Björn Kurt’s Wonderful and Prophetic Film on the Celestial “Waters of Life”

by Björn Kurt, May 13, 2013

To All Members of the PAT,

Enjoy the most wonderful, mythical, highly inspiring and amazingly prophetic film produced by our PAT member Björn Kurt on the “Celestial Waters of Life“, which we first introduced on the earth many years later – in the summer of 2012  – after we widened our portals to encompass the whole planet. These “celestial waters of life” cleansed this toxic planet profoundly last year and paved the way for the opening of the stargates 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 by the PAT. Without these achievements the imminent ascension of Gaia and a large portion of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimension next month would not have been possible.



Dear George,

to sweeten the time before Kansas goes bye-bye..I just uploaded my old diploma film which will in its English Version have 7 years on his back. I studied late and worked during the studies at the film academy in Munich not far from where you live. After I had an overdraft of like 10 semesters, the production manager came one day and said if you do not shot your diploma film in the next 6 months, I will have to retrieve the budget…

Well an upcoming shot in New Zealand and during a long new year’s Eve meditation, I got the clue: the journey of a water drop from the mountain the top to the ocean. And so the water drop takes his journey by himself from the icy mountain top to the ocean crossing 7 archetypal landscapes, just like the chakras in our body. With each chakra there is a text, which focuses on the quality and color of that chakra.

It was not my ambition to show too much of the physical aspects of water – rather in the poetic and numinous aspects which is basically the ambition of every piece of art. So I tried to look at the divine nature of water.

Enjoy this meditation:

Water of Life, 2003-2005

Director and Producer Björn Kurt, Munich, Bern

In love and light


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