ancient Man did not have computers, they did have computer-like higher sources of sacred texts. This coded information is also included in the Hindu sacred texts and the Chinese sacred texts as well. The Hebrew sacred texts were based on a numerical coded system, which is similar to the coded systems that will be used in the future for merging of the mind with the computers.

Your mind, in the moment of singularity, merges, cohabitates with the computer producing a new ability. It is interesting to now speak about the subconscious because the subconscious is based on a binary system of thinking, because your subconscious is like a computer. Your subconscious can be programmed just like a computer, and you have ways of inputting energy and thoughts into the subconscious. There are ways of downloading special programs into your subconscious that can overwrite other programs that are of a lower vibration. You have received instructions, for example, on activating your subconscious using quantum healing and using the Omega Light in the quantum healing process. The Omega Light can overwrite lower energy programs, so if you download a program into your subconscious, and it is contained or surrounded by Omega Light, then that program or affirmation will have so much special power that it can seek out and overwrite programs of lesser vibrations.

The concept of vibrations becomes critical in the merging of the human mind with the computer. With the merging you can produce a new consciousness. The human mind is vibrating. You are vibrating. You consist of vibrational energy fields. And each side, the man and the computer, has something in particular that is of great strength. The great strength of the human is your vibrational energy. In fact, you are electromagnetic vibrating beings of light. There is a key transcendent point when your vibrational frequencies become so transformed that you become a light being of the fifth dimension. You can become a powerful awakened being.

I am suggesting to you that the computer interaction with your mind will actually assist in the raising of the consciousness and your ability to travel interdimensionally through the space-time barrier and to other dimensions.

I want to also discuss an important concept of the subconscious, and this concept of the subconscious is contained in the discussion of images. Ultimately, you are moving towards communicating with your computer by images. When you see the image on the computer, then it also can directly link to your subconscious. Now your computers are already very image-oriented. You noticed that the computers have developed better screens, more innovative colors and little icons that you touch. But all of this computer imagery is fitting into relating to your subconscious.

There exist systems of mystical imagery, such as Tarot cards, which capture spiritual images, and then use those images as a way to communicate most effectively with the subconscious. These spiritual images can help you manifest energy and objects. When you talk about becoming a fifth-dimensional being, or when you talk about becoming an Ascended Master, then you in part measure those abilities by how easily you can manifest positive energy on the third dimension. For example, there are stories of Sai Baba, who was manifesting watches and jewelry around his devotees. This was for demonstrating his ability to understand the workings of Creation and the workings of the interaction of higher consciousness with the world of Creation and the world of manifestation.

Using images to communicate directly with your subconscious is most powerful. We have also described that in our Arcturian healing methodologies. We use holographic healing methods to communicate most effectively with your subconscious. The most effective way to transform and heal blocks is through accessing traumatic images from memories. The most effective way to merge mankind’s consciousness with computers is also through imagery. Using imagery helps you merge your consciousness with the computer. The computer operates in a binary code, but in order for you to interact with the computer, in order for your consciousness to be elevated and merge with the computers, you have to work with imagery. This is the most effective way, and in some ways, the only way.

I want to discuss the Tarot cards, which is a well-known system of thought that originally was given to the Egyptians through the star beings known as the Sirians. The Tarot is a system of imagery, some of which actually appear in hieroglyphics and some of it appears on the stones and the pyramids and other sacred monuments in the Egyptian time. The ancient Egyptians then had received information on how to communicate with the subconscious using imagery. In fact, one of the great advantages of the pyramid is the image of the pyramid itself. The image of the pyramid in your mind produces a higher vibrational thought. It is also true that the shape of the pyramid also produces a vibration, which is of great benefit to your subconscious.

In the Tarot cards there is a particular image that we want to describe today, which is based on transformation. That image is called The Magician. Basically, in the older images of this card you see a person who is holding a lantern or a wand, and he is bringing light from above down into the present, so that he can manifest new work. What is it that the magician wants to manifest? That is a question you have to ask yourself. What is it that you want to manifest? What is it that you want to do when you merge your consciousness with the computer? Do you want to solve the problem of the radiation poisoning in the Earth? Do you want to clean up the pollution in the ocean? Do you want to remove the greenhouse gases? Do you want to remove the chemicals that are in the soil? Do you want to communicate more effectively with the Earth’s feedback loop system? Do you want to more effectively understand how the Earth’s feedback loop system works?

Remember that the most complex computer on the planet still has great difficulty in predicting what the weather is. If your advanced computers have difficulty communicating and figuring out the weather, how are you going to be able to understand and work with the Earth’s feedback loop system? You need to merge your consciousness with an advanced computer to work most effectively with the Earth. Fortunately, the Earth is a spiritual entity and responds to spiritual energy and to spiritual vibrations. I am suggesting that the merging of consciousness with computers would greatly assist in the understanding and rebalancing of the Earth’s feedback loop system. There are so many different aspects of the Earth’s feedback loop system. You would need an advanced system to moderate, measure and balance everything. Right now, the biorelativity is working effectively, I may add, because you are working with fifth-dimensional beings, like the Arcturians. You are working with us, and so you are able to bridge some of the difficulties that you might normally find in communicating with such a complex system as the Earth’s feedback loop system.

So The Magician is demonstrating that higher energy from above can be brought through you, through your mind, through your consciousness, into the Earth, down below. This is what each of you wants. Each of you wants to increase your ability of manifestation in the most positive way. You may not understand all the imagery in the card. I am not saying this is the only card you need to look at. There are other images also on the hieroglyphics. There are other images in some of the walls in the pyramids. The image of The Magician has great advantages to communicate to your subconscious so that you can increase your abilities of manifestation. You can use that image to increase your abilities to download and bring in higher light into a form that would work to change this reality on the third dimension. Bringing down or manifesting fifth-dimensional energy to the Earth is the key operating principle in the Group of Forty.

The key operating principle is that we, the Arcturians, and you are working together to create a higher, better-functioning, more-balanced Earth! This higher energy must be manifested. Now think about the image of the twelve Etheric Crystals and think that they are shaped in a certain way representing a pattern that is known as the Tree of Life. That image, that pattern, can be downloaded into the feedback loop system of the Earth. This pattern, this image, is based on computer codes that are so advanced that it is difficult in a normal consciousness to describe. That image of the Planetary Tree of Life can be downloaded into the Earth’s feedback loop system. I will now be leading an exercise to do that.

I want to also point out that this concept of imagery and the subconscious is the key to understanding crop circles. The crop circles are producing images that are far beyond the ability of mankind to produce in a short time. In fact, you can even say that these symbols are computer-generated from a higher mind. There is a higher mind that is communicating through a computer system that is generating and manifesting these circles onto the Earth. These circles transcend and transmit energy to the Earth that is beyond words.

These crop circles are meant for two purposes. The first purpose is to communicate with the Earth’s feedback loop system. They send special energies and special coded messages for the Earth’s feedback loop system to help the Earth bring itself back into balance. The second purpose is to communicate with you and to communicate with your subconscious. You can look at those images. You can look at those shapes and understand that those are able to activate within you the ability to increase your intelligence, increase your consciousness and eventually go into what is called super-intelligence, or higher intelligence. Super-intelligence can be used to manifest on the Earth. Super-intelligence is defined as the ability to have mental powers far beyond what is considered normal consciousness.

Now I want to ask you to visualize the Planetary Tree of Life. There are twelve different sacred places around the globe. (Author’s note: The Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life is an updated version of the Kaballistic Tree of Life with the added characteristic of balancing the spheres specifically for healing of the Earth and helping the Earth connect with the fifth dimension. The Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life has been designed to correspond to twelve different sacred areas on the planet, which is now helping to establish a new healing meridian energy system. Each designated sacred area has been downloaded with a fifth-dimensional Arcturian etheric crystal to help the area become more receptive to higher healing light.)

Choose the sphere or the place that you feel most comfortable with. So you may feel closer to or more comfortable with Lago Puelo, or to Mount Fuji, or to Mount Shasta, Sierra da Bocaina, Montserrat. Or maybe you have the ability to visualize all twelve of the spheres and all twelve of these crystals. So visualize the whole Tree to the best of your ability and visualize that there are twelve beautiful etheric crystals in each place and see this as an image, as a picture. We are going to send that image, that picture, into the center of the Earth, into Gaia, and into the subconscious of the Earth. Yes, the Earth has a subconscious. It is referred to sometimes as the Noosphere. The Earth’s subconscious is included in the Noosphere. Visualize to the best of your ability the Planetary Tree of Life and see that image above the Earth, above the North Pole and hold that image in your mind to the best of your ability.


I see the image that you and I are working with together over the Earth, of the Planetary Tree of Life, and at the count of three, let us send together this beautiful coded interactive healing Tree of Life directly into the spirit of the Earth, so that the Earth will receive new instructions on how to bring this planet into a higher spiritual balance. One, two, three. Now.

See the Planetary Tree of Life – the image going into the center of the Earth. And let us meditate on that right now.

And also see the imagery of the Planetary Tree of Life entering your subconscious, for you as planetary healers also can experience a new interaction, because this Planetary Tree of Life is a computer-coded symbol that is helping you to merge your consciousness with this highly advanced image. Receive this image of the Planetary Tree of Life. See mankind in the future and in future time. Even twenty years from now, even ten years from now, even five years from now, the ability to interact with these computers is going to positively change Man’s consciousness, and there is going to be a new merging of intelligence. But it is going to be a merging of intelligence with a computer that is going to contain spiritual energy and spiritual light. And now I would like Archangel Metatron to speak with you. I am Juliano. Good day.

Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron. Let us talk some more about this new consciousness that is being manifested, because the new consciousness is part of an activation. You may not be using computers or maybe you are only minimally involved in computers. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the concepts and the energy and the language in the computer world has already been activating your minds and activating the codes. You are part of the higher species. You are one of the high species in the galaxy, and you have a computer code in your DNA. You have a computer code for the Ascension. The program for your ascension is coded in your mind. It is encoded in your spirit. It is encoded in your emotional body. It is encoded even in your physical body. The Ascension Codes are in all your four bodies. And now, just like a computer, we have to open the program so that you discover the program. The program for the Ascension is within you and you are working to open it. Now we have the special Keys of Ascension, also described sometimes as the Keys of Enoch. The Codes of Ascension are contained in certain sounds and tones. These sounds and tones are in a vibrational frequency that specially knows how to activate your energy so that your energy field opens up to the fifth dimension. The Codes of Ascension can also be called the opening of the program of Ascension within you, and these tones and sounds are in various languages. We will work with the tones and sounds again in the ancient Hebraic language. You have heard these sounds before, hopefully. But remember that these are coded sounds that will open the inner doorways, unlock the inner programs for your own ascension. So listen carefully and let your ascension energies unlock.


You can experience your energy field opening up like a flower to light, like a flower to sunlight. Your deep inner energy field for your ascension is opening now. As it is opening meditate for a moment on this concept of super-intelligence and super-energy. Open your heart, because when you are in the Ascension and when the Ascension Codes are opening, your heart is also open to the great light and love that is always available. Juliano talked about the super- intelligence with the computers. Look at the computers as a way of expanding your abilities in the most positive way. What a tremendous expansion it is when you are merging your consciousness with a machine, a computer, which has been specifically programmed for your energy.

Now you have to understand that when Juliano was talking about this type of space travel, he was talking about a computer that is exactly programmed for the rhythm of your energy fields. So there has to be special calibration between the computer and the occupants of the spaceship. But this Tree of Life and these Codes of Ascension that I have given you are calibrating you for the right fifth-dimensional vibrational frequency. You are working to calibrate the Earth for the right vibrational frequency. Remember that in the electromagnetic world we are talking about resonance and resonant frequencies, so the computer has to be in resonance with your frequency. It has to know who you are and how you think and what you do. Remember that the Arcturian and Pleiadian computers are so advanced that they can read your energy field, and they can know everything about you, including your past, present and future. These are very advanced computers. You can merge your consciousness with such advanced computers. The Earth mind, the third-dimensional mind, needs assistance. Advanced supercomputers can assist humanity to go to a much deeper level.

I will again sing the Hebrew words for the opening of the Codes of Ascension.


These words are like the password and the user name to get you into the higher realms. Blessings. I am Archangel Metatron.


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