The Arrival of the Birds

Asana Mahatari
channeled by Jahn J. Kassl,  Mai 25, 2013
First published on May 28, 2013 in

Translated by Björn Kurt

Loved ones!

The Creator’s call will reach people now who are ready to ascend to heaven. In these days, people are being called upon by the millions to return home, to remember and to cast of the slough of the old world. Just as the crows and ravens are messengers and deliver the wake-up calls for groups of people and mankind, so are the blackbirds – as Jahn experienced it – messengers and bring the wake-up call for individuals.


After dinner and after a dizziness crept over me, I took a seat on our terrace to enjoy the fresh air of the evening. I looked straight up into the still blue sky with just a couple of clouds when a merle/blackbird settled not even 3 m next to me on the chimney of the neighbours house and, while facing me, started to talk and sing.

This scene lasted about 10 minutes and I asked the blackbird, what message it had for me. Thus, a dialogue started and continued even as I got up and came much closer to the bird. The whole time it looked me right in the eyes and replied my questions through her song. Finally it was too cold for me and I said goodbye to the messenger from the other world – and as I did so, the blackbird turned his back to me (as a sign that our conversation had ended) but without being flying away (End of report).

The call of the blackbird symbolizes God’s calling, for every single person who chose Ascension will be called by name. It is a hand-picked band of light warriors and messengers of light who had accomplished great missions in the past times – thus they reached perfection and today their ascension is a logical consequence of their deeds. The Creator knows you by name and is calling you now:


Your “I Will”, has long been heard by the creator today no more words are needed because truly: The Creator knows you. The Ascension of the human race has begun. According to your mission the gates of heavens are opening – as everything obeys the primordial sound of all being, vibration, light and love.

While the humanity of the 3D world begins to create and worship new golden calves, while mankind on the Earth 4D continues to deny God on a good day and to blame God for their own ungodliness in bad times, the new Ascended Masters will arrive at the fifth level of Being.

And now as the fall of world and the birth of new worlds is happening, today as mankind enters a new path leading to awareness, you shall be called by thy name, today, as the last long day that seemed endless fades in the dusk, until darkness has engulfed the new time and at which end the light welcomes the weary travellers in their new home.

Who do you think will inherit the kingdom of heaven? Those who constantly find refuge from fear in the praising of the Lord or those whose hearts are overflowing from the longing for their spiritual home?

Yes, it is you who wants to go on without drama. Yes, it is you that you have arrived in the Kingdom of Peace. Yes, it is you that you have forsworn all foreign gods. Yes, it is you that you are longing full of desire to return to the One Eternal God, which is all in all. It’s done, beloved Ones, it is done.

The singing of the birds precedes the coming of the Lord. The arrival of the birds means that you shall prepare yourself to embark for the flight into the light – that you shall prepare for the day, when the Lord will be calling you, because truly:

The divine Lord sends his messengers wisely to announce His arrival. The song of the birds forebodes the date on which you will be called by name – COME HOME.

The pleasure is mine and will be your legacy.


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