Urgent Energy Update – April 6, 2013

by Georgi Stankov


My respite on April 4 was a rather short lived affair, but I thank you all for your good wishes. There is a German saying: ” Never praise the day before the night”. My experience with the LBP has always followed the same invariant pattern since I entered its last, most intensive phase in 1999 – if I praise a day for my good physical condition, it comes “double thick” (another German saying) the next day. That is why I normally refrain from doing this.

This is what makes this ascension process the most rotten human experience of all and explains why we are all so adamant to leave this dire and unfriendly reality and long to return to our pristine realms of blissful Being. The difference between us and the rest of humanity is that we remember how it should be, while the masses do not know any other reality and that is why so stubbornly reject to be heaved to heaven by the PAT. Driven by their survival fears they believe that any change of the present condition represents a potential danger for them and a worsening of their currently so poor living standards.  Sancta simplicitas (Latin, holy stupidity)!

People stick to their hell and need a huge company to make sure they are not alone. This is for instance the driving psychological impulse of all paid Internet trolls by the dark secret services to harass light workers in the current End Time, which they are unable to perceive due to the their low level of spiritual evolution. They represent that portion of humanity, who has already bought a ticket to the hell-Earth B. This is where the problem lies with this humankind.

Yesterday (April 5), at midday another extremely powerful cc-wave hit me, the PAT (from what I have received as a feedback from you so far) and humanity. It was an extremely powerful cc-wave with a massive descent of purest source energy, but this time without the usual purging of negative human dross. Notwithstanding its intensity, I did not have a real headache due to the purity of the source energies, but only a huge pressure on my left brain portal, associated with dizziness, clumsiness and ubiquitous joint pains due to the rigidity of the muscles. The latter always occurs when there is a huge descent of source energy in the physical body. In addition came the usual stomach pains and 3rd chakra-related gastro-intestinal symptoms, Although I did not suffer from the usual headache, my left head, teeth, oral cavity and jaw were fully anesthetized, i.e. without any sensitivity, which speaks for the intensity of the wave as this happens very seldom to me. Later on a piercing inner pain in the eye bulb became prominent.

This wave lasted throughout the whole night and is still ongoing this morning though less pronounced. This is an unusually long duration for a classical cc-wave and therefore I consider it to be the last major source pulse leading to the manifestation of the PAT supernova very soon. This pulse started from the baseline value of the former stabilisation phase, which lasted about 48 hours and was also confirmed by the HS of April and Dorie.

What comes next? I have no idea, but we are in an incessant energetic spiral winding up exponentially to higher dimensions and leaving no doubt where we are heading to. But this latest energy surge is different from all previous ones, and past experience with ascension test runs does not serve us to explain our current condition. Therefore, it is still recommendable to stay open to all surprises and discard any preconceived ideas as to how our ascension process will concretely unfold in the coming hours or days.

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